Best of 1999 Domestic World Affairs Briefs
by Joel Skousen

Table of Contents:

Unexplained aspects of the Columbine high school shootings.
Government uses disinformation to squash TWA 800 missile evidence
Elizabeth Dole maps out increasing liberal positions on gun control
Military readiness--or lack thereof
GM cars now installing coded crash diagnostic modules
FBI still holding back 99% of the secret wiretaps on Chinagate
Columbine teacher's testimony raises serious doubts about official version
Media anti-gun bias
Hidden provisions in Juvenile Justice bill
The government's dirty little secrets on the anthrax vaccine
Air force pilot crisis
A NAFTA military command?
CIA covert operations in Serbia
Gold sell-off by the bank of England plunges gold to a new low
FBI's phony outreach to militia members
Details on the 1994 communications assistance for law enforcement act
The Marines get a Clinton man for commandant
Replacement Executive Order on federalism is a sham
More copy cat gun killings stoke the fires for gun control
More evidence of judicial conspiracy
New Jersey Supreme Court rules against BSA
George Bush JR's drug connections
Republicans that want to keep a draft intact
JFK jr. Assassination
New lies for old--Reno spins the new Waco revelations
Selective statistics on hate crimes
John Danforth chosen to lead Reno's new whitewash of Waco
The government has more to hide in vaccine research
An insider makes a slip of the tongue on tape
L.A. Police corruption
More evidence that Microsoft has secret dealings with the NSA
National ID is temporarily defeated
Resurrection time for gold--but mostly for insiders
Nuclear test ban treaty defeated
More Clinton administration collusion with china uncovered
Colt arms joins the conspiracy against private weapons
Elizabeth Dole bows out of presidential race
Disinformation on Marine Corps urban training in Arizona
Boeing in partnership with Russia's top weapons developer
Clinton's exec order to enforce experimental vaccines on the military
America On Line (AOL) is anti-gun and pro porn
Commentary on tax protesters and government entrapment
Columbine tapes
Look for the Democratic Party to regain control of Congress in 2000
Bush claims to support the national missile defense (NMD) system
George w. Bush--the insider advantage
The Seattle World Trade Riots
Kinko's admits that Xerox color copiers have embedded tracking codes
US defense infrastructure fast disappearing
NSA refuses to cooperate with congressional oversight on ECHELON spying
Wiretaps increase, but it's just the tip of the hidden iceberg


As usual the media isn't very good at asking key questions that might reveal a different solution that what is desired.

A. It is obvious to most observers that the two teenage shooters had help. Transporting and prepositioning the number of bombs into the school exceeded what two boys could carry in even a dozen trips. Bombs the size of 20 lb. propane cylinders cannot be hidden under a trenchcoat. How did they get them into the school without detection? Taking the bombs into the building would have required numerous trips. This could not have been done during daylight or when the school was open since the bombs were large and impossible to conceal under clothing. They must have had a key or access through an accomplice. How did the bombs go undetected since some were not so well hidden?

B. Live news coverage showed several older "students" (looking like men in their mid 20s) being apprehended early on in the conflict. It was interesting that even as the media kept talking about potential conspiracy in this issue, they kept repeating the law enforcement claims that they "had no other suspects." At no time did any reporter ask them about the persons earlier seen on video being apprehended. Later on as other talk radio hosts illuminated the inconsistencies, the media released the story that the "students" were released because it was determined these suspects were "not involved." Rather than asked how this was determined, the media simply accepted the report.

C. The media barely covered the existence and action of the armed guard present in the school who fled after exchanging a few rounds. He was a bona fide police deputy. What was he doing there? Why did he flee? Why was he not prosecuted for leaving the students undefended?

D. The suicide story of the two shooters went without question. There are important details that the press should have asked. How were they shot? What caliber bullet was found? Strangely, no details about these "suicides" have come forth. Of course, as has been shown in numerous other government cover-ups, it is easy for government to find autopsy doctors willing to falsify any outcome the government desires. Frankly, it is very difficult to kill oneself with a .22 caliber bullet. It is so small, it must hit some very critical area to be fatal. Most attempts by a .22 do not result in a successful suicide.

ANALYSIS: The Columbine shooting has launched a massive media campaign against gun possession, as predicted. The reach of their calls for action even extend to prohibiting concealed weapons holders to carry on school grounds. How in the world do they invent any linkage between concealed weapons permits and this shooting? If anything, a concealed weapons holder could have only helped in this situation. Touting the image of a "gun free" school zone only clouds the issue. Schools "free" of defensive guns (police or concealed weapons holders) clearly are more at risk in these surprise attacks--not less.

The media moguls cried crocodile tears and beat the emotional drums for the victims for days on end--not because of true sympathy, in my opinion, but rather because they were savoring the opportunity of using this incident to help destroy Second Amendment rights. Even more troubling is the potential that agent provocateurs were involved. I find it very difficult to believe that it was simply coincidental that this incident happened at the same time the NRA had scheduled their national conference in Denver. Both before and after the OKC bombing, the government has been involved directly in numerous attempts to infiltrate right wing militia organizations--not with clean cut agents trying to simply monitor their activities--but rather with thug-type criminals paid to induce attacks against the government and otherwise engage in unlawful activities. Virtually every militia organization in the US has numerous documented accounts of government attempts to provoke illegal actions.

The implications of such tactics to create an enemy that wouldn't exist otherwise is strong evidence of conspiracy to destroy liberty. All of my subscribers should read Rodney Stich's book Defrauding America (1-800-292-2831) for one of the best compilations of first hand experiences of federal agents who have had personal experiences with the dark side of government. In Defrauding America, several CIA agents make a dramatic case for the fact that Denver is one of the largest centers of government illegal activity. The dark side of government controls many government, police and financial figures in this area. They operate real estate companies, banks, and savings and loan organizations to launder covert funds. They also operate a special CIA covert operations base out of Buckley Airfield near Denver, complete with a fleet of black helicopters.

The Demonic Connection: This is a key aspect that has played a role in numerous gun attacks on innocent people in the last few years. Without exception, there is evidence that both children and adults that seemingly "went crazy" and began shooting other people had significant interaction with Satanic depression or Satanic cult activities. The boys in the Georgia elementary shooting were involved in Satanism. The Columbine shooters were also involved. This is my own personal opinion, but I feel there are patterns of chronic depression that often allow Satan to invade the spirit and control their actions. The Bible referred to such things as being "possessed" of a devil. How does this happen? I don't believe that innocent good living people are susceptible to be "possessed" against their will. But when people engage in a host of violations of conscience, serious sins, and experience the resulting depression that follows, they open themselves up to Satanic influence. It may start out simply as allowing yourself to listen to a long litany of dark and angry thoughts. As depression gets worse, one keeps thrusting away divine promptings that try to get a person to get up and do what he knows he should do. Prolonged engagement with this stream of dark ideas and hatred towards others (especially those who may have tried to discipline and help them) can lead to some form of Satanic control. It is my personal opinion that the chronically angry and depressed man who shot several people in the LDS Family History Center in Salt Lake City was possessed by a dark spirit who induced this senseless attack.


First, that establishment psychologists are never going to be able to solve this kind of malady. Indeed, one of the unique abilities of satanic depressed people is the ability to get guidance from the dark spiritual forces on how to evade detection. Persons who have come out of suchpossessed states have described how they would be guided on what to say to avoid being discovered. So those looking to close gun loopholes for the mentally ill are probably not going to be successful in cases where these kinds of dual personalities are involved. Since everyone has some form of normal depression from time to time, it is also very difficult, if not impossible to distinguish between this and dangerous and dark spiritual depression that may be guided by evil forces. Second, parents need to learn to discipline attitudes as well as actions. Allowing children to stay depressed for hours and days on end is not healthy. The new permissive parenting techniques are particularly bad in allowing chronic bad attitudes to be picked up in schools and then allowed to develop and flourish at home through lack of strong correction. Excessive toleration of chronic attitude problems by parents provides a breeding ground for evil to control the core atmosphere of the home.

There are two basic rules of conscience that can solve about 90% of all attitude problems (when parents learn to discipline according to violations of conscience and not by an ever increasing number of rules). When parents correct according to a child's violation of concience, there is a greater chance he or she will be come more aware of the signals of conscience and self-controlled rather than simply savvy about avoiding the limits created by rules. These two guidelines help children and adults learn to recognize the most common signals from conscience: The first helps children recognize the universal warning signal that always precedes bad ideas or bad behavior--nervous feelings about the correctness of what one intends to do. The second helps parents and children recognize those promptings that try to get us to do things we don't feel like doing. Have everyone in the family memorize these two principles of life:



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Retired Navy Cmdr. William S. Donaldson III, head of the Associated Retired Aviation Professionals, discovered hard evidence that the FBI not only knew that a missile had been fired at TWA 800 but that they hired several scallop trawlers in the Long Island Sound area to scavenge the bottom to recover and hide the actual missile parts. One of the scallop trawler crewmen recovered the first stage of the missile rocket before the FBI arrived on board and had already thrown it back into the water. The FBI placed agents aboard each trawler with an operations manual showing pictures to show the crew what they were looking for. They swore everyone to secrecy and had instructions to use special coded cell telephone numbers to report discoveries to headquarters. Agents showed one such drawing to the trawler crewman who confirmed that he had found it and thrown it back into the sea. It is probably still down there. The hunt went on for a few days to recover it, but no one has revealed to the public if it was found again. However, Donaldson's investigation hit paydirt when it was discovered that one FBI agent on a trawler apparent left behind his secret FBI instructions, which Donaldson recovered. The found documents were posted on several sites on the Internet for all to see. They provide strong evidence that the FBI not only knew there was a missile involved but that they also knew the specific type--a US built Stinger missile from the Afghan era. These were the same missiles that the Muslims had tried to get the US to buy back or take back from them, which the Clinton Administration refused.

Donaldson's discovery blows away the FBI denial of any missile theory. Heretofore, the FBI has consistently covered up any and all evidence about missiles. They have suppressed witness statements attesting to the missile sightingss as well as other specific forensic evidence. The only other hard evidence made public was the misdirected fax from a missile drone manufacturer to the FBI (received by someone whose fax number was one digit different than the FBI) confirming the serial numbers on the missile part as being of American manufacture. But now the conspirators in government have an even bigger problem to cover-up. Donaldson's finding of the FBI operations manual provides new evidence that points factually to an FBI cover-up of the truth when they denied having no evidence of missile participation in the disaster. So now comes the disinformation squad to defuse the impact of this evidence.

Donaldson's revelations came to light in late April of 1999, published on, the top conservative Internet news site. See the following URL for the complete 3 part story: 19990428_xex_were_missile.shtml So in early May, the government leaks to the Washington Post that the FBI had tried to suppress an ATF report early on pointing to mechanical failure as the cause of the TWA 800 crash. The supposed reason for the FBI intransigence was, as Sen Charles Grassley said, was to prolonged its criminal investigation with fears about missile threats and terrorism that could be used to increase its budget. He claims that "The FBI didn't want to hear about anything but a missile or a bomb, because otherwise there was no FBI case,"

ANALYSIS: This is patently false and puts Grassley into the position of being a shill for government attempts to put a favorable spin on this case. The FBI had the prime role in covering up any evidence of a missile shoot down. It was the FBI that intimidated and threatened missile witnesses. It was the FBI lab that kept falsifying data and denying the evidence of explosive residue on aircraft and interior parts. This trumped up report claiming that the FBI was early on in favor of a missile theory and then came on board the establishment falsified fuel tank explosion explanation is a pure fabrication. Here's the reason: since they would have a hard time denying Donaldson's discovery of the FBI opts manual looking for Stinger parts, they can now say that it was simply part of the FBI's early-on misguided efforts to prove a missile shoot down--which the FBI is now "wise enough" to realize was mistaken! But nothing, anywhere, either at the beginning of the investigation or the end, in actions or in words, points to FBI favoring a missile theory at any time--except in this newly leaked (and perhaps newly created) memo trying to suppress the alleged ATF report. This appears very suspicious to me. In fact, it heightens my awareness of how far and to what lengths the government will lie or create new "evidence" to cover-up any honest evidence of conspiracy that is forthcoming. As long as the press continues to tip toe around these propaganda stories and avoid asking penetrating questions, the cover-up and dumbing down of the American public will continue.

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According to insider and king-maker, Dwayne Andreas (Chairman of Archer Daniels Midland, the international, pro-globalist agro-giant) the "powers that be" (he should know--he is one of them) intend to install George Bush Jr. as the next US president and Elizabeth Dole as VP (according to a private conversation with another insider on the golf course, overheard by a friend of mine). True to form, Elizabeth Dole was busy this week staking out her positions. Showing a marked anti-gun proclivity, she stated in Philadelphia on May 11, "I think police work is hard enough already. No one should make it harder. I think it's wrong to let people carry concealed weapons. It's the right thing to do and I won't shy away from the tough issues, even if some in my party don't like it" (WND quoting AP of 5-11-99). She also supports a mandatory requirement that guns be sold with child safety locks. Keep in mind that Elizabeth Dole is really not running for President, but Vice President. Her specific positions will disappear once she becomes Bush's running mate but they will still be there to influence policy because they are also secretly shared by Bush and other NWO insiders controlling the mainstream Republican Party. George Bush Jr. will stake out the moderate conservative position and then move left during his administration through the normal round of compromises with liberal Republicans and Democrats.

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House Armed Services Committee Chairman, Floyd Spence issued the following warning: "Aside from thousands of our military being cut back along with equipment being worn out, we're cannibalizing the aircraft. There are now three people are doing the work of five."

According to Chairman Spence the following reductions have taken place during the Clinton Administration: Strategic and General Purpose Forces from 1990 to 1997: B-52 Bombers have gone from 220 to 56. B-1 Bombers from 90 to 60; Strategic Defense Interceptor Aircraft from 36 to 14; and Army Divisions (1990 to 1997) have gone from 18 Active down to 10. Reserve divisions have gone from 10 to 8. Army Brigades (1990 to 1997) have declined from 8 Active to 3 and Reserve brigades have gone down from 27 to 18. Army brigades are special purpose combat organizations with various compliments of troops, heavy armor, air defense, and shock forces that can be quickly attached or joined to other forces to make up a small scale invasion force.

Active military strength has declined during 1990 to 1996 from approx. 2,000,000 to 1,500,000 personnel. Less than half a million are true combat capable troops. The rest are in supporting roles. In 1988, total numbers of active and reserve military personnel was about 3.2 million. By 1998, these numbers were reduced to 2.5 million. In 1990, there were about 600 Navy combat and supply ships. Today there are less than 300. Navy personnel cite frequent stories of longer and longer deployments away from home and family, with understaffed ships.

ANALYSIS: This understaffing problem takes a tremendous toll on personal lives. When critical mission positions are short-handed, it means Navy watches get longer and more frequent. Errors occur with increasing fatigue. One Navy Lieutenant said: "That ship, at the time that I was out there, had so few qualified air traffic controllers for the carrier air traffic control center that we couldn't man the air traffic control center for 24 hours a day....If we would launch under VFR conditions, visual flight rules, during the day and the weather deteriorates such that we had to come back under IFR, instrument conditions, they literally had to go rouse people out of their beds from the night shift to bring them up during the day to man the radar consoles in order that we could recover aircraft under instrument conditions." As a former carrier pilot, I can tell you that I would not want my approach to a carrier "in the soup" to be handled by a tired controller who was overstressed and worn out. Landing a fighter-bomber on a pitching flight deck is hard enough even under optimal conditions. As I pointed out before, one of the prime purposes of a combination of downsizing the military and increasing numbers of missions is to use up supplies and drive experienced military men away. Is this budget cutting mania or simple Clintonian stupidity? Neither, unfortunately. Underlying this concerted effort to weaken the military is a NWO purpose--to soften us up for the next war in order to make sure the Russian's have the confidence to think they can strike and win. The Russians believe we must be cheating, just like they are, so right now they are somewhat paranoid and hesitant to strike. I also think the "powers that be" are setting up a weak manpower situation in the military so that a draft can be more easily justifiable at some future crisis. A draft helps squelch a lot of anti-war sentiment, outwardly, due to the more visible penalties involved with draft evasion. This next nuclear/biological/and chemical war is destined to be extremely unpopular, and the NWO crowd is gearing up for maximum deception, propaganda and legal pressure to deal with dissent. Ultimately, those who resist this next war will be treated much much worse than the leftist draft dodgers in the Vietnam era. After all, this next war will be the Left's war, and though the enemy will be communist Russia, the Left will have begun discarding communism as its protected form of socialism and switch to world democratic socialism--the Third Way.

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Not only are big computer companies putting secret tracking mechanisms into computers (at the covert behest of the US government) but big auto makers are doing the government's bidding as well. General Motors said its Sensing and Diagnostic Module (SDM) is only used to gather crash data for "research." But when you look at its capabilities, it can be used for many other future purposes that have civil libertarians and consumer advocates rightfully worried. The unit records the car's speed, when its brakes are applied, steering wheel angle, accelerator position and seatbelt use.

ANALYSIS: Clearly these elements are related to safety analysis in a collision. But accident lawyers are also anxious to get their hands on the data to prove or disprove what drivers say in court. Even the latter threat to privacy is not what makes this data dangerous. The danger is that other sensors or location trackers could be added at any time and no one would tell you about it. This is an ominous trend. GM put in electronic tracking devices and failed to publish anything about it. This is the same type of secrecy that Intel and Microsoft were guilty of when Global Unique Identifier (GUI) tracking data chips were built into Intel's Pentium III and laptop Pentium II and Microsoft Window's 98 operating system (Internet codes) and in its Office 97 suite of software. The fact that they purposely omitted documenting any of these systems indicates these companies cannot be trusted to not put other things inside. Microsoft is claiming its privacy invasion was a "flaw" or a "bug". It was clearly intentional. These things don't get programmed by themselves or by mistake. Who do they think they are kidding?

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In a blockbuster revelation, Rep Curt Weldon of the Cox Committee reported in a speech this week that the FBI told the committee in direct testimony that what the Committee was allowed to see represented less than 1% of the evidence the FBI has in its files. You can bet the material withheld shows a pattern of "allowing" the Chinese to steal at will. I noted that the Committee accepted this shocking statement without demanding to see the withheld material.

ANALYSIS: Obviously, much of the withheld evidence involves the Republicans too. This cover-up is not only about the Democrats aiding the Communists--it's really about a much broader government conspiracy that transcends many administrations. Access to the whole package of evidence would make that dangerously clear.

World Affairs Brief June 19, 1999 © copyright Joel M. Skousen, quote with attribution permitted

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Columbine High School art teacher Patti Nielson, wounded in the school attack, made unwitting statements to the Denver Post that cast grave doubts on the official two- lone-gunmen theory. Teacher Nielson and student Brian Anderson observed and were shot by what she said was a "MAN outside the school" on the upper terrace using a semi-automatic pistol. She said he was dressed in black and was shooting a gun toward the parking lot. She yelled at him to stop because she "thought he was doing a dumb thing." She then said the man turned, grinned and shot at her. Describing him initially as "small" she later recanted upon being told by officials who the shooters "really were" and said, "I thought he was small, but I found out later he was pretty tall!" However, during the prior events, the teacher (trained to see details) continually referred to the assailant as a man, both during her 911 call and in other statements. She also never saw him wearing headphones, even though numerous students described the assailants who entered the building from the lower cafeteria as wearing headphones (which may have referred to ear protectors). She also never saw any duffel bags that officials claim must have been used to bring in the numerous propane tanks, and other explosives at the time of the attack.

ANALYSIS: Because of the simultaneous timing of events witnessed by different people, it is clear that the man Nielson confronted on the upper level outside the school, could not have been the same person or persons who other students saw enter the school cafeteria at the lower level, on the opposite side of the school--who were recognized as Harris and Klebold. The two entering the cafeteria were wearing headphones or ear protection--the man who shot at Nielson and Anderson was not. If they were headphones, then it would indicate a possible communication system and a coordinated attack by agent provocateurs. The bombs had to be already in place in the school before the shooting. All of this careful omission of key facts by officials, plus the continued enforcement of the two-shooter scenario begins to sound more and more like the establishment's rabid defense of the single JFK assassin theory--all necessary to cover up a carefully planned shooting meant to precipitate changes in law. In this case, the objective is gun control, and we can expect to see more and more gun violence till the desired results are accomplished. Some of it is surely will be due to satanic depression and hatred boiling up within kids hardened by years of bad attitudes bred in public schools, coupled to corrupting influences and cultist activities. Others will be planned and induced by making use of these same type of kids--most of whom are on mood altering drugs. As I write this, the gun control aspects of the Juvenile Justice legislation have gone down in defeat in the House, despite the leadership's push for passage. I think it is only a brief respite. The Senate version of the bill still has all the bad gun control features and the House conferees will be required to work out the differences between the two bills. Watch for a series of compromises that may well result in a cave in to most of the Senate bill demands, thereby turning this temporary defeat into a permanent victory for the gun control lobby.

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The media and the President are bearing down with every propaganda ploy possible to ensure a reversal. They are savaging the NRA and every pro-gun Congressman as if they are favoring criminals over children. Clinton and the media want nothing less than full gun owner registration, with high fines and prison sentences for those who don't comply. Following this will come surprise searches of private homes to make an example of those who dare to defy this registration scheme. Finally, gun confiscation will become inevitable. As Gun Owners of America's Larry Pratt said: "Gun owners should not fall for Congressional promises that once this anti- gun crime bill is finished with, they will get the whole gun control debate 'behind them.' Not true. If the current gun restrictions in Congress become law, we will see an immediate move towards even stricter proposals." If you are not now a member of Gun Owners of America, call now and support them. Call toll free: (888) 886- 4867.

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Just as journalists abide by the subtle law never to reveal any person's or group's leftist affiliation, the media is loath to ever mention the positive use of guns to save lives or deter crime. Contrast the hype and excessive media coverage of the Columbine High School tragedy with other school attacks in which the crimes were stopped by armed citizens well before the police arrived. In an excellent article by John Lott of Investors' Business Daily (April 30, 1999) a systematic review was made of media coverage demonstrating a concerted attempt to downplay the positive use of weapons.

In October 1997, a student began a shooting rampage at a high school in Pearl, Mississippi. It was halted by Joel Myrick, an administrator, who ran out to his car and retrieved his concealed weapon. He was prohibited from having the weapon on his person inside the school due to the gun control laws creating "safe school zones" and probably could have stopped the killings faster had concealed weapons permit holders been exempted from this rule. Had he made any mistakes in his saving efforts, you can be sure local prosecutors would have tried to convict him of breaking the law. Of hundreds of media stories that appeared in the first month after the attack only 16 stories mentioned his heroic act. Only 9 of these stories mentioned that he used a gun to stop the attack. Some stories simply stated that Myrick was "credited by police with helping capture the boy" or that "Myrick disarmed the shooter." Dan Rather would only say that "Myrick eventually subdued the young gunman." Clearly there is an attempt to downplay the fact that a conceal weapon had been successfully used to stop the violence.

In like manner a shooting incident at a school in Edinboro, Pa., was stopped only after James Strand came over from his nearby restaurant and pointed a shotgun at the shooter (a student named Wurst) who was busy reloading his gun for more killing. He stopped the killing 10 minutes before police arrived. Strand's action saved tens of lives. Again, out of the nearly 600 hundred stories covering the event only 35 even mentioned Mr. Strand's actions, and only a few of those mentioned that he used a gun to hold the shooter at bay. One New York daily intoned simply that Strand "persuaded Wurst to surrender." Saying that Strand "persuaded" the killer is double speak when compared to the full truth. The obvious intent was to avoid any mention of the means of persuasion. The Atlanta Journal and Constitution said Strand merely "chased Wurst down and held him until police came." Clearly these are half-truths and are anything but objective.

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Senator Hatch, in his continuing quest for political stature, accedes to the hidden agenda of government agencies by allowing the Justice Department to place many dangerous provisions within the new juvenile justice legislation. In reality this bill has nothing to do with juvenile justice and everything to do with increasing government jurisdictional and surveillance powers. There is a lot more in this bill than is being reported. There is a vastly increased forfeiture expansion, which permits federal prosecutors to do forfeitures for any state felony, and even includes some state-level misdemeanors. It also includes mandatory sentences for gun and drug crimes, as well as massive new wiretap provisions, including intercepts on pager transmissions, without a warrant.

ANALYSIS: There are a wide array of both Republicans and Democrats who can be counted on under various circumstances to follow orders or take suggestions from the dark side of government--not necessarily because they are knowing conspirators, but that they either want to "get ahead" politically (they know who has the ultimate power), or that they are being blackmailed by knowledge obtained by the illegal FBI surveillance teams which target all members of Congress, and even many state legislators. How else does some lone senator from a small state come to include language in a bill that has nothing to do with his constituency or the true national interest? He or she gets a visit or call from someone in the power chain above who says, "I'm sending over some suggested language for this new justice bill which I'm sure you will want to include." Sometimes the language comes from permanent staff members on committees who write the actual bills. Often these staffers are long-time political hacks with many years seniority who secretly work for the other side. Most often the planted legal language goes through a laundering process so that when Republicans are targeted for delivery, the call doesn't come directly from Janet Reno, but through one of the mid-level Justice Department officials who is viewed by Republicans as "friendly" and accessible to their side. Sometimes it comes from the liberal Republican Party leadership of Congress or at the RNC level and presented in terms of "we've got to accept this to avoid a veto." There are hundreds of varieties of how the game is played. Over time, every unprincipled or partially principled politician learns that "suggestions" from certain people are not to be trifled with. The coercion is subtle but strong. Every once in a while, congressmen get to see what happens to legislators who don't cooperate. They get bad press, lack of campaign support from the RNC or DNC, or sometimes they even have "accidents" or plane crashes.

Some claim this bill will create the first warrantless electronic surveillance in US history but this is not true. More than 90% of current electronic surveillance is now going on without warrants under the NSA's ECHELON global electronic eavesdropping system. This has been going on for years. This and other last minute legislative additions to other bills are mere attempts to legitimize what government has been doing illegally for years. Senator Hatch continues to do serious damage to laws protecting liberty by being a willing party to these "compromises". He is a passionate believer in the necessity of compromise in order to get a bill passed. He loves to think of himself as a "facilitator" between liberals and conservatives. Liberals, like his "friend" Ted Kennedy, have led Hatch to believe that he has gained their respect through these compromises. But deep inside liberal circles they despise Hatch as a fool to be toyed with. Republican compromisers rarely see that what the left achieves in these compromises makes the conservative "gains" in these bills almost inconsequential. Liberals have a long-term, incremental agenda that continues to march forward year by year.

Hatch is being strung along not only by liberal Democrats and the press but also by the Republican leadership. They keep leading him on about running for the presidency. All the while they are snickering. They have no intention of following through with any support. The George Bush, Jr. candidacy was a done deal before this race even began. Hatch can't see that they are playing him along just to keep him under control. The "powers that be" have no intention of letting Hatch achieve higher political office--he is too useful to them right as is.

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The San Diego Tribune has gone public with a number of negative revelations about the Pentagon's anthrax vaccination program. At the same time that the government is mounting a huge propaganda campaign assuring the 1.3 military personnel of the vaccine's safety, secret military documents obtained by the Tribune clearly indicate that high-level Pentagon officials are aware of serious side effects of the vaccine, as well as lack of effectiveness. Documents obtained by The San Diego Union-Tribune show that Army Secretary Louis Caldera, knew that the vaccine "involves unusually hazardous risks associated with the potential for adverse reactions in some recipients and the possibility that the desired immunological effect will not be obtained by all recipients." In addition it was noted that there is no certainty that the anthrax used in tests to measure the vaccine's effectiveness "will be sufficiently similar to the pathogen that US forces might encounter."

In another revelation days later, it was discovered that the Army was absolving the manufacturer, Michigan-based BioPort Corp, of any liability for the vaccine. On top of that it comes to light that BioPort is threatening bankruptcy, claiming it cannot fulfill the government's contract due to cost overruns. The government's 29 million dollar contract for 6.3 million doses of vaccine is deemed insufficient for BioPort to sustain the costs of manufacturing. The company wants a new contract at triple the price.

ANALYSIS: I suspect insider dealing here. BioPort came in less than 2 years ago and bought out the State of Michigan's interest in the defunct vaccine manufacturing facilities, for pennies on the dollar. They agreed to fulfill the Army Contract as part of the deal. No set of investors and executives comes into this kind of multi-million dollar buy-out underestimating the costs of fulfillment by 3 times--especially when all the research and development costs were behind them and vaccine was in production. What is happening here, I believe, is typical of large military contractors who have insider relationships with high government officials. They are allowed to enter the contract process based upon a low bid knowing that they will be allowed to alter and adjust those contracts later, upwards by many millions. Contractors without these insider relationships are never allowed the same leeway.

As for the indemnity package, this is standard procedure for the US government to shield vaccine manufacturers from liability. These vaccines, especially the new immune system altering variety, are very dangerous to long term health. The side effects are very stealth-like and are almost impossible to trace directly to the vaccine, making it easy to deny any linkage. Like the Gulf War syndrome which many experts believe was caused by the experimental vaccines given to US troops during the gulf war, these new varieties of vaccines alter the immune system and often cause auto immune reactions where the body begins to attack itself. As rich as the big drug companies are, none can afford to shoulder the financial liability of the wide- ranging and sometimes deadly side effects that vaccines involve. While the numbers of deaths are a small percentage, they are a certainty in almost all vaccines. Think about that when you consider giving your children vaccines--do you want them to be one of those thousands that are going to turn up dead or permanently disabled within a few days? The medical profession seems to be in league with government to deny any relationship between vaccines and these severe reactions. Numerous parents have been stonewalled by Doctors after an immunization reaction. The facts continue to show a high correlation between Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and childhood immunizations. The DPT shot is the most dangerous. The Army says that the US government will now be liable for vaccine side-effects. In the Gulf War Syndrome, the correlation was proven when it was discovered that French soldiers who were not given the vaccine suffered none of the syndrome reactions despite being exposed to the same chemical attacks as the Americans. But this doesn't mean a US soldier or sailor can get justice or compensation. Legally the US government has constitutional immunity from being sued, especially by military personnel. If the Gulf War Syndrome is any judge of government stonewalling practices, expect more of the same with the Anthrax fiasco. The Washington Times discovered that the government had secretly doped the Gulf War vaccine with an experimental AIDS vaccine carrier agent, using soldiers as guinea pigs. The test was a disaster. The Army had been given a waver by the FDA so that they would only have to give the soldiers verbal notice of the experiment rather than written. The Army then willfully neglected to follow that agreement and refused to inform the troops.

What is incredible about these revelations on Anthrax vaccine dangers is that they contradict everything that Army Medical Doctors have been saying to the troops in the past year. Army doctors specifically made a point of saying the vaccine is effective on all variants of Anthrax, which the manufacturer admits is not true. Doctors have also denied there are any significant side-effects. This is another classic example of where Army high ranking personnel are given orders to tell the troops whatever the Pentagon wants them to hear. When higher ranking military leaders become simple yes-men to either military top brass, or civilian politicians, they cannot be trusted to defend what is best for our boys who serve under them. Civilian control over the military is a proper principle, but only in a general, overall sense. It doesn't mean that the military cannot and should not vigorously protest bad policy by civilian leaders prior to implementation. If dangerous and bad policy is implemented over their objections, military leaders ought to have the courage to resign when overruled, and make their reasons public.

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Despite all the hoop-la about a "victory" in Kosovo, Air Force pilots are leaving the service in large numbers. The Air Force is now short over 1,500 pilot slots. Pilots complain of excessive pressures and too much deployment time away from home. With the appearance of a booming economy they have every incentive to leave for higher paying, stay at home jobs and lots of reasons to leave.

ANALYSIS: Being short on pilots is only part of the story. Every pilot slot is accompanied by one or more onerous desk jobs that must be filled by the officers who stay on, which only increases the real burden. Most pilots don't mind the flying as much as the "collateral responsibilities" that make life difficult in an increasingly bureaucratic military. One of the most understated reasons for leaving, however, is that many military officers don't trust the government or their military leaders to make decisions in their best interest or based upon America's best interests. Many savvy officers distrust this growing internationalist agenda being pursued by both Democrats and Republican leaders. The Anthrax vaccine program has also caused a lot of military people to leave or retire early rather than fight the system. This is sad when the best and most patriotic military personnel are leaving. In the future, with a military that has fewer and fewer scruples and less objections to "following orders blindly," the danger of government use of military forces to tyrannize its own citizens increases.

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The first trial balloon was raised this past month over the specter of NAFTA taking on a NATO like military role. Lt. Col. Joseph Nunez, writing for the US Army War College in Carlisle, Pa., proposed a joint military command for the US, Canada and Mexico with rotating positions of authority. He danced around the legal implications of his proposal but hinted at "peacekeeping" operations, drug enforcement and quick reaction to terrorism. These are the normal litany of excuses globalists employ to justify non-constitutional increases in regional police and military power. Incredibly, Nunez said the joint command would replace NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense command) which he feels "is getting pretty out-of-date when it comes to drugs, terrorism and other threats."

ANALYSIS: This proposal either smacks of extreme ignorance or a willful and calculated move to further denigrate US early warning missile systems. If Nunez is a shill for the globalists, he would certainly be expected to follow the standard propaganda that there is no remaining Russian nuclear threat, and to emphasize the well worn drug-war ploy. He goes on to claim that "The US does not have the kind of working arrangement with Canada and Mexico that it should" and proposes is a lot of military aid to both countries as the carrot to induce participation in a joint command. This amounts to more additions to the new magic budget surplus that Clinton is touting. Frankly, I think the entire budget surplus hoop-la has been created to justify a rapid and vastly increased expansion of federal and international powers. The appearance of having lots of money to throw around only lessons public resistance. Only a fool would imagine this joint command proposal as honest power sharing. Both Canada and Mexico can expect to be subservient to the US--who would be paying most of the bills.

Furthermore, I don't believe some unknown Lt. Col. writing for the Army War College comes up with these kinds of proposals without being under the tutelage of globalist insiders. I'd look for his name to show up eventually on the roster of the CFR or other organizations grooming would-be internationalist bureaucrats and enforcers. Even though implementation of such a unified military command may be years away, there is a very dark future agenda underlying this proposal that deserves analysis. Having a regional quick reaction military force requires a change in fundamental laws at both the national and international level--not just a minor adjustment to the NAFTA "free trade agreement". For NAFTA to take on a police power role, there must be a new mutual defense treaty created, like NATO. There is always collateral civilian damage in military intervention which brings up the question of which nation's legal structure has the power to assess blame and damages against a supra-national force. Naturally, this arrangement would help force the US to transfer jurisdiction for certain cases to the World Court--a legal quagmire of fatal proportions. And for such adjudication to occur, within any of the three NAFTA members, considerable individual national sovereignty must be sacrificed. The globalists are obviously pleased with how smoothly NATO has been able to discard its defensive legal limitations and branch out into more aggressive and interventionist forays. If NAFTA develops a similar military arm, the same expansion will take place. Look for increasing regional narco-terrorist wars in Latin America to justify a further expansion of this NAFTA police authority. What we may be seeing here is the second stage of a global plan to get Europe weaned away from US dominance in NATO, and have the US concentrate it's efforts on North American intervention. But that's a few years off and may well be an important prelude to the coming war strategy of the NWO crowd. Getting the US money and military machine spread thinner in its commitments on this side of the Atlantic will help the Europeans justify taking a more active role in NATO. As I previously wrote, Europe has always resented a US presence in their affairs and is trying to form an all-European armed forced so that Europe can dominant NATO deployments--this is stage one. This is also one of the goals behind the push to build the Euro as a major world currency. I think all of these factors together point to a plan whereby the US is to be taken down as a world player, forcing a vacuum of military leadership that Europe is to be tasked by the UN to fill during the next war. As inconceivable as it is to think about world leadership without US dominance, don't underestimate the changes a future war can bring. But even after a nuclear pre-emptive strike against the US, targeting strategic military assets, the US will not cease to exist as a large industrial nation. Nor will its cadre of globalist leaders disappear. What it will do is balance out all the world's competing factors in the coming global power shift so that the surviving US populace can be harnessed into the New World Order with less resistance. With a World War raging, few Americans will worry about the disappearance of national sovereignty in their quest for survival. Once the US is a humbled and defeated military power (through our leaders own purposeful negligence), a world UN Army will be able to justify its existence and march into the new "patriotic" war-to-end-all-wars (again).

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Savvy media watchers can learn a lot from what establishment newsmakers are pushing. The latest onslaught is the media's delight with the presumed "spontaneous" political demonstrations that are rising to challenge Milosovic's dominance in Serbia. While the Clinton administration admitted last week that it was tasking the CIA to develop covert anti-Milosovic political operations in Serbia, the US State Department and PBS news continue to claim that these political eruptions and demonstrations in Serbia are spontaneous and without any US instigation.

ANALYSIS: The only fib the administration told was to imply that such covert operations were to start sometime in the future. In fact, they have been ongoing for months. Money has secretly been flowing to opposition groups in Serbia for weeks. While I would normally applaud such efforts to unseat a Communist dictator, one has to look closely at the hypocrisy of the US government. Why no covert operation money to opposition parties in China, or South Africa, or Vietnam? Obviously they aren't targeting Milosovic because he is Communist--but because he is a Communist who won't play ball with western globalist intentions. From my ample experience in watching US State Department intervention in Latin America, I can also assure my readers that none of this covert money is going to persons yearning to establish a true free market government similar to the US constitution. The State Department and CIA only fund leftists who will be favorable to NWO goals. It is clear now that NATO has no intention of leaving the Balkans unless it can transform Serbia into a "democracy" that is subservient to the UN interests. If it cannot achieve this end, it will continue to use it as a tinder box for future conflicts, much as the US keeps Saddam Hussein in power in Iraq.

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There are several reasons why Central Banks are taking turns selling gold reserves into the open markets. In previous briefs I mentioned the insider dealing with gold leasing and gold short futures contracts that continues to generate profits for priveleged brokerage firms--as long as the price is falling and not rising. This can't last, especially since the total outstanding short contracts exceeds 1,000 tons of gold-- which doesn't exist in today's market.. The British Treasury is under pressure to reconsider its gold sales after the first in a series of auctions organized by the Bank of England sent the price of the commodity falling to a new low of $256 per ounce. Gold prices this low threaten the financial viability of several third world nations in Africa who depend on gold revenues to fund their costly socialist policies.

ANALYSIS: Somebody is going to go down with this setup, and it's not going to be the central banks. Keep in mind that central banks paid for gold purchases originally, simply by creating fiat money entries on their accounting ledgers and then spending those fiat millions into circulation through large gold bullion brokers. They can repurchase gold again in the future in the same manner using the same deceptive financing. They certainly would never have the political muscle to buy gold through the normal legislative budget process, having to face the specter of curtailing social spending or raising taxes. But if the reason for the sales is to raise money (which all governments desperately need) why the continued sales of gold in the face of falling prices? Certainly, if the real purpose was monetary, central banks wouldn't announce in advance the huge tonnage of gold they plan on selling during the next year--this only guarantees that the price will fall and give them less money during gold auctions. I suspect that what we are seeing is the second-to-last card being played in the fiat money bag of tricks (prior to massive monetary inflation) in their efforts to artificially support the US stock markets. The strength of the US market is the only thing holding the world economic fabric together.

Falling gold keeps inflationary expectations low without busting the bond markets, which are already suffering as the world senses an irrational "boom fever." If central banks have to resort to massive monetary creation, before a broad world depression arrives, inflation will start showing up in prices that will begin to fuel its own speculative flight from paper money into consumer products. With the present strategy of selling off gold reserves, governments are generating cash while not immediately fueling inflation. Of course they are also supporting those insider brokers who are into short gold contracts. But somehow those same holders of short contracts are going to be left holding the bag. When the US economy finally takes it's tumble, there will not only be a huge default on gold leasing contracts but a dumping of dollars internationally that will cause billions of greenbacks to be repatriated-- causing a further weakening of the dollar at home and rising prices. When it happens (probably sometime in the year 2000) I would expect an inflationary depression such as we experienced during the Nixon administration, only much worse. Look to central banks to quietly repurchase gold during this next depression so as to replenish their reserves. They all know that gold is the only financial clout during unstable times. But don't be surprised to see them outlaw the use of gold at the individual level. The gold club is to become a NWO financial country club reserved only for those who play along with the "powers that be".

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Janet Reno has held high level strategy meetings with her top Justice Department advisors and has decided upon a new and novel strategy to lure militia groups into the government's web of influence. Heretofore, the FBI has tried to infiltrate militia groups with thugs attempting to encourage militia arrest. Virtually every public militia group has cataloged numerous accounts of these infiltration attempts, and has become very savvy at resisting what these agent provocateurs have had to offer. Now comes Janet Reno with a new tactic--put on the friendly face and play like the FBI wants to take militia members into their confidence. The agency has held several meetings with militia groups testing the waters. They have even trotted out FBI cover-up man Danny Defenbach who worked his deceptive magic on the OKC bombing "investigation." If they can get militia members to accept Danny Defenbach as a "friendly" ally, then this strategy will work.

ANALYSIS: Most militia groups won't fall for this, but some may be susceptible. Beleaguered militia groups are composed predominantly of ex-military men who know the benefits of being "inside" government and having access to government authority and resources. Trying to do militia military training on a civilian volunteer budget is discouraging and some militia members may still long to have "access" to government and the aura of legitimacy that (in the public's eye) only government can grant. Even state governments have been so intimidated by the bad press on militias that no state governor would even thinking of using one of the self-styled militias in a real conflict. Without a governor's recognition, the militias will always be viewed as vigilantes. But there may be an even more plausible reason for this phony campaign. It is possible the target is not the militia themselves, but the general public. The militia, through their Internet sites, have been very effective in giving evidence of the FBI's work on behalf of the dark side of government. Perhaps the agency is trying to provide a friendly face of accommodation so that the public will be more resistant to the burgeoning success of anti-government movements--especially those Internet based sites who, with scant resources, can put out volumes of investigative details on key government cover-ups which are quite convincing.

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As with the present Juvenile Justice bill pending in Congress, this euphemistically titled 1994 law contained fine print that gave the Justice Department expansive wiretapping powers within the cell telephone markets. Cell phones were the communication of choice for privacy due to its former inability to be traced to a specific location. Now the government requires all wireless companies to install within the circuitry of the cellular base and antenna systems circuitry that can pinpoint the location of any cell user during a conversation. The bill also gave the FBI the technical ability to have unlimited physical access to the ground stations of wireless telephone companies, called gateways, where physical wiretap systems could be permanently installed. Even though the government must technically get a court order to tap a phone line, the FBI/CIA/DEA combined has constant wiretaps in operation at all times on all lines. Only certain calls are recorded, however, as computers are programmed to pick up on key words. However, of those that are recorded, a government agent can only analyze a small percentage of those calls due to the high volume of computer leads. Details of how complete this invasion of privacy is have only come to light recently as two Canadian firms have made applications to the FCC to enter the wireless market. Since Canadian company gateways would not be physically located on US soil, the FBI has a problem--it does not have legal access to the gateway equipment since it is across the border in Canada. So, thus far the FCC has refused to issue any licenses to Canadian companies.

ANALYSIS: The FCC doesn't have any real authority to deny the licenses, since the law failed to address the issue of foreign based technology close enough to a US border to service wireless communication. Thus, it is simply stonewalling and delaying approval until it can figure out an angle to justify denial or coerce the companies to accept permanent FBI wiretap equipment. This demonstrates how desperate the government is to allow no breaches or loopholes in its Echelon spy system.

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The new Commandant of the Marine Corpse is General James Jones, who has spent the last 4 years as a the chief military advisor to Clinton's Defense Secretary, William Cohen. A Marine General who can not only stomach the perfidy that went on in the Kosovo invasion, but help plan and implement it is bound to allow the Corps to be used for even more globalist affairs than occurred under the former Commandant, General Krulak. Krulak, though a very good man, was still too imbued with military yesmanship to speak out against excessive budget cuts, PDD-60 (which destroyed our "launch on warning" nuclear doctrine), and the use of urban Marine training aimed directly at the confiscation of weapons from American citizens. Think what can happen with a willing and eager yes-man for Commandant. Forget Jones' hard- charging formulas for change in the Corps, which will be as dazzling as his ego-- watch what he does to further the globalist agenda.

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EO 13083 was the hotly contested Clinton Executive Order giving federal agencies broad new powers to write rules that would be binding on state governments. E.O.s are supposed to be intra- federal directives limited exclusively directing federal agencies and the military, and not individuals or the states. Technically, only administrative rules to implement existing law can be created by an EO and NOT new law. However, the legal lines are increasingly blurred as Congress continues to grant excessively broad and sweeping powers to federal agencies, who, in turn, write increasingly onerous and detailed implementation rules that were not contemplated by Congress. EO 13083 was created as a means of quietly formalizing what the Administrative side of government has been doing for years--writing rules that are, in effect, new law and thereby infringing upon the lawmaking powers of Congress. The Supreme Court has steadfastly refused for decades to intervene in this unconstitutional power grab. The attempt to formalize these intrusions on federalism backfired when the Internet picked up the story, prompting Republicans in Congress and many governors to demand the EO's removal. Clinton only suspended the order temporarily, leaving the door open for a deceptive rewrite. White House officials then picked a high level advisory group of compliant state officials from around the country to give the appearance of being sensitive to federalism issues. As expected, the resulting replacement EO (#13075) plays lip service to consulting with the states, but, in the end, contains virtually no language that prohibits a Federal Agency from disregarding those consultations.

ANALYSIS: As usual, the states and people of the US get the lip service while the Feds get the power. My readers should learn this key lesson about government power, which is applicable to all levels of government, especially public schools: It doesn't matter in the least who has INPUT to the decisionmaking process. The only questions is: Who has the final authority and power to decide the issue when there is a difference of opinion? The deciding person or group becomes the ONLY one with ANY authority. Like so many government provisions that mandate consultations with citizens or their representatives, there is no requirement to obtain the actual consent of those consulted. Without this consent provision, the Feds can do whatever they want so as long as they consult with states first. According to Section 3, whenever an agency creates a regulation preempting state law, the new EO requires that "the agency shall consult, to the extent practicable, with appropriate State and local officials in an effort to avoid such a conflict." That statement is full of loopholes, big enough to drive an Amtrak through. As the Washington Times said, "Despite all the consulting, agencies are not prohibited from doing what they choose to do." And, in today's world, anything a federal agency is NOT prohibited from doing is considered fair game for an extension of federal power. This concept is in total opposition to the 10th Amendment language which specifically restricts the Feds only to what is specifically authorized in the Constitution. The ultimate loophole in this new EO was linked to the magic concept of "national emergency." The press release from the White House said it all: ""At the same time, the Order makes clear that federal action is appropriate in the presence of a problem of national scope or significance." The words "national significance" is an even more dangerous extension of lawmaking power than a national emergency. What legal criteria can successfully bind a president's opinion of what is significant? None at all--and that's the problem.

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COMMENTARY ONLY: This week's killings (the Georgia day-trader and the disgruntled Alabama air conditioning employee) are certain to heat up the momentum of the anti-gun lobby to restrict American access to guns. While establishment hacks continue to blame access to guns as the problem, pro Second Amendment groups like Gun Owners of America correctly point out that guns have always been available, and the recent increase of mass killings has much more to do with moral collapse than access to the weapons. True enough, but I'll go one further. No one who is reasonably sane (and both these latest perpetrators were sane) does this kind of killing without being heavily influenced by satanic depression and spiritual goading from evil feelings. More and more we see a rising influence of Satan in our weakening moral structure. While establishment counseling is viewed as the cure-all to society's moral ills, it is totally ineffective against this increasing form of spiritual evil. Indeed, worldly counseling does not even recognize the existence of spiritual forces, whether good or evil. While I don't intend to delve into a discussion of theological issues, I would be remiss if I did not point out that we are dealing with a joint conspiracy of Luciferian forces and human forces--each doing his part to remove this last hurdle to government tyranny and control. To see how often people are being induced to engage in mass killings in America is an ominous and telling sign of how crucial evil forces view the removal of gun rights. If you have ever been passive in your concern for this issue, it's time to wake up and realize that it (along with the issue of national sovereignty) are the only two major barriers left to our loss of liberty (in the eyes of the Left). They effectively control everything else. Each of these two issues is under heavy assault in the media and foreshadows the relative nearness of the establishment's countdown to their vaunted New World Order.

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The Associated Press reported that a top US District Judge (Norma H. Johnson), who is in charge of assigning cases in the DC area to lower judges, is suspected of purposely bypassing the traditional random assignment system in order to help the Clinton Administration find favorable judges. Random selection is supposed to keep any party from engaging in "judge shopping." In this case, Judge Johnson is making sure sensitive cases against Bill Clinton and the government go to friendly judges. For example she sent a criminal case against ``Charlie'' Trie to Clinton appointee, Judge Paul L. Friedman, who promptly dismissed all charges against Trie. One of Friedman's rulings was reversed on appeal, but another judge allowed the Justice Department to intervene again with a weak plea-bargain guilty plea. Sentencing will be a proverbial slap on the wrist only. In another high profile case, she sent the tax fraud case of Webb Hubbell to another Clinton friend, US District Judge James Robertson. Robertson dismissed the tax case against Hubbell, and it was overturned on appeal. Hubbell eventually pleaded guilty to a lesser misdemeanor after the case was reinstated, and got a light sentence. Robertson then got assigned to another Hubbell case charging him with lying to bank regulators. Robertson again dismissed the case. After being reversed on appeal, Hubbell pleaded guilty. In another government sensitive case this week, US District Judge Richard Paez let John Huang of the Chinagate Scandal off the hook with no jail time. He received a measly $10,000 fine and 500 hours of community service for being a illegal conduit of campaign contributions from the Chinese Government to the Clinton Administration. He bragged that he planned to use his community service time to instruct Asian Americans on how to become politically active.

ANALYSIS: This happens all the time and in all US federal court districts, not just the DC area. As Clinton continues to stack the federal benches with leftist judges, collusion will only get worse. The problem does not have its solution in a change of administration. Republican Presidents also appoint liberal judges to the bench. George Bush jr. proclaims that he will appoint only judges who will interpret the Constitution strictly, but I believe this is simple posturing to please conservatives. Like his father, George Bush works for the same dark side of government that Clinton does. At least two CIA whistle blowers have testified that the government runs a payola system for many judges kept on "retainer" to do the will of the government. They get their payments through cross border banks in Canada or through selected Casinos in the US where large batches of chips are available to them, which they can play or cash. These same CIA agent-defectors estimate that fully 70% of the federal bench is on the take. See Rodney Stich's book, Defrauding America for an incredible first hand account of judicial abuse of power (1-800-292-2831).

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New Jersey Supreme court stretched the interpretation of the state's discrimination law to the limit in ruling that Boy Scouts of America must allow homosexual leaders. The Law Against Discrimination in New Jersey clearly mentions that the law applies only to access to public accommodations, and goes on to list many examples of PLACES which constitute public accommodations. All previous courts have ruled that a private organization is not a "public accommodation". The activist New Jersey court finally did what everyone expected in ruling that the Boy Scouts are a public accommodation, even though a private organization with no fixed place of meeting. (Boy Scout troops are typically hosted by another organization with their own building). The NJ Supreme Court stated that any organization that solicits members from the general public is a 'public accommodation' and is, therefore, subject to the provisions of the LAD (Law Against Discrimination). As a 'place of public accommodation,' it cannot deny any person 'accommodations, advantages, facilities, and privileges ... because of ... sexual orientation." The Boy Scouts claim, however, that even if the group is a place of public accommodation, it is still exempt from the LAD because it is a "distinctively private" organization, a religious educational facility, and falling under the loco parentis exception (when an organization is acting in place of the parents). The BSA will appeal to the US Supreme Court.

ANALYSIS: It is a real stretch to claim the BSA is a "public accommodation." Everyone knows it is not, including the homosexual lobby. This would be ludicrous on its face alone, but the ruling is even more dangerous due to the underlying legal reasoning used by the court. The NJ court is trying to make the novel argument that soliciting membership for private organization from the general public makes it a public organization and therefore subject to discrimination provisions. Were this argument to be accepted by and ratified by the US Supreme Court in the coming appeal, almost all private organizations will lose their private status, for all but a tiny minority solicit members from the public. Religions that proselytize would be denied private status. Even though the establishment-controlled US Supreme Court will eventually rule in favor of further bans on discrimination, this wording goes too far. I doubt the Court will make this giant leap. The potential public backlash is too powerful.

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One of the pundits on national TV made the naive statement that "journalists have tried in vain to find any credible evidence of George Bush jr's involvement with drugs." How convenient. The media's self-anointed and created "front runner" clearly has some drug skeletons in the closet but George jr. isn't telling any details. His evasions are every bit as carefully crafted as Bill Clinton's. I'm still searching my sources for the details on George jr's drug use, but there is plenty on the Bush family itself. In Rodney Stich's book DEFRAUDING AMERICA we find the best overall compendium of the workings of the dark side of government. In it and his new book, DRUGGING AMERICA, there are pages of CIA and DEA whistleblower testimony documenting George Bush, involvement in CIA drug trafficking operations as CIA chief, VP and President. For example, one former federal agent, Darlene Novinger, told Stich that "she discovered during an FBI investigation that Vice President George Bush and two of his sons were using drugs and prostitutes in a Florida hotel room while he was Vice President. Stich recently queried Novinger about which sons were involved, and Novinger indicated that she did not remember George jr being involved in this particular drug-sex incident. But the fact that the father was proportedly involved in this corruption of his sons is potentially damaging to the family conservative reputation. Stich is continuing to search the matter among his many sources and will keep me posted. DEFRAUDING AMERICA and DRUGGING AMERICA, are available by calling his publisher at 1-800-247-7389. Check out his websites as well at or

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Few on Capitol Hill foresee Congress and the President reviving the draft. But, amazingly, there has been a recent increase in demands, particularly among Republicans on major military committees, for at least consideration of forced conscription. Rep. Floyd Spence, R-S.C., chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, called the military's recruiting and retention problem ''a desperate situation that keeps getting worse.'' He suggests increased peacekeeping deployments such as those in Bosnia and Kosovo may force Congress to consider conscription in some form. Abolition supporters suggest that, if Congress and the President decide to authorize a return to the draft, the system could be re-established quickly.

ANALYSIS: Why doesn't Congress get the message that most Americans aren't interested in serving as "peacekeepers" in the NWO's phony wars. Even if they "abolish" the draft, it is clear they only intend to mothball it--all the records and bureaucracy will stay in place. With either party, we are destined to have our children continually under the threat of being pressed into the service of the NWO. If you register your sons for the draft, make sure you write on the form: "Conscientious objector for any service involving the United Nations or Treaty organizations" and keep a photostatic copy. This will give you some legal standing as having made a consistent stand against future NWO service.

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Evidence continues to mount that JFK jr. and passengers were killed by an altitude triggered bomb planted in the tail section of the plane. Here is the evidence: Kennedy's sister in law's (Lauren Bessette) suitcase was found miles out in the ocean, away from the crash site. Lawyer Victor Pribanic was on the shore fishing and heard the explosion from the same location and time frame where the plane went down. The wreckage of the plane was recovered under "national security" conditions and no reporters were allowed to see or photograph it. The wreckage was loaded on to sealed containers and taken away. The FAA report indicated the recovered engine was fully functional. The presumed bad weather that caused Kennedy to spiral into the water was some 8 miles away from the crash site at that time, so the report of bad weather was part of the cover-up.

ANALYSIS: I have been very skeptical from the beginning when these reports of conspiracy began to surface. As I reported earlier, the "powers that be" would have had every reason to groom JFK jr. as a future president, and hardly any reason to want him eliminated. However, it appears that the "powers that be" have to deal with factions within, just like every other criminal syndicates, and JFK jr. was a victim of a war between conspiring factions. Here is an overview of the major players and how Kennedy got into the middle. While there is growing central control over the dark side of government, there are various factions below the top levels trying to vie for recognition and power. The CIA is the "enforcement arm" of the dark side of government and often uses Israeli Mossad agents both to facilitate international drug operations (for a cut in the take) and to carry out assassinations the US doesn't want to handle. The Kennedy killing appears to be one of them. Here is how it may all connect together: The Clinton team is the lead ball carrier for NWO leaders in the US, but this dark side of government has had to maintain liaisons with dozens of political and criminal syndicates, both to consolidate and hold onto its power base. NWO leaders could never have gained the upper hand without the initial cooperation with old guard democratic machines who have long controlled power in New York, Chicago, LA, and Miami, etc. The democratic machine in New York is controlled by the Wagner group, who has close ties with the orthodox Jewish sector and is very pro-Israel, although liberal. This old-line democratic party machine has been battling the Clinton team's attempt to shove Hillary Clinton down their throats in NY. The radical feminist section of the NWO group (backing the Clintons) has big plans to launch Hillary onto the world political stage through her carpetbagging move to NY, but the Democratic party machine in NY will have none of it. The Wagner group, according to one Democratic insider, countered Hillary's intrusion by approaching JFK jr. to run against her in the primary. They even offered monetary support for Kennedy's faltering George Magazine to sweeten the pie. Kennedy was reportedly set to announce his candidacy on Labor Day. For this, he had to be eliminated and insiders say the CIA got the Mossad to plant the altitude triggered bomb in the tail section of the plane. There is a lot of cloak and dagger stuff going on here, which I clearly can't verify. But there does appear to be a credible motive now. I have never believed the conservative's wishful thinking that the Kennedys were killed because they were going to blow the whistle on the POB. The forensic evidence clearly points to a bomb, and once again the government's secrecy surrounding the wreckage recovery certainly looks like TWA 800 all over again. The government is clearly involved in some way and is hiding something significant. I'll keep you posted.

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Here is a summary of the latest revelations on FBI cover-up and lies concerning the Waco, Mt. Carmel compound.

There is photographic and physical evidence that the FBI fired M651 40mm explosive CS (tear gas) rounds into the compound, despite repeated denials to the contrary.

One US Army Colonel and one US Army Brigadier General, both experts in special warfare operations, were dressed in civilian clothes and flown from Washington to Waco in FBI aircraft to plan to help execute the final destruction of Waco. These procedures were clearly done to avoid discovery of Army Special Forces involvement, in violation of the legal prohibition of Army personnel being used in civilian cases.

US Army weapons, aircraft and high tech surveillance equipment were used in the attack, without Army markings, also in violation of existing law.

Newly released (by FOIA demand) Forward Looking Infra-red (FLIR) camera film taken by the FBI during the assault not only shows men emerging from a tank and firing automatic weapons into the rear of the compound (to stop anyone from escaping) but comes complete with government pilots describing the movements of the men, dressed in black, as it happens. FBI spokesman Byron Sage admitted these recordings contained tactical conversations of the FBI HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) and contained discussions of use of CS explosive shells. These tactic conversations were transmitted in real time via satellite uplink to the White House situation room.

ANALYSIS: For Janet Reno to continue to deny knowledge of this is predictable but beyond justifiable belief. The physical evidence of the use of explosive CS grenades has been in the custody of Texas Rangers for years, but prohibited from being seen by any one except by direct permission of the Justice Department (which was never granted). For the Justice Department to demand jurisdiction over who sees the evidence, is good evidence that they knew of its damaging significance to the official story. The Rangers confirm that the Feds have always known what was in their custody. The cover-up continues today with the collusion of a local federal judge who has seized the evidence and put it under court seal. The two special forces field officers (Col. Boykin and Gen. Shoomaker) are obviously accessories to the illegal Army participation. According to a former CIA officer, Gene Cullen, as reported in The Dallas Morning News, their surreptitious travel arrangements in civilian clothes via the FBI rather than military aircraft was meant to leave no paper trail of their presence in Waco. The systematic lying and official denials from several government agencies points to some form of conspiracy. These arrangements could not have been made except through the highest official channels, since they involved illegal acts of more than one agency. As World Net Daily pointed out, the two officers have since been well rewarded for this and other services to the dark side of government. They have both been promoted rapidly in rank over their contemporaries--Col. Boykin to Lt. Gen. in command of US Army Special Ops (the dirty tricks side of Delta Force) and Shoomaker to CIC of US Special Operations Command (the boss over all Army black operations that Congress has no knowledge of). After reviewing this and other data on a television special, Ted Kopel could not resist calling for Reno's resignation. But that won't help. This conspiracy of government control goes well beyond any individual player. When Reno goes, they will simply give us a "kinder, gentler" face who will still carry out the same policies. The establishment has long learned that all they have to do is make the appearance of doing something and the public will go back to sleep. A Justice Department spokesman told CNN that Reno is looking to appoint an "outside investigator" to look into this matter. It won't help. They have any number of yes-men in the sidelines, like Ken Starr, who will spend a lot of money and make a splash, but won't ever indict the top leaders responsible. They will dismiss a few fall guys in the FBI or Justice Department (who will be quickly hired by big corporations closely connected to the PTB [powers that be], and it will be business as usual.

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Walter Williams, the respected free-market economist, reports that the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) has buried in its pages some interesting details about the tendency of various minorities to commit "hate crimes". In 1994, for example, there were "about 1,700,000 interracial crimes, of which 1,276,030 involved whites and blacks. In 90 percent of the cases, a white was the victim and a black was the perpetrator, while in 10 percent of the cases it was the reverse." As Walter noted, in spite of this overwhelming lopsidedness in racial crimes against whites. "In 1997, there were 2,336 whites charged with anti-black crimes and 718 blacks charged with anti-white crimes.

ANALYSIS: Clearly if a black commits a crime against "Whitey", federal prosecutors tend to label it a normal crime, but if a white person attacks a black, the suspicion is always a "hate crime." This clearly indicates that the concept of "hate crimes" is being used to create special protections in law for favored minorities, to include homosexuals. In fact, the black protection factor may simply be a side effect of the establishment's attempt to create a special crime of homosexual backlash. As Walter pointed out, "Regardless of race, criminal violence is despicable and deserving of condemnation. But far more destructive are the official and unofficial attempts to mislead and conceal. Roughly 400 members of the major print and electronic media were invited to the press conference on, 'The Color of Crime'--a special report outlining the true nature of racial crimes. But only 14 reporters stayed for the briefing and only a couple reported on the study, most notably The Washington Times and C-Span. One reporter said that he'd like to write a story but he doubted he could get it by his editor." That is what they call using the "spike" (paper spindle) in journalism--an editor spiking a story means, refusing to print it. "If the facts pointed the other way around," said Williams, "everybody from The New York Times and President Clinton to the NAACP, Jesse Jackson and the Congressional Black Caucus would be shouting about it and demanding that something be done, said Williams. Walter Williams is probably the only nationally syndicated columnist that could get away with this commentary--he is black, and very much a champion of liberty

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Former Senator from Missouri, John Danforth, has been picked by Attorney General Janet Reno to investigate FBI misconduct in the WACO killings. Although a secret liberal, with close connections to the Powers that Be (PTB) Danforth curried favor with conservatives with his sponsorship and defense of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Danforth, 63, served two terms as Missouri's attorney general (where he hired Thomas just out of law school) and served three terms in the US Senate. He was trained as a liberal Episcopalian Priest and never shrinks from using his "man of the cloth" credentials to increase his moderate or neutral image. He carried water for the Clintons on more than one occasion. When chosen for the select committee on Entitlements, he endorsed controversial changes in Medicare and Social Security that were as bad as Hillary's Health Care initiatives. It is no wonder he was beloved by Democrats and the press.

ANALYSIS: Danforth is anything but neutral. Like many Attorney Generals for the State of Missouri, they do their first work for the PTB as a facilitator for the CIA in setting up illicit operations and proprietary companies in Missouri--a state, like Colorado, where the dark side of government has heavy influence in state government, the courts and police operations. During his years in the Senate, according to The Atlanta Constitution and Mother Jones (a leftist rag) Danforth, the supposed "conscience of the Senate", engaged in many stock purchases related to legislation that was pending in the Senate and profited handsomely. But like Hillary Clinton's magic one day $100,000 commodities trading windfall, Danforth was similarly protected from scrutiny by the establishment and never was challenged for this obvious trading with insider information. The establishment always "takes care of their own" and is especially adept at allowing favored persons to take advantage of insider deals that would be otherwise illegal for normal citizens. After being protected by the DOJ (Dept. of Justice) for so many years, Danforth is hardly going to prosecute his benefactors. Besides, as is standard procedure, all his investigative staff will come from a pool of FBI agents working for the dark side of government. The public will get tough rhetoric from Danforth, but I predict that only a few former FBI agents (already retired) will be blamed. Reno will be absolved, and pledge anew that such mistakes are "behind us". Don't count on it. The standard cover for government misdeeds is to blame the mistake on one or two "rogue agents", which effectively deflects any conclusions pointing to a broader based conspiracy. One thing for sure, you can add Danforth or any other such person chosen to whitewash government misconduct, to the black list of collaborators. The PTB only selects predictable followers, under their effective control, to investigate and whitewash conspiratorial behavior.

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In order to bring the public eye of scrutiny to millions of tax dollars spent on pork barrel research projects, Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) successfully inserted a two-sentence requirement into P.L. 105-277 last fall that permits public access to federally-funded research data under FOIA guidelines. But the feds came along and by OMB edict effectively removed all federally-funded vaccine research from public access. One has to question, with all the new and on-going revelations on vaccine side affects and deaths (especially early vaccination of children) "what is the government trying to hide?" Answer: A lot. Vaccines are polluted with many harmful chemicals and animal toxic products. The newest ones attempt to alter the immune system and can contribute to many auto-immune diseases.

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CNN producer Jack Smith who produced the controversial Tailwind story (charging that the US government killed their own US prisoners of war in Laos to silence them), inadvertently tapped a sensitive phone conversation involving himself and his CNN bosses during the heat of the controversy. Listen to what came out at the end of one exchange: This is Smith speaking to CEO Thomas Johnson of CNN: "Fairness is not being accomplished here. They should not go forward with any public release until we, the principals of this story, who've been gagged for the last two weeks, have an opportunity to speak about it. They have gagged us. They have deceived us and they have misled us and every reporter in this room should know that. This is a corporate whitewash. This is a cave to the military establishment, to the secret army which is one step away from the secret police."

ANALYSIS: Even though the references to secret Army and secret police are not specific or clarified, the fact that Smith mentioned these terms without any conditions or explanations meant that his bosses at CNN were well aware of their existence and needed no explanation. This is telling, and presents very credible evidence of media complicity in the dark side of government.


After a key Gang Squad officer in Los Angeles is accused of stealing a cool $ million in confiscated cocaine, Police Chief Bernard Parks promised to scour the entire city to get to the bottom of a rogue-cop scandal.

ANALYSIS: This is the standard way of dealing with systematic corruption--blaming any incident on the workings of one or more "rogue" elements within the department. The truth is, as attested to by hundreds of honest police officers who have left police work over the years, that corruption is rampant in virtually every police department in every major city in the world. Police Chiefs are always political appointments meant to balance the political need to appear tough on crime, while allowing the PTB (powers that be) to continue to control the corrupt affairs of state. This control always involves some cover-up of crimes and conspiracy that require suppression of key police investigations. Very few of these big crimes occur without complicity of the higher police officials and local prosecutors. However, they never take the rap. The public is trained to go back to sleep as soon as some lower "rogue cop" is hung out dry for the crime.

When my uncle, W. Cleon Skousen took over as Police Chief of Salt Lake City in the early 60's he immediately set out to clean up graft and corruption--thinking he had the support of the local Mayor and Governor. It didn't take the establishment long to realize Skousen was overzealous and couldn't be controlled--and thus had to go. The city's Mayor, J Bracken Lee reportedly called Skousen into his office and explained to him "how the world works" in any big city and why he needed to stop being so zealous in his prosecution of gambling and prostitution. Interestingly enough, Mayor Lee was no liberal in the political spectrum--he was a conservative Republican. But clearly his conservative leanings did not spill over into the moral realm. Cleon Skousen refused to ease up on crime and was fired. The scandal broke wide open when Skousen revealed what the Mayor had tried to get him to do, but the media was able to put the issue to sleep by selective spin control.

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Computer-security specialists are warning that unusual features are contained inside Microsoft's Windows 95 and 98 operating systems that enables and controls a range of security functions. In particular, the Microsoft Cryptographic API (MS-CAPI) authenticates modules signed by Microsoft, letting them run without user intervention. These modules have several software "keys" (computerized passwords) allowing only 1 or 2 insiders to access these functions. Now, a North Carolina security company has disassembled these modules and discovered that one of the authorized owner of keys to this secret back door is none other than the NSA--the top secret National Security Agency. The Microsoft key was titled simply "key" and the other key was titled "NSAKEY". It is little wonder that Microsoft refused to provide any documentation on these features. How many other big corporations have secret deals with the government allowing the NSA to invade our privacy without a warrant?

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Section 626 (b) of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibilities Act of 1996 requires states to collect, verify and display social security numbers on state-issued driver's licenses and conform with federally-mandated uniform features for driver's licenses. It also authorizes the Federal Department of Transportation to establish national requirements for birth certificates and driver's licenses. "Basically, what the statute says is that federal agencies "may not accept for identification or related purposes a driver's license or other comparable identification document issued by a state unless the license or document satisfies the requirements established by the act,'" said Norm Singleton, Rep. Paul's legislative assistant. "What that in essence means is that anything that under federal law you're required to show an ID for, you can only show or produce an ID that corresponds to the standards of the act. You will have a mandated, uniform ID, that you will have to show before opening a bank account, getting a job, traveling on a plane, applying for Social Security or Medicare." These provisions were scheduled to take effect on Oct. 1, 2000, but legislation passed just this week removes such a requirement.

ANALYSIS: Don't breathe a sigh of relief yet. Most states have already begun to comply with these requirements, assuming (correctly) that the mandate is inevitable. Almost all companies that provide high-tech license manufacturing equipment to states are only producing machines that meet these requirements. So when states upgrade to new equipment, they are forced to comply with the new standards. Once "voluntary" unified drivers licenses are implemented, location control of people will be much more easy to implement--without new legislation. The big goal of the Powers That Be (PTB) is to link fingerprints or other human data with new ID's so that true ID can be traced even with a false name. When a sufficient number of required "gateways" are established throughout the economy (airlines, toll booths, ATMs, car registration, banks, schools, etc.) it will be nearly impossible for any individual to avoid being tracked as to location and economic activity--unless he or she chooses to opt out of society completely.

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After years of central bank gold sales, artificially driving down the price of gold, the establishment has suddenly switched strategies and is allowing the price to rise. This deserves some analysis since none of this has happened by accident and it is still the subject of heavy manipulation. I will give a very brief analysis at this time, and hope to have a more complete picture later on this year. The big players in this manipulation of gold have been US and European central banks, Russia, Middle Eastern Oil countries, the IMF, bullion banks/brokers, and the big mining companies. It's much more complex than I have room to explain, but here is a capsule version:

US and European central banks, in collusion with Russia (for unknown secret promises--probably future cash and loans to the elite), began dumping gold on the market several years ago in order to drive the price down. This, we now believe, was intended to negatively impact the gold mining industry and put it in distress. Geo-politically, it also destabilized several African nations who were highly dependent upon gold production and sales in order to finance internal military and economic stability. But unknown to the general public, a huge market developed among insiders to "short" the gold market and make millions of dollars as the price went down. Giant hedge funds, all closely connected with the PTB, also got into gold short contracts in order to profit from what they knew was a guaranteed downward direction of gold prices. Because of the phenomenal profits in gold short contracts, central banks and bullion banks (who broker and store the physical metal for producers) began leasing out the physical gold to insiders, as well, who then would sell at a markup, counting on their ability to buy back the physical gold later, at cheaper prices, when demanded for repayment. This only works as a profitable strategy as gold is going down. If gold rises, they have to buy it back at a higher price, which is disastrous financially. Gold market watchers began to observe last year that the total amount of gold leases and short contracts (a difficult quantity to ascertain without insider connections) actually exceeded the total supply by many fold. So it became obvious that whenever the price started to rise, those insiders shorting gold and leasing gold would be unable to recover. When the price of gold started to rise dramatically (biggest one day rise in history) following the announcement by European banks and the IMF to stop gold sales for the next five years, this was the death knell for those insiders shorting gold. The central banks have also agreed not to increase their gold lending arrangements and derivative operations above current levels for the next five years. Never before have the big boys announced so openly what they were going to do in advance. The announcement of a five year date guaranteed a bull market in gold. It wasn't meant to benefit those who would now buy gold, but rather to destroy those who had been induced to short the market. Not only would the price of gold rise, but there wouldn't be enough gold available at any price to pay off the outstanding contracts.

It was difficult trying to figure out why the establishment would let their buddies (whoever they were, and who had been encouraged to short the market) get caught in a no win situation. We may have found a major part of the answer in analyzing WHO the actual players were who were shorting the gold market. By and large, it was the big mining companies themselves, coupled with hedge funds connected to mining interests. Apparently, the big mines were induced by bullion bankers to enter into the hedging game (shorting the market, and selling future production forward) as a means of surviving the downward market in gold. Little did the big mines know that they were being set up for bankruptcy by these insider bullion banks/brokers when the price of gold would finally rise. Since the number of short contracts outstrips even the mine's own future production, there is no way the mines can pay back the gold that was shorted. Rather than be able to take advantage of the increasing price to recover (as the public thinks), the mines are now in BIG trouble. I believe that the PTB have set them up intentionally so as to be able to buy them out and control the world's biggest gold mines. If this is true, it is a very important prelude to depression and war. When the insiders go out to control most of the world's gold, you can bet that the inflation of paper currencies is not far off. The dollar's fall is now imminent


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The media pulled out all the propaganda stops to try and put a favorable light on this major pillar of disarmament, but it wasn't enough to overcome the lingering conviction among liberal Republicans that everyone in the world is cheating on non-proliferation--so why not on a test ban? After powerful arguments by a handful of conservative senators, the Senate defeated the treaty along mostly party lines. French President Chirac joined in the fray on the anti-nuke side, even though his first act when Prime Minister in the early 90's was to reestablish nuclear testing after the ban imposed by French (underground Communist) President Francois Mitterand. Another Marxist German Chancellor, Gehardt Schroeder also condemned, predictably, the US rejection of the treaty, as did NWO leader Tony Blair. In case you haven't noticed, almost every major country in Europe is now ruled by leaders with Marxist backgrounds: D'Lema in Italy, Jospin in France, Schroeder in Germany, and Blair in Britain. . But the most hypocritical of all US denouncers in the treaty debate were Russia and China. Both are unabashed violators of every treaty on both nuclear and conventional weapons. Even the CIA reported that on Sept. 8 the Russians "may" have exploded a nuclear device at their test facility at Novaya Zemlya. That's clearly a gross understatement of the facts meant to protect Russia. What the CIA failed to mention is that Russia and China have been testing nuclear weapons almost every other month during the entire last decade. Bringing up one "iffy" case smacks of trying to cover-up for other massive violations. There are one or two internet sites that have access to the world's seismic detection services. These Web services show that one of the most active areas of ground shaking activity during the past 10 years has been the Russia test site at Novaya Zemlya. Hardly a coincidence. There are several other active sites in China. Thus, when the media trots out China and Russia and allows them to condemn the US position without mentioning their own position of hypocrisy, it points to extreme bias and deception.

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MORE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION COLLUSION WITH CHINA UNCOVERED, one of my favorite Internet investigative sites, did some excellent detective work and discovered that the Clinton Administration committed serious fraud in disguising secret military training visits by top Chinese military officers as a "civil airline modernization program." Recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents from FAA files contain official USAF, Commerce Dept. and FAA reports on Chinese military contacts. According to the discoveries, People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) officers toured Edwards Air Force Base in May 1999 for military purposes. The PLAAF officers were given training on USAF combat missions, including "bombing and strafing" and "combat readiness." In 1994, then Secretary of Defense William Perry began a "Joint Defense" conversion project with Chinese general, Ding Henggao. General Ding was the commander of the Chinese Army Unit "COSTIND" (Commission on Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense). indicates that the documented meetings shows that the Clinton Administration attempted to conceal the military background of the Chinese representatives from everyone, including FAA officials. In 1993, a Chinese military delegation visited America. Yet, according the FAA, which sponsored the visit, the entire delegation was civilian. The 1993 FAA delegation list includes a "Mr. Kui Fulin" who toured FAA Headquarters in Washington, Andrews AFB in Maryland, and Boeing aircraft Corporation in Washington state. "Mr. Kui Fulin" was actually General Kui Fulin, Chinese Army Deputy Chief of the General Staff. The 1993 FAA list states "Mr. Li Yongtai" was the Commissioner of the Air Traffic Control Commission of China. According to notes taken by the FAA, Mr. Li Yongtai was actually "Lt. General" Li Yongtai of the Chinese Air Force.

COMMENTARY: With this kind of collusion and conspiracy to obscure the facts, it seems rather naive that Congress would expect the Clinton Administration to actually comply with its latest request for a complete list of Chinese front companies in the US attempting to gain access to US technology.

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The media has been having a field day with the announcement that Colt Manufacturing, Inc. is getting out of the civilian gun market. They are playing this as if fear has begun to take hold of gun manufacturers due to trumped up liability lawsuits, including those from several major US cities. But there is much more to this turncoat attitude at Colt than meets the eye. Colt is under new ownership with a liberal agenda.

ANALYSIS: Colt Manufacturing, of New Hartford, CT., is now owned by New York banker, Donald Zilkha, who still maintains his Iraqi citizenship. Zilkha is in the process of using his insider contacts with big government to garner exclusive military contracts outside the normal bid process. He is also attempting to gain control of an estimated 65% of the world's arms market. The rest of the world's market is controlled by Russia and China. Zilkha has already purchased SACO Defense. He made an attempt to buy Remington, and Fabrique National (which makes automatic assault rifles as well as Browning and Winchester sporting arms), but failed. He recently tried to take over Vektor Arms, the largest military arms producer on the African continent. He's even trying to purchase Heckler & Koch, the European military arms giant. He will probably be successful at buying up the other American gunmaker, Smith & Wesson, simply because this company is actually looking for a buyer. If he is successful in buying S&W and then ceases to sell to the public, it could have a major impact on the private supply of defensive weapons for citizens. A few key analysts suspect that Zilkha has made some sort of private agreement with the government to cut off private sales in exchange for exclusive military contracts. Colt lost to Fabrique National the rights to manufacture the M-16 (which Colt originally developed). But now, as compensation for some unknown promise, Colt has emerged with a special contract from the Clinton Pentagon to manufacture a weapon with slightly new requirements, called the M-4. All of you military guys are scratching your head and asking what's an M-4? Good question. It turns out to be an M-16 with a few minor cosmetic changes. Since this is a "new" weapon, Colt got an exclusive contract because no one else could bid on what didn't exist yet.

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ANALYSIS: Elizabeth Dole never was running for President--she was running for Vice President and ran a brief presidential campaign in order to establish her position in the public eye (and so the media could say nice things about her). Just as in the case of George W. Bush, this is a media-made candidate. It is no coincidence that virtually every news source who reported on Dole's pulling out of the race mentioned her as a "likely" Vice Presidential candidate. Coincidence? Hardly! Even President Clinton made a public statement on her behalf. That should tell us something. Keep in mind that we are watching out for projections concerning Elizabeth Dole's VP candidacy as a litmus test as to who one of the king makers are. I reported earlier in the year that Dwayne Andreas (Chairman of the globalist agri-giant, ADM) had told a golfing buddy over 2 years ago that George Bush and Liddy Dole would be the next President and VP of the USA. Looks like either Andreas is very prescient or he is one of the king makers, along with David Rockefeller and other yet unknown power brokers who call the shots.

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This week, the USMC was conducting small scale urban assault training exercises in various parts of Arizona, including the Phoenix area. After the huge backlash over Delta Force live fire exercises in Corpus Christi, Texas, the Marine Corps was ready with pat answers to anticipated questions--none of which make sense to the savvy observer. While admitting that the Marines have half a dozen static urban training centers, Marine Corps spokesman Abraham defended the need to train in more realistic "live" environments similar to what they would face "abroad." But even more troubling was the role the FBI was playing during the exercises. Again, the USMC spokesman discounted any sinister reason for the FBI presence: "the FBI was acting merely as a liaison between the Marine Corps and local law enforcement officials," he said. This is a Marine Corps training exercise. At no time has the FBI assumed operational control over it."

ANALYSIS: None of this stacks up to reality. It is irrelevant that the FBI had no operational control over the exercises. They didn't need to be in control of the military portion of the exercise to fulfill their real purpose--which was to get local law enforcement used to being controlled and directed by federal authority during US military intervention in civilian affairs (like gun confiscation or roundups of political dissidents). The move to get the US military ready for civilian interdiction missions with CONUS (Continental USA) is proceeding with increasing speed. Even without direct Congressional authorization, the Clinton Pentagon has now begun implementation of a CONUS-based military command structure in direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act which prohibits the use of the US military in civilian police actions. In addition, excuses about getting ready for training "abroad" are ludicrous. There are virtually no cities abroad that bear any similarity to American cities. The Marine spokespersons are simply parroting what they are told to say. While the Marines themselves may believe the propaganda line they are being told, Clinton military leaders clearly know the truth--that they are tasking the Marines to train for future actions against dissident Americans who are or will be resistant to a global takeover during the next war.

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Previously, I had detailed the Clinton Administration's betrayal of its prime SSST missile contractor, Allied Signal, in favor of a contract for inferior missiles to the Russian lab, Zvezda-Strela. Now, it comes to light that Boeing was a major player in not only influencing the contract bid on SSST missile drones for and in behalf of Zvezda, but bidding against its own ejection seat division (ACES 2) in the Joint Strike Fighter (JST) concept, so that Zvezda could get the contract for the JSF fighter ejection seats. Boeing's ACES 2 ejection seat division is one of the three western competitors bidding against Zvezda in sub-contracting for the JSF. If Boeing were to win the JSF overall competition, then Boeing may have to close or cut back its ACES 2 ejection seat division.

ANALYSIS: Why would Boeing cut its own division? Boeing is, in fact, deep into a joint venture with Zvezda-Strella in developing the JSF. Boeing's Moscow manager is none other than Viktor Anoshkin, who has ties deep into the Russian military. The real purpose is to make sure that Russia's weapons labs (Zvezda-Strella) have a legal relationship with the prime JSF contractor so that they can more easily steal military secrets related to this project. Even worse, it gives Boeing an excuse to share sensitive information with Zvezda since it is a partner. But there's more. Clinton supports are making money all throughout this process. The two Wash DC lobby firms involved in promoting Zvezda-Strella products are Cassidy Associates and IBP International. Cassidy Associates has close ties to the Democratic party and is a large contributor to both Clinton and Gore. Cassidy executives were on one of the infamous Ron Brown-Commerce Dept. trips to Indonesia, along with such notables as Chinese agents Charlie Trie and Nora Lum. IBP International, a firm based in London and McClean, Va., is headed by Judith De Paul who is a close friend of Al Gore. Clearly, international corporation CEOs have learned that they either play ball with the Powers That Be (PTB) or be destroyed, economically. When they join the CFR and do what they are told, profits and power come easy.

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EO13139, titled "Improving Health Protection of Military Personnel Participating in Particular Military Operations," was issued this past month just as Congress was investigating the dangers of the mandatory Anthrax vaccine (which some soldiers are refusing to take). The order directs the Pentagon to disregard the authority of the FDA and compel the troops to accept experimental vaccines--those not approved by the FDA and therefore illegal--without informed consent. This directly counters a previous Army directive allowing for soldiers to opt out for health reasons. Mark Zaid, an attorney representing dozens of troops who refused to take the anthrax inoculation, says, "There are big problems. Why, all of a sudden out of nowhere, especially when the opposition to the program is getting so much steam and criticism of the Department of Defense was running rampant, does Clinton sign an executive order that assures DOD can implement any experimental program it wants? This whole thing is DOD doing an end run-around the FDA. The FDA should step up to plate and do its job."

ANALYSIS: He is naive if he thinks the FDA will battle Clinton. It won't--as in the past when it let the DOD give the experimental vaccine to Gulf War troops, without informed consent. The FDA is very political and often works in collusion with certain drug companies. There is a very nasty hidden agenda going on here. For example, as reported in the Washington Times, the Gulf War vaccine contained an added AIDS vaccine carrier component, which had disastrous side affects of certain immune systems. Simply to please the AIDS lobby, the Clinton Administration experimented upon millions of military guinea pigs. The military is the easy choice, given the troop's drummed-in perception that they cannot refuse an order to take the shots. This, however, is not a lawful order, without informed consent.

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Many of my subscribers are using AOL. They should be aware that this organization is targeting and canceling any website with a pro-gun message. There is also a dangerous and close relationship between AOL and the dark side of government, much like what has been discovered lately between the NSA with Microsoft and Intel. Most privacy experts suspect that the government has open access to all AOL email files. Then there is the porn issue. AOL has a highly touted anti-pornography policy, but it appears to be pure propaganda for public consumption. The facts demonstrate that the AOL system of chat rooms contains several sites that openly promote pornographic and pedofile material. Not only has AOL refused to shut them down, they have welcomed new chat rooms for the Gay and Lesbian community. As one privacy watcher put it, "While pedophiles roam AOL chat rooms, the PC patrol is busy bouncing perfectly law-abiding citizens out the door. Jim Supica, who runs a licensed, family-owned business selling collectable firearms, saw his AOL Web site removed without warning by company censors, who said it violated community standards. This anti-gun stance may please left-leaning subscribers (and the government), but how does this protect children from online pedophiles?" Meanwhile, AOL has just announced a three-year "premier alliance" with PlanetOut, a lesbian and gay online network, which will receive prominent placement in AOL chat areas. Other overtly homosexual oriented AOL chat rooms are titled: "Young and Restless," "Boystory" and "M4M," and have direct links to such sites as "GaySexBoys"

COMMENTARY: I would recommend that AOL users switch to another ISP, not only to protest this hostility toward conservative values, but for the sake of your own privacy.

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After studying the literature of tax protesters for several years, I have come to a conclusion that might interest my readers. It is not sufficient to discover that there is, indeed, credible evidence that the 16th Amendment was never properly ratified. It is not enough to assert that there are also a variety of legal irregularities in the US tax code that clearly give the impression that tax participation is either voluntary or applicable only to a narrow class of persons who have lost their individual status through government connections. We call them "irregularities" precisely because there are other statements in the code which give contradictory readings--conveniently allowing judges to rule either way (that's part of the trap). There has even been at least one IRS agent that has become convinced of the truth of these allegations, quit his job, and gone public with his findings. So why don't we all join the movement to stop paying taxes? Because, I believe, a trap is being set. The interesting observation I have made is that even in the face of a few successful court challenges to the tax code by tax protesters, the government and their cohorts in Congress have made no attempt to close these loopholes and deny the tax protesters their arguments--and this has been going on for many, many years. Does the government have the votes in Congress to close these small irregularities? They do. Then why don't they? Why haven't such closures even been proposed? These loopholes just sit there, year after year enticing more and more protesters to take the bait and submit themselves to government judges, who almost always toss them in jail--for long sentences, and no parole. However, occasionally, a judge will allow a protester to win--which, like a freak gambling victory in Las Vegas, only encourages others to try. But like the slots, the courts are rigged against the player!. Tax protesters would like to believe that these loopholes are preserved by the elite because the elite need them to evade taxes too, but that isn't really true. The elite mostly use standard accounting loopholes to lower their taxes, just like other wealthy people. Occasionally they do practice evasion, as the Clintons did through the Rose Law Firm, but only when they are guaranteed immunity in a corrupt state like Arkansas. Mostly, they simply pay some taxes and then rely on additional, secret compensation under the table. Look at Hillary's $100,000 one day commodity trade, or Bills special home loan approval for his $1.5 million home in New York. The power elite take care of their own. So, don't go the route of technical tax protest. The PTB are out there taking names and setting traps.

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The existence of video tapes showing Klebold and Harris simulating the Columbine massacre inside the high school a year before it happened was reported on a couple of Internet sites within a month of the incident. Only now are media and government spinmasters trying to deal with the implications of these tapes. Jefferson County Deputy District Attorney Steve Jensen, was forced to admit the existence of the tapes and said, "It's obvious that these guys wanted to become cult heroes of some kind." Jensen said the police had not previously revealed the existence of the tapes because they were made with the intention of self promotion." Thus, he vowed "we will fight tooth and nail to prevent dissemination of those materials." The videos will only be used as evidence in court to try the youth who secured the guns for the pair.

ANALYSIS: It is interesting to watch how the media operates when forced to admit damaging evidence that points to government collusion. They simply only report a benign portion of the truth. This allows them to claim they are not trying to hide essential information. But, they carefully omit the crucial information that points to use of agent provocateurs. Here's the key bit of information they refuse to talk about and the real reason for keeping the tapes under wraps. The boy who planned and actually filmed the video was not Klebold or Harris (who were the players in the video), but the son of the same FBI psychologist in charge of the Columbine investigation. Now we have a direct link between the FBI and the Columbine massacre a year before it happened.

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While it is clear to me that the PTB (Powers That Be) intend to see that George W. Bush and Elizabeth Dole are elected the next president and vice president of the US, they will not allow the Republicans to rule with an outright majority in Congress as well. This strategy is aimed not so much to directly oppose the Republican conservative legislative agenda (which is already sabotaged by top Republican leaders) but rather, to give those same conspiring Republican leaders the excuse for compromise as they are "forced" to make deals with the Democratic majority.

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``I can't tell you how important I think it is for America to develop not only theater-based but strategic-based anti-ballistic missile systems,'' Bush said in an interview in his home state. "The world has changed since the (ABM) treaty was signed in the 70s,'' he said. "This is now a world of uncertainty ... As I say in my ads, there are madmen and dictators and missiles.''

ANALYSIS: Conservatives should not rest easy when Bush says this; he is only referring to "rogue tyrants" --not to Russia. As one reporter commented, "Bush voiced confidence that the United States could persuade Russia that cooperating on construction of anti-missile defense was in Moscow's own best interest." Only a NWO insider would know why that statement is partially true. It's in Russia's best interest because Bush knows that the ABM system will not protect against the coming Russian nuclear strike, and it will help pacify the American conservatives. In fact, it sounds just like Clinton's argument he made with Yeltsin, and well it should. Bush also knows that the US has been secretly transferring essential missile and computer technology to Russia for years. Bush is on the same NWO team as Clinton and only intends to give the conservatives the rhetoric. but not any real action. If we get an NMD system under the Republicans, it will be the same expensive, but dumbed down EKV system Clinton's boys at Raytheon and Boeing are promoting. There will only be 200 ABM interceptors deployed anyway, so even at an optimistic 50% kill ratio. that equates to 100 kills out of an expected 3,000 incoming Russian missiles. Does that sound like an effective national missile defense system? Does that make you sleep better at night? If any of my subscribers have not made preparations to survive the fallout from this future attack, do not procrastinate further. I still think you have a few years to prepare, but there are enough signs of active preparations coming out of Russia right now, that I would not delay. My books, The Secure Home (700 pages, $45) or How To Implement a High Security Shelter in the Home (120 pps $25) are the definitive resources on this kind of preparation. All of you should have a copy. Call Swift Publishing 1-800-292-2831. If you are too poor to afford it, give me a call and I will try to make special arrangements with my publisher for a reduced price.

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This is a major COMMENTARY on how the real world of politics works. There is a very real difference between a normal candidate for president, and one who has the nod of the Powers That Be (PTB). Both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have all the signs of persons that were pre-selected by the establishment to become President, and who were launched into the public forefront without much personal effort on their own--other than to play their appointed role. First, both were pre-positioned for high political office by being elected Governors of their respective states, with big campaigns aided by the national committees of the Democratic and Republican parties, plus generous funding from state business interests with establishment ties. Both were instantly labeled as "front runners" by the media in the first days of speculation of "who will run for President." Front runner according to who? The media relied upon quotations from trusted insiders, so that it would not appear to be "fixed." Both men's campaigns were and are staffed with all the current "heavy weight" and expensive political advisors with umpteen ties to the PTB in their respective parties. These people all earn six figures and are conveniently waiting in the wings of their "private" consulting firms, ready to step up and play their role in either "team A" (the Republicans) or "Team B" (the Democrats).

This is a key way of telling who is an insider. Once well connected to the PTB, key advisors rotate between government service and big-name consulting firms or law firms which have numerous "sugar daddy" corporations on permanent retainers to keep them well funded. More and more, we see an interlocking network of these same international businesses and the dark side of government. The heads of these corporations (usually CFR members) can be called upon at a moment's notice to contribute money where needed. For example, just to keep the current political campaigns from looking like a totally rigged race, the PTB allow a little competition from the likes of Bill Bradley and John McCain, and make sure that they get some of the same friendly contributions--but not enough to make a serious challenge. When we check various campaign contributions from these insider-connected businesses, we note the same ones that contributed to Al Gore are giving to Bradley and those that gave to Bush are also giving to McCain. These anomalies are neither a reflection of corporate bi-partisanship nor stupidity--but rather a response to hidden instructions from the PTB.

True grass roots candidates like Pat Buchanan and Alan Keyes never get any help from the establishment. They are especially denied significant press coverage. As an aside, Alan Keyes is playing a truly principled campaign, with its predictable poor showing, but Pat Buchanan is selling alliances to virtually any front who will offer support. Not only will it destroy his support among principled conservatives, but it will never get him the support of the "broad spectrum" he desperately wants to attract. This is what happens when someone on the conservative side wants too much to be elected. They stoop to populist rhetoric and working class hype rather than consistent ideologies of liberty. Neither will work today, simply because elections are controlled by powerful forces working in concert together--coupled with a dumbed down populace all too willing to be manipulated.

One of the major signs of an insider advantage in a campaign is the effortless flow of funds into a candidate's coffers. In both the Clinton campaign and the Bush campaign, the funds flowed in without any direct linkage to overt campaign fundraising. In other words, in a legitimate grass roots campaign, funds come in spurts depending upon the numbers of mail order appeals that go out, or campaign speeches and appearances. The Bush campaign records show no such correlation to direct fund raising--millions came into his coffers "magically" even before he started campaigning. These are insider contributions from the wealthy people, single issue lobbies and internationalist corporations. Most mail order campaigns lose money nowadays. They are done to keep up the show of legitimacy.

The real insider connection is proved by the staffing. The anointed future leaders not only have the services of the best and brightest political manipulators of public opinion, but are provided a the best domestic and foreign policy advisors the establishment controls. This lineup of key personnel can tell us much about what the Bush administration intentions will be like. Don't listen to what Bush says, look at his staff. He won't be running the country any more than Bill Clinton is. It's the system (to whom the up and coming staff is beholding to) that really runs the country, and they provide the army of smart operators behind the scenes. Let's take a look at the staff George W. Bush has been provided with, and you'll see it will be business as usual in the White house.

The overall leader for Bush's advisory staff is Condoleezza Rice, a closet feminist and internationalist, who served on the staff of the National Security Council during the former Bush administration. Rice has been an up and coming insider for years. During the Clinton years, she was carefully routed to a prestigious career building post as Provost of Stanford University, where she became an activist for various liberal and internationalist causes within the elite coterie of the Bay Area. As a member and promoter of the World Affairs Council, she is pro-globalist in outlook, pro-interventionist in regional conflicts and even decries the constitutional restrictions on the separations of power (she laments the fact that the president has to deal with Congress on foreign policy). Rice has got a powerful agenda of her own, and will demand a significant post in the Bush administration--one that will allow her to rise to Secretary of State at some future time. Rumors abound that she will get Sandy Burger's job as Bush's National Security Advisor, where she can continue to promote the Republican version of the NWO agenda.

Next is Richard Armitage, Bush's chief military policy advisor. This is interesting since Armitage really doesn't have a broad military background. In fact, Armitage has spent all his days working inside the dark side of government for George Bush senior both at CIA and as a Pentagon bureaucrat during the Reagan and Bush Administrations. Investigative evidence on the years of CIA-drug smuggling into the US point to Armitage as the prime mover in overseeing drug operations from both the Iron Triangle in East Asia during Vietnam era to the Iran-contra operations of Central America, Panama, and Mena Arkansas. If these charges are true, this guy will play the role of the "enforcer" within the administration. Anyone who is a deep insider within the black side of the CIA is known to have CIA connections for enforcement. Weaker politicians and generals on the periphery of the PTB network will snap to attention when Armitage calls them in the middle of the night to give key directives. Armitage is already on the march. He reportedly wrote George Bush's Citadel speech casting candidate Bush as a President poised to shake up the defense department. The rhetoric appears on the surface to be pro-defense, and pro-America, but it's really all smoke and mirrors. Weapons procurement will again turn exotic to postpone any viable ABM system. Other Systems will be reshuffled to spread more money around to favored defense contractors, and the military will be further purged of nay-sayers to ensure lock-step compliance with the NWO. Armitage reportedly circulated around the Citadel conference, attended by military leaders, and let it be known in casual conversation that he (through Bush) was going to change the way generals are selected for promotion. When generals see this kind of power play, the semi-principled ones retire (there are no fully principled generals in the military today, as there is too much compromise and political correctness required to gain high rank), and the boot-licking yes-men fill in the gaps and climb the ladder. Armitage, is a close ally of Gen. Colin Powell, who called Armitage "his white son." Everyone in Washington knows that Colin Powell will come out of retirement and take on a major role in the Bush administration. Powell has a long history of globalist views. So when Armitage throws his weight around, he is swaggering with the backing of both Powell and Bush. Rumors are that Armitage wants the post of Deputy Defense Secretary--the Pentagon's No. 2 post, which will give him the power to control this "reform" movement. By the way, Armitage, predictably, has his own Washington DC consulting firm, with a blue list of government and corporate entities on his list of retained clients. Do you see the pattern?

Also on Bush's team are some names meant to inspire confidence in his "conservative agenda". Reaganites, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and Dov Zakheim will provide Bush's conservative bona fides. Although each of these former "hard-liners" are aboard, they are all deeply connected to the same establishment corporations and insider consulting firms. Paul Wolfowitz was most recently the Dean of the leftist-liberal Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University. You don't get that kind of position by being a conservative ideologue. Wolfowitz was Bush's Chief defense policy chief during the gulf war, and while he claims to disagree with Bush's decision to not take out Saddam Hussein, he made no public protestations. He clearly had to be aware of the entire fraudulent nature of the US-Russian alliance in the Gulf NWO War, including the daily Russian resupply flights into Iraq, while claiming to be our ally. When a person in this kind of high position doesn't make any public protestations, I can only assume he is compromised.

Dov Zakeim has the typical insider connections with his consulting firm SPC International, Inc. Zakheim is a frequent radio, television, and press commentary on national security issues. You don't get on network television regularly unless you are capable of giving a carefully edited version of the world events. Predictably he holds a Ph.D. in politics and economics from St. Antony's College, and Oxford University. You don't get credentialed from these Universities by defending strong conservative ideals. However, I must admit that most of their public speeches defend US interests. How much of a role they are playing versus how much are sincere feelings, I cannot judge. The ability of the establishment to place "role players" within both sides of the political spectrum is pervasive. While their gut feelings may be right, these three clearly have a track history of being able to "play within the system"--otherwise they would not be allowed these positions within the PTB. To make sure they stay in line, they are under the policy control of Condoleezza Rice.

Lastly, there is Richard (pro-China) Cheney (former Sec of Defense under Bush) and former Secretary of State and consummate globalist George Shultz. Shultz and Richard Perle have been making the rounds in the talk shows and news hours vouching for candidate Bush's savvy in international affairs. This is pure fraud, and demonstrates both men's slavishness to the PTB. I have several contacts who have had business dealings over the years with George W. in Texas. They report that he is a lightweight in all aspects--never well dressed, slightly disheveled, an eye for the ladies, and never spoke of deep substantive issues--ever. What we are observing now is a media make over for a new golden boy for US President, which does not bode well for liberty.

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COMMENTARY: Former 1960's anti-war protester Paul Schell is now Mayor of riot-torn Seattle. It may be ironic, but Mayor Schell is getting a taste of his own leftist medicine--30 years later. While the media makes it appear as if these are somewhat spontaneous violent protests as too many demonstrators mix it up with a police force caught "unprepared," Mayor Schell should know better. As in the anti-war demonstrations of the 60's the violence in these protests were not spontaneous accidents. The demonstrations in the 60's were proceeded by long planning sessions involving radical leftists working late into the night developing tactics to foment violence. The main strategy was to have a small cadre start the violence inducing the police to overreact and attack not only the initiators of violence but the larger groups of peaceful protesters, as well. The perceived injustice upon the innocent protesters would radicalize members of this group and galvanize them into an angry defensive reaction. But this is not what happened in Seattle. There is evidence that the federal government itself engendered the violence by gassing the demonstrators before any violence occurred. Federal agents in plain clothes were observed to be posing as leaders in the ranks of the demonstrators, urging and screaming for more violent action against police. These same agents were observed later arresting demonstrators.

Here in Seattle, there were several distinct groups at work. There was a small hard-core group of violent demonstrators all wearing black ski masks. The uniformity of clothing was evidence of a planned attack. These were the ones responsible for the short run of violence and property damage. The strange thing is that live camera coverage by the local media showed that the police refused to interfere with these criminals, even when asked to do so by journalists at the scene. This adds fuel to the fire of suspicion that there may have been government collusion going on. If they were not agent provocateurs under direct federal orders, the Feds at least allowed them to operate without interference. One or two witnesses said that some of these people were the same who engineered and carried out the Eugene, Oregon riots last year during one of the UN economic summits meetings held in that liberal college town. The rest of the demonstrators in Seattle (the majority) were a combination of labor-union people and sincere, tree-hugging, liberal environmentalists recruited by dozens of environmentalist organizations to achieve a "peaceful" disruption of the World Trade Organization (WTO). While most environmentalists are back-to-the land types or urban yuppies, a fair number of the top leaders are closet Marxists with an anti-property rights agenda. The traditional Marxist has always perceived the WTO and other world economic control organizations as fronts for evil capitalists trying to control international markets and protect their capital base of industries. These major industries, in turn, are responsible (in the environmentalist view) for global warming and ozone layer depletion. It is over these issues, with a smattering of rich vs. poor class conflict, that the radical environmentalists are induced to join in the fray.

You might find this strange relative to the general support environmentalists enjoy from the UN and other international bodies. However, some of the top Marxist-environmentalist leaders may suspect that the globalist leaders are only using them, and have no intention of allowing them to have any real power within the NWO structure. These suspicions are correct, in my opinion. This strategy of playing up to the Left has also been at work as the globalists foment liberation movements and build up Communist puppet regimes worldwide. Most Communist leaders fail to realize that the favored position they enjoy is only temporary. They will later be defeated and discarded after their usefulness is over. In the HEGELIAN format, the globalists need the Communists, for the present, to cultivate third world masses into socialist movements and to act as the catalyst for the next war. But they don't want them running the world in the aftermath.

Here in Seattle there are one or more conspiracies at work. I say that because large scale protests and demonstrations never occur spontaneously--only as they are organized, recruited, and well-publicized by the media. There are two possibilities to discuss. The first is that this is a straightforward radical leftist rebellion against the NWO powers which are taking over "their" revolution. The radical left, like American constitutionalists, is finally realizing that the Powers That Be (PTB) are big enough now and strong enough to simply thumb their nose at minority antagonists on both sides of the political spectrum. While the American right is loath to rebel openly, the radical left has no such inhibitions.

The other underlying conspiracy may have to do with getting the US accustomed to various forms of martial law. Here's my reasoning. All seditious groups, on the left and right are heavily infiltrated with government informants. This leftist/anarchist group in the northwest is well known to the Feds. In fact the organizers let it be known months in advance that they planned on disrupting the WTO meetings. They could have been arrested and shut down earlier if the Feds had wanted to. Why weren't they? Perhaps the Feds wanted to induce some minor "state of emergency" in a metro area. This would relay the impression that the world is coming unraveled and that increased government intervention is necessary to restore order. A secret memo from the FBI to Seattle officials warning them to expect a high level of violence is indicative of Federal foreknowledge. The heavy stockpiles of military tear gas (not normally available to cities) also shows that Seattle's claim about being caught "unprepared" was phony. This was a Federally controlled operation from the beginning, I believe.

However, if this was their strategy it was only partially successful. Certainly manipulation of public opinion by the media worked perfectly. Live coverage was edited and rearranged for the 5:00 news so that it appeared as if violence triggered the tear gas attacks. Actually, the gassing came first. The current perception in Seattle is decidedly negative against the Mayor's state of emergency, the curfew, and the way in which the police over-reacted. For example, while the police were under political orders to keep the WTO guests and their fancy hotels free from protester inconvenience, a few agent provocateurs were rampaging through the downtown sector breaking windows and damaging cars. One reporter was seen on TV pointing out the violence to the police, who refused to do anything about it. They had orders to stay put. That was telling.

When they finally did respond, most of the vandals have vanished. Several eye witnesses also pointed out that the massive gas attacks were carried out by a wholly different group of police than those that had been present in earlier days of the demonstrations. They went after the demonstrators with a vengeance. There were over a 1,000 injuries, some very serious as people were hit at point blank range with plastic bullets and tear gas projectiles. Several demonstrators were also treated for symptoms resembling a form of nerve gas, according to one doctor on the scene. The police claimed to have warned the demonstrators to disperse, but the press failed to mention that the police also had blocked all exit routes, so the demonstrators could not have complied even if they had wanted to. In addition, there is no way to back up a mob of 50,000 people. The people at the front, including women, children and grandmothers were trapped. The melee quickly deteriorated to the point where almost every demonstrator was affected by the smarting gas attack, instantly radicalizing them all. Those demonstrators who were arrested are a mix of angry protesters and innocent bystanders--none of which were afforded any civil rights (which are lost under a "state of emergency"). Now the entire group has the label of "political prisoners", which is accurate. This is a textbook case of police incitement. Mayor Schell's ongoing state of emergency is giving these excessive powers a well deserved black eye. The Clinton administration's core support from the Left has also been seriously eroded.

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The Washington Times reported that Seattle officials were warned by the FBI more than two weeks before the World Trade Organisation conference that violent or destructive criminal activity by protesters and anarchists was a 'distinct possibility'. This calls into question statements by Seattle Mayor Paul Schell and police officials who repeatedly said they were surprised by the extent and nature of the violent protests that disrupted the WTO meeting last week.

ANALYSIS: In the first place, it wasn't a violent protest until the police attacked in force and without real provocation (the protestors were too numerous to back-up or disperse, and the routes were blocked by police barricades). Second, it wasn't a surprise. The stockpiling and preparations of the police indicated that they not only had prepared in advance but had planned to use their broad range of weapons.

As to long term effects, this is what is critical: There is a grave danger in a government declaration of "state of emergency" which most Americans do not understand. Most people think that elected officials need to declare an "emergency" when there is an emergency. What could be more natural! But the state of emergency has little to do with handling the emergency. A State of Emergency is really a euphemism for "Martial Law" It doesn't take martial law to arrest hundreds of people. It doesn't take a state of emergency to martial thousands of policemen and give them orders. What a State of Emergency (Martial Law) does do is suspend civil liberties and legal rights of the citizens who may be harmed, injured, killed or illegally detained by the police action. The protesters who were attacked by police in Seattle are just now discovering that their legal course of action to sue the city is all but evaporating. They are being told--Seattle was under martial law when your injury occurred--you have no recourse for damages. Remember too, that under emergency powers, you can be arrested and held indefinitely without any rights to call an attorney or even let someone know you are alive. The whole purpose of the American and British legal principle of habeas corpus is to establish the right for anyone outside the prison to "call forth the body" --meaning present the prisoner before a judge to show cause why he or she should be held, and under what legal basis. All that is gone under a state of Emergency. That is why Seattle declared such an emergency--so it could have free rein to attack without liability. But, the media pundits carefully avoided telling their listeners that a Mayor doesn't have that kind of power. Suspension of civil rights can only be called by a State governor or the president of the US--that doesn't make me sleep any better, but you should be aware that public ignorance of the law is allowing the Powers That Be (PTB) to broaden their reach without bothering to change the law--and no one is challenging them.

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A Kinko's manager inadvertently admitted to JJ Johnson in a dispute over a request to make a color copy of his drivers license that all new Xerox color copiers have been designed to alter the copy image with a coded algorithm that government agencies can trace. As he told Johnson this, the line waiting to get color copies suddenly melted away (smart people). The manager implied that Xerox was pressured to accept these electronic tracking modifications. I would surmise that the government threatened Xerox with a loss of all government copier contracts if they did not sign onto this gross violation of privacy. He also said other major copier brands will be pressured to do the same. So anytime you get color copies at Kinkos (or anyplace using Xerox color copiers), the government can trace your copies back to where the copies were made.

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Over the past seven years, an ominous trend has surfaced in the defense industry. One by one, small, diversified American defense/aerospace subcontractors are being eliminated or bought out by a handful of mega-contractors. At the beginning of the Clinton administration there were 21 major defense contractors and over 5,000 American sub-contractors. Now there are only 5 major contractors (Boeing, Raytheon, Litton Industries, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman) and less than 1,000 American sub-contractors.

ANALYSIS: This is not simply merger-mania, or free market downsizing. I believe there has been a concerted effort by the Clinton administration to not only disarm America, but to make sure that the infrastructure no longer exists for America to rise again. First in 1993, the Clinton Pentagon sold Congress on the idea that if the Pentagon promotes mergers (and helps pay for them) the "new and improved" defense contractors will pass the savings on to the public in lower bids and prices. Hogwash! The Pentagon has put out over $800 million so far in direct payments to companies like Boeing to help them buy out, pay off and terminate contracts to small American sub-contractors. The current crop of merged defense contractors now receiving government allowances have cut 18,000 jobs. Still, there is absolutely no credible evidence to show that any cost savings have gone to the taxpayers. In any case, it would be virtually impossible to account for any such savings. All of the big accounting firms doing such work have covered up for the government for years. Defense contracting is so full of inflated or hidden budgetary items, there would be no way to tell if any supposed price reduction is not be secretly reimbursed by black budget payments under the table. That's why certain contractors were allowed to charge the government $300 for hammers and other parts--not greedy contracting, but collusion with government to hide funding for "black" projects.

Now that Boeing and others have bought out or eliminated so many American subcontractors they can claim that they can't get the work done in America and must search for overseas subcontractors. Boeing, for example, has been funneling its millions in government contracts to Zvezda-Strella and other Russia defense labs for subcontracting work. Not only is this dangerous in light of Russia's hostile intentions, but bogus as well. Boeing ends up having to help the Russian labs fulfill these contracts by sending over the technology necessary to remedy the Russian defects. Not only does this amount to a monetary subsidy of our enemies, but it represents a major new way to bypass export controls of sensitive military secrets. In the case of China, which doesn't have the advanced research labs (yet), American defense contractors are busy supplying them with computers and technology so that in the future they can successfully hire the Chinese to do what would normally be done by Americans. IBM for example donated to China's top research university, 4 supercomputers in 1997. Why does China qualify for charity, given the huge surplus in trade dollars that she possesses? Obviously, there is more going on here than corporate benevolence. Lastly, this entire process of merging and out-sourcing to foreign sources undermines the concept of multiple paths of production within the home country--an essential principle of national defense.

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According to a Justice Department annual report State and federal judges authorized 1,329 wiretaps in 1998, an 12% increase over 1997. The justice department claims that this increase was caused by an expansion in wiretaps sought for state and local drug investigations and that about three-quarters of all wiretaps were requested in drug cases. The most intensive listening for drug related cases were New York City, New Jersey and other major metro areas in Pennsylvania, California, Florida and Maryland. Taps on wireless communication, made easier by advances in technology, increased, according to the report, from 206 in 1997 to 576. About half were placed on cell phones and half on pagers. Email is also now being tapped. Justice claims that only five email taps were installed

ANALYSIS: While all of these claims are more or less true for taps done through the open judicial system, this report is pure propaganda in terms of overall electronic eavesdropping. The US government, using the ECHELON system of computerized electronic surveillance constantly monitors ALL communications that travels via international cable, radio (including cellular), satellite and microwave tower transmissions. This equates to billions of taps yearly--so many that it even exceeds the government's ability to process all the information--the only silver lining in this whole sordid tale. These annual reports only serve the purpose of making the public think wire taps are still done through judicial permission. In fact, government has been secretly installing new hardware for automatic surveillance of telephone and Internet hardwire systems within all major telephone exchanges. Phone companies have been playing along with the secret demands of government since 1941. The war years have a way of causing everyone to stop challenging government illegal actions. When agents flash their "national security" credentials, telecom executives dutifully comply. When they tell them it is "top secret" they dutifully shut their mouths and fail to protest in the courts. Even their own stockholders are excluded from the consent process.

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According to the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Rep. Goss, the National Security Agency (NSA), is refusing to cooperate in Congressional oversight responsibility over the NSA's ECHELON global spy system. In another incredible legal maneuver by the dark side of government the General Counsel of the NSA is claiming an attorney-client privilege between his office and the director of the NSA, which, he claims, extends to the entire agency. According to Chairman Goss, the NSA is refusing "with disturbing frequency" to turn over documents that would reveal the NSA's criteria for conducting domestic surveillance, which as I stated above, far exceeds what is either revealed or legal. Rep. Goss warns that the privilege claim creates an "envelopment of the executive in a cloak of secrecy that would insulate the executive branch from effective oversight."

ANALYSIS: This is a clear attempt by the government to keep its illegal surveillance of US and foreign nationals a secret from both the public and Congress. This is similar in scope to how the Pentagon and CIA moved the bulk of its budget from open Congressional scrutiny to the black arena, by hiding secret expenditures within purchase of outrageously priced parts, or (in the case of the CIA) by operating its own Mafia-like proprietary companies through civilians who secretly take orders from the government. The NSA (who is the recipient of much of the CIA's black budget money) wants to maintain a two tier surveillance world--minor wiretaps for public scrutiny that go through the courts and the more sinister, broad-based surveillance of private citizens via the top secret ECHELON electronic eavesdropping system. The National Security Act of 1947 gives exclusive oversight powers to Congress over secret intelligent matters, requiring that all spy agencies must turn over "any information or material concerning intelligence activities that is requested by either of the (House or Senate) intelligence committees to carry out its authorization". While Rep Goss is to be applauded for trying to get Congress to protest this novel attorney-client claim, such a dispute would have to be adjudicated by the courts, which have shown repeatedly that they will side with the dark side of government. Don't expect a widening view of this high tech snooping world to come from Congress. If anything, new revelations will come via a few patriotic government insiders who will leak things to the Web.

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