Best of International World Affairs Briefs: 1999
by Joel Skousen

The following briefs will give you some background in the evidence supporting Mr. Skousen's view that Western globalist powers are setting us up for World War III by aiding secretly in Russian and Chinese arms buildups.

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Russian Disinformation on Tactical Weapons
The Bombing Of The Chinese Embassy in belgrade
Nato Allies Fed Up with us leadership
Kla being secretly armed by US and NATO:
Communists in China gets relief due to NATO bombing
Good question on the Kosovo fiasco:
US inspection of North Korean Tunnels turns up nothing:
UN court refuses call to halt bombing
KLA invasion from Albania
The Cologne Summit Produces A Blueprint For The New Euro Army
Bilderburgers meet in Portugal
Food Aid To Russia Was Based On A Famine myth
Kosovo peace terms--a fix not meant to last
Israel's new PM Ehud Barak
G7 summit proposes $70 billion in new debt relief
Clinton reiterates the Blair NATO doctrine
Communist rule across the world is still alive and prospering
More wrangling in the EU:
Cia covert operations in Serbia
Taiwan declares de facto independence
Location of another active Russian chemical weapons depot confirmed
More evidence of Russian hidden military manpower structures
Both the Russian famine and the financial collapse were contrived
US cuts off military aid to Taiwan
Clinton administration duplicity on Taiwan military aid
Republicans in Congress fail to downgrade China's trade status
NATO/US General Wesley Clark is sacked
Iran's long range missile program
North Korea proceeding with launch plans
Kosovo Albanians exacting revenge
US goes after Bin Laden
Russia: Yeltsin names his fourth prime minister in a year and a half
China has assurances from the US to pressure Taiwan into submission
New Russian radar station coming out of mothballs.
NASA's international space station worse than a boondoggle
Clemency for FALN terrorists
Untold stories of NATO's war crimes and US media complacency
Kosovo Liberation Army evading demilitarization
Russian defector Mitrokhin revelations mostly disinformation:
North Korean-US deal: another sellout
Clinton's NWO speech at the UN
CFR Morton Halperin comments on China
Communist infiltration of US government confirmed--in WWII
Another Russian bailout--to the tune of $4.5 billion
The relentless attack on sovereignty:
Angola showdown
East Timor update:
Nuclear Test Ban treaty defeated
More clinton administration collusion with China uncovered
Russia openly updates its military doctrine--target the West with nukes
Pinochet's extradition approved by British judge Bartle
Russian cover up of apartment bombing evidence
Russia's Chechan invasion
The Armenian factor
Western media silently consents to the butchery in Chechnya
China-Israeli arms connection no longer secret
Key intel from Monterrey
Clinton meets with Yeltsin on the ABN treaty

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May, 1999

RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION: The Washington Times reported on Friday, Apr. 30 , 1999 that Russia "ordered its military to draw up plans for the development and use of tactical nuclear weapons in what may be a response to NATO's heightened profile.. The nuclear order was given at a highly secretive meeting in Moscow between President Boris Yeltsin, and the advisory Security Council, according to a Russian news agency quoting Security Council Secretary Vladimir Putin. Tactical nuclear weapons are smaller than strategic weapons and are intended for battlefield use only."

ANALYSIS: This is hogwash. First of all, the Russians have had tactical nuclear weapons for years. This announcement is posturing for western consumption. Secondly, nobody in higher Soviet circles leaks any true top secrets and stays alive for long. Remember that everything that is done publicly in Russia is for disinformation purposes. The real powers behind the scenes are never revealed.

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The excuse that the US used outdated CIA maps which led to the accidental bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia is patently false. Here are the reasons why, from a military point of view:
1. The US military, which is in charge of this bombing campaign uses National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) maps--not CIA maps, or pilfered civilian maps. Tactical military maps of every country in the world are updated constantly by satellite photos and images as well as specific drone and reconnaissance aircraft overflights for hostile combat areas. Targeting data is NEVER taken from old maps from any source unless a reconnaissance overflight is scheduled to confirm the target's current condition. This is especially true in a combat zone. The military always has the most up-to-date data for targeting. Even if the target recommendation came from the CIA, it would have to have been confirmed by both intelligent sources (DIA) and transferred to NIMA targeting maps. Reconnaissance flights and target photos would have been taken if not already available.

2. The Chinese embassy is a 3 or 4 year old building. There was no building on the site in prior years. Thus either the so-called "old maps" showed a vacant lot or the Chinese Embassy--there are no other possibilities. Specific military intelligence on targets like the Serbian Military Supply Headquarters building come from human intelligence sources (HUMINT) within Belgrade who must have specific knowledge of Serbia's military buildings. If the source was CIA personnel stationed in Belgrade, they would certainly have known the location of the Chinese Embassy, as well as every other major foreign embassy in Belgrade--that's part of their job, to keep track of other spies operating out of embassies. Even the intended target was not a top secret supply headquarters. It would have been public knowledge available to any number of collaborators with the US and NATO.

3. Pilot error is not a reasonable possibility since the attacking armaments were a series of laser guided missiles or bombs. Such munitions are guided to impact by another aircraft or land based unit using a laser designator beam to illuminate the target. Such target illuminators must have visual contact with the building, and must know in advance what the buildings looks like as well as how to distinguish the target from all other nearby buildings.

ANALYSIS: It seems incredulous that the Clinton Administration would bomb the Chinese embassy either by accident or on purpose, since it has had a secret working relationship with the Chinese for years. In fact, this secret technology transfer scheme goes deep into the Bush and Reagan administrations. I discount the possibility of accidental error. So, what possible motive could Clinton have had to bomb the Chinese? My best assessment is that the US government's secret efforts to arm the Chinese were seriously unraveling. Numerous Congressional committees were investigating the current Chinese espionage efforts, as well as the technology transfers facilitated by the Clinton Commerce Dept.--not to mention the Chinagate campaign contributions. Even the protective mainstream media was not able to downplay the seriousness of the US-China collusion problem any longer. Regardless of the outcome of the investigations, which most likely would have continued the cover-up, or downplayed the problem, the Clinton Administration would have been very hard pressed to continue any further technology transfers to the Chinese, without arousing more suspicion. However, now the US finds itself in a position of having damaged and offended China. What better excuse to then be "forced" by our accidental mistake to assuage the Chinese and make amends by increasing trade and lessening our criticism of China on human rights. I can see this as the perfect diversion to turn the American psychology from one of suspicion to one of sympathy and quashed criticism toward China. In fact, as I write this the acts of "contrition" and "conciliation" from the Clinton administration are already beginning. Clinton has order all flags at embassies lowered to half mast to honor the 3 Chinese dead in the "accidental" bombing. (See my backgrounder piece on the NWO leaders future use of China in a Russian conflict that tends to justify this secret arming of China.)

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Germany's chancellor Gerhart Schroeder has publicly demanded an open investigation on the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. Nobody believes the bad CIA map story, and Schroeder is under fire from his pacifist, and arch-leftist coalition Green Party members, so he has to appear tough on the anti-US issue. Several European nations, notably Germany and Italy, are fed up with the US man-handling of the war. Italy, where most of the NATO strikes originate (Aviano Air Base) has voted to support PM D'Alema's call for a suspension in air strikes. D'Alema is a Communist, claiming to be slightly reformed, so he is playing up to the European Globalist crowd while still having to reassure his former leftist political base that he is true to Marxist ideals.

ANALYSIS: This war is being run almost exclusively by leaders on the far left who had impeccable anti-war credentials during the Vietnam era (Clinton, Blair, Schroeder, D'Alema, Jospin, etc.). Hardly any of their public constituencies in Europe want a ground war except the NATO leaders, who, I think are the only ones that have an inside track on the secret strategy behind the Kosovo strategic concept (as outlined in my Backgrounder on Kosovo). Milosevich is trying to get a negotiated settlement, but the NWO crowd does not want to let him off the hook--unlike Saddam Hussein who was let off easily time after time.

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Italian customs authorities captured over 3 tons of "stolen" NATO light mortar tubes (of US manufacture) enroute to the KLA in Albania and Kosovo.

ANALYSIS: Nobody steals 3 tons of mortar equipment from secure NATO bases. More likely they were "allowed to leave" under secret "national security" orders. The US doesn't want to be caught arming a known Marxist and Mafia-type drug importing organization, so tons of items are being allowed to be stolen.

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Chinese activists trying to garner pro-western support among their own people (based upon the Tiananmen square killings of June 3 and 4 in 1989) have been dealt an almost permanent blow due to the purposeful (in my opinion) US bombing of the Chinese embassy. Yang Hai, a 31-year-old activist from Xian in central China said, "NATO has done a big favor for the Chinese Communist Party, an extremely big favor,...They have turned people's attention from June 4 to an outside event." Yang said that few in China believe the bombing was accidental. "Even my friends working around me, who are usually pro-Western, now their feelings have changed," Yang said. One Beijing-based activist who has spent 20 years campaigning for political reform, said the NATO bombing in Yugoslavia "makes people doubt the US policy on human rights. And it also puts our activities here in a very embarrassing situation."

ANALYSIS: It seems only the naive American people are believing the propaganda stories that Kosovo is all about "ethnic cleansing" and humanitarian relief. It is not. As I have stated before, I believe that Kosovo's purpose is to set the stage for the next war, to make the US out to be the aggressor--and apparently not just to the Slavic people's who would have to find some reason to support future Russian attacks on the US, but also Chinese which may either join with Russia against the West or play the spoiler by switching sides to help defeat her fellow Communist competitor for world domination. I'm betting on the latter. The NWO probably can't win otherwise.

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Here's a good question posed by Lt. Gen. Tom Griffin USA (ret.) comparing Clinton's war in Kosovo to Vietnam: "Now let's see here if I understand all this correctly. President Clinton has ordered our forces to engage an entrenched, politically motivated enemy, backed by the Russians, on their home ground, in a foreign civil war, in difficult terrain, with limited military objectives, bombing restrictions, boundary and operational restrictions, queasy allies, far across the ocean, with uncertain goals, without prior consultation with congress, the potential for escalation, while limiting the forces at his disposal, and the majority of Americans opposed to or at least uncertain about the value of the action being worth American lives. So just what was it that he was opposed to in Vietnam?"

ANALYSIS: This hypocrisy about the new found "righteousness" of the war in Kosovo is more evidence that the many on the left during the 60's and 70's who opposed the Vietnam war were not actual communists but rather up and coming socialist intellectuals under the careful tutelage of Globalist leaders--using pro-Communist activities to push a more sophisticated long-term global agenda. In those days, Communism was given a total "protected" status worldwide because, from a New World Order perspective, Communism was to serve as the future vehicle of war creation, in accordance with Hegelian Dialectic tactics (create your own crisis or enemy so as to justify a resulting action that otherwise the public would never accept). Thus, the limited war philosophy in Vietnam had a dual purpose. First, Russian and Chinese Communist complicity was to be protected from discovery and defeat, and secondly, the war was managed is such a way as to become a bitter pill in the craw of Americans that would destroy any further American resolve to defend the world against Communist expansion. The final nail in the coffin of the "defend the world against Communism" crusade didn't come, however, until the Iran-Contra affair in Honduras and Nicaragua, which was another mangled deception mixing CIA drug shipments with arms payoffs to various enemies around the world.

Finally, this new war in Kosovo has a New World Order purpose which over shadows the phony humanitarian reasons and provides the explanation for why all the former anti-war leaders like Bill Clinton and Tony Blair are so supportive. No, they are not saving the world from Communism. How could they when all factions in both Serbia and Kosovo (KLA) are Communist? The larger agenda being played out here is to create hatred toward the West--especially the US and NATO--to make us look like the aggressor (which is presently true). This psychological basis for future war is necessary to help justify Russia's long-planned nuclear pre-emptive strike on US military targets, and to encourage Russia to take this giant leap of aggression. Russia could not gain the support of the Russian people during and after a devastating nuclear strike without a prior build-up of hatred toward the West--which our globalist leaders have conveniently supplied. Kosovo, coupled with Western meddling in Russia's phony free-market "reforms" (to give the free market a bad name) have done more to create hatred of America than 80 years of abject communist rule. This things did not happen by accident.

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After months of feigned expressions of outrage over North Korean underground ballistic missile construction and preparations, the US agreed to pay the Koreans several million in food aid for a one time inspection of the missile site. As predictable, the site is now an empty maize of tunnels. We got our empty inspection, they got the food, and the missiles have gone elsewhere. Most importantly, the American people are pacified and asleep again.

ANALYSIS: The US government also knows of at least 3 other missiles sites currently under construction, but did not demand to inspect them. To me it is inconceivable the our satellites did not record the furtive relocation of the missiles from the first site to the others during the long period of negotiations. Why is the US covering for the Korean Communists? I can only conclude that it is an ongoing strategy of support for future wars, of which Korea is to play a part. This is not new. Many of you old timers will recall that at the end of the War in the Pacific, General Marshall ordered General MacArthur to transfer 70 much needed supply ships from his Philippine operations to the West Coast, where (under protest of MacArthur) they were loaded with war material and sent back to Vladivostok, supposedly to assist Russia who had suddenly joined the war in the Pacific which was almost over. Marshall knew these supplies would never be used in the present war, but sent them anyway Most of them ended up in North Korean during the Korean War and were used against US troops.

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JUNE, 1999


With characteristic hypocrisy the UN World Court refused to rule that NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia was illegal. This occurred despite massive admitted violations of the UN Charter by both NATO itself and the US Clinton Administration. Russia and China both decried the bypassing of the right of Security Council members to veto any UN action. Heretofore all NATO actions have been done under the aegis of UN authority. Amazingly, the judges at the world court in The Hague voted by 12-3 (Russian, China, Yugoslavia dissenting) that there was no reason to grant the request, which was made against Britain, the US and eight other NATO countries on the grounds that they were violating not only the UN Charter, but the Genocide Convention.

ANALYSIS: No reason at all? Not even one? If there are no reasons for calling this war illegal, then all the former resolutions and statements from Bill Clinton pledging to "do nothing without UN approval" (in Gulf actions) are meaningless. It simply means that the UN is an organization who uses law selectively when it suits its purposes (which we've known all along). The world court dismissed Belgrade's case against the US and Spain because they had opted out of its jurisdiction on the genocide convention. Does that mean that Milosevic is free to "opt out" of the convention and avoid prosecution? Every petty dictator in the world would take this loophole if it were a legitimate argument. Of course, the argument is only used selectively for those the Court wishes to protect. In reality the world is still ruled by power--not law. He who has the muscle to thumb their nose at the UN gets away with it. The weak are the pawns in the global chess game. The UN's lack of action to discipline NATO's open break with the Charter proves the UN is in collusion with NATO for global intentions and has only the merest pretext of defending international justice.

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With virtually no coverage from the American press, the foreign news services are talking of a large-scale invasion of KLA forces from Albania, and of close air support from US A10 Warthog tactical bombers. Even America's B-52s are carpet-bombing Serb positions in the mountains hoping to silence the Serb's formidable artillery units. Norwegian doctors are staffing (on behalf of the UN--so much for UN protestations that this operation does not have their approval) a small KLA outpost hospital and report large numbers of KLA casualties.

ANALYSIS: Even more troubling is the fact that the KLA won't allow any journalists into their operational areas. I believe this is a sign that there are many NATO and US advisers actively assisting this Communist outfit and they don't want word of this to get out. I think the evidence is mounting that one of NATO's reasons for cutting off negotiations whith Belgrade has to do with a delay tactic to help the KLA establish a large beachhead inside Kosovo so as to be able to do more mischief during future "peacekeeping" operations. This invasion, protected by NATO is the real sticking point in the ongoing negotiations with Belgrade.

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The long heralded global summit of European powers in Cologne, Germany is breaking new ground, as Tony Blair predicted in his Chicago speech. Encouraged by successfully masquerading as "saviors" in Kosovo (to cover a new strategic concept of selective interference in other nation's affairs) Tony Blair and other European leaders laid the foundation this week for a common "defense" policy. That policy will enable the European Union to mount unified military operations on a regular basis in countries near its borders furthering the new "strategic concept" of NATO.

ANALYSIS: This spells aggression, by any other name. The "defense" accord (which is not defensive at all) was described by the British Government as "historic", and is meant to create a fully combat-ready, integrated army for all of Europe. The pact to be settled at the Cologne EU summit envisages European troops being used to intervene in crises to "keep the peace" and offer humanitarian aid under the aegis of NATO, but without American involvement. Despite the EU's allegiance to the New World Order, resentment of the United States runs high. The leaders are expected to appoint Javier Solana, the NATO Secretary-General, and past chairman of the Atlantic Alliance (another Globalist NWO group) to the new post as EU head of foreign and security policy. Solana is not a heavy hitter, so he won't really be calling the shots.

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Under heavy security precautions, including fairly violent manhandling of independent journalists who attempt to photograph participants, one of the world's most secretive organizations for global control met this weekend in Sintra, Portugal. The media attention has been higher than normal this year, so the Bilderburgers had to come out with a press statement promoting their well-worn excuse that the secrecy is only necessary so that all participants can "feel free to speak their mind." In a May 27 edition of the Yugoslav newspaper "Vojska" reports that this is the group responsible for planning and implementing a "Balkan Vietnam." Vojska was most interested in the claims that these same Bilderburgers, at a meeting in Scotland in 1996 decided to push for the arrest of "war criminals from among the Serbs" using the Hague war crimes tribunal as its tool, in order to provoke a war with Russia.

ANALYSIS: While these people conspire to control world events, things don't always go their way. Developments prevented a direct attack on these "war criminals" so they had to fall back and "create" more evidence of war crimes by allowing the Milosevic to fan the flames of ethnic conflicts in Kosovo--which then led to ethnic cleansing and this mini-war. Now the globalists are back on track indicting Yugoslav officials in the Hague tribunal. According to some insider's reports, Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Russia and Turkey are to be drawn into this war. I don't agree that this is imminent however. I believe the war is still some 5 years away, and that Kosovo has a long-term psychological preparation purpose rather than direct ignition of the conflict.

Furthermore, it is a little naive on the part of Serb journalists to think that mere wealth is the motivation behind fomenting wars. It is a typical mistake on the part of those trained in the Marxist economic view of "capitalist greed." Portugal's The News correctly stated that "The agenda for the meeting is said to include a 'globaliztion summit', during which nations which cling tenaciously to their sovereign identities will be denounced by its leadership." This propaganda battle began even before the Bilderburger Conference convened. On April 29, 1999, Vaclav Havel, president of the Czech Republic gave an address to the Canadian Senate and House of Commons decrying national sovereignty as "blind love for one's own country." Mr. Havel wasn't even subtle when he eagerly intoned about "a world of ever-closer and more equitable cooperation between larger, mostly supranational entities." Havel even admitted that "Milosevic does not threaten the territorial integrity of the alliance. This war places human rights above the rights of the state." Such language is meant more to attack national sovereignty than to defend human rights--which for years has been used as a selective tool of the Left.

Even though war is the near-term agenda for this Balkans conflict, the long- term agenda is to create a new "Community of Nations" which is a code word for a community of vassal states. The News continues its rare but accurate assessment: "The principal feature of Bilderberg is that it seeks one global government, (a structure similar to the European Union), while counteracting nationalist sentiment is supposedly its greatest battle. Renewed calls for the United Nations to be able to directly tax all people of the world is said to be another major topic to be tabled for discussion in Sintra."

Analyzing the attendees at these meetings can tell much. Usually, one only sees a list of the most prominent power brokers: Henry Kissinger, British PM Tony Blair (who attended the key meeting held in 1995 where the present Balkans strategy was developed) and Giovanni Agnelli who is the owner of the Fiat Motor (a major player in Italian power politics). Also named were Queen Sofia of Spain (from a long blue blood line of establishment kings in Greece and Europe), Margaret Thatcher (who plays a conservative role), Helmut Kohl (former socialist Chancellor of Germany), Valery Giscard D'Estaing, Lord Peter Carrington, Lord Owen, Giovanni Agnelli, David Rockefeller and Baron Rothschild. The titular head of the Bilderburgers has always been Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands. When we look at the whole list, we see that about a third is composed of "up and coming" future leaders--not heavy hitters yet. This leads me to believe that the Bilderburger Conference is a "leadership conference" for instructional purposes and not a forum for actual decision making.

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In the fall of 1998 the Internet "Russia List" reported a conversation with several farmers in Eastern Russia who were upset with the incoming flows of food aid. They especially objected to the kind of aid that was beyond the normal staples such as wheat and rice, such as chicken and other meat products. They and other farmers had responded to market incentives to increase production and were now complaining that they had lots of Russian food but couldn't sell it since the markets were flooded with cheaper US food. This occurred because American food aid was given to Russian leaders who in turn sold it into distribution at below market rates. Now these Russian producers were left out in the cold. Professor Yevgeniya Serova, president of the Agrarian and Food Economy Center in the Institute of Economic said, "The food aid was a mistake, because food stores have proved to be sufficient and there was no deficiency in the winter". Because the supplies did not begin arriving until the end of March, the fraction of aid in the amount of sales in the coming three months will be much above the average and will make it hard for Russian producers to sell their goods."

ANALYSIS: I don't believe it was a "mistake." It looks now as if there never was a true food shortage. It was conjured up to benefit the big agro-merchants like Archer Daniels Midland, and Continental Grain, as paybacks for big contributions to various leftist causes as well as to the Democratic Party. Let's not forget about Clinton's favorite chicken producer, Tyson's foods, which benefited enormously from the food giveaway. The US taxpayer paid Tyson's for chicken and then gave it to the Russians on liberal credit terms that will not be paid back. Eventually the taxpayer will pick up the tab for the defaulted credits.

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Milosevic finally got the terms he wanted: a NATO commitment to disarm the KLA and to stop their current drive in the wake (or vacuum) created by the Serb withdrawal. This was the major sticking point in last week's refusal to implement the accords. Even though the preamble to the accords calls for Milosevic's removal as a "war criminal", there are no legal requirements to carry this out. Thus, it has no teeth.

ANALYSIS: There may be more teeth in this seemingly permissive "war criminal" reference than we think. If Milosevic does not step down and submit himself to prosecution in The Hague, NATO could very well use this as an excuse to not disarm the KLA. There are some interesting aspects of the KLA weaponry that deserves analysis. The intelligence community leaked a report to the Washington Times containing a list of sophisticated weapons that the KLA has been secretly purchasing through international arms bazaars (the black market in weaponry). There are of course AK-47s and G-3 automatic assault weapons. The list also includes expensive and highly restricted items such as laser target designators, implying linkage with close air support from countries with laser guided munitions, Stinger ground to air missiles ($$$), mobile artillery, mortars, and Satellite Communication systems only usable with certain coded uplink encryption that must be provided by Western Governments. In addition, there are various Western aircraft being "donated." All of this smacks of arms deals via Middle Eastern sources, ultimately leading back to the secret Western channels used many times in the past (as in operations "October Surprise" and "Iran-Contra"). I doubt that the KLA drug sources can provide the quantity of money needed to buy the billions in arms they are acquiring. I also doubt that these arms deals have gone down without US complicity, so it is likely that NATO does not intend to truly disarm the KLA. I expect a future exchange of charges by Serbia that NATO is not living up to its agreement, leading to further clashes between Serbia and the KLA, with more NATO intervention. Ultimately, some attempt will be made to depose Milosevic or kidnap him.

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The Labor Party in Israel successfully wrested the leadership from the center-right Likud coalition with the election of EHUD BARAK, one of Israel's most decorated combat veterans. He immediately met with top military men to quell unrest within military ranks over his call for a quick Israeli pullout from south Lebanon, one of his campaign pledges. Barak has not ruled out Palestinian statehood, which leaves the door open to this very dangerous option which will surely lead to a Palestinian armed base of operations. The Palestinians, who want traditionally Arab east Jerusalem as their capital, criticized Barak's stand that Jerusalem should remain undivided and under Israeli sovereignty. He could not, however, have taken any other position and still won the election.

ANALYSIS: Barak's military record was scripted and everyone in the IDF knows that, were it not for Barak's being a "favorite son" of the Labor party elite, he would have been rooted out of the military for numerous charges of cowardice and poor leadership. Even though Barak is a leftist and hostile to Israel's former policies of "security above all else" his campaign was specifically designed to maintain the illusion of his tough military reputation. Even the Palestinians played along, as if scripted. They acted with extreme restraint and engaged in only minor acts of terrorism, knowing that by appearing to be more conciliatory, they could defuse the LIKUD's cries for greater security and assist the "moderates" to play upon Barak's appeals to "restart the Peace Process". Israelis would have been driven to vote for Netanyahu had there been any significant unrest in the West bank and Gaza Strip during the five-month campaign For the first time in years, Arafat kept a tight lid on Hamas, the Islamic militant group that uses suicide bombings as their preferred tool. Arafat even delayed his inflammatory announcement of a unilateral declaration of independence (stating privately that he "didn't need to" since it was already a done deal--which is true). This implies that he (Arafat) already has assurances from Washington that he will get his State, but that the Palestinians must allow it to look like a negotiated settlement after much "hard bargaining." I expect Barak to call a halt to all Jewish construction in two disputed Jerusalem neighborhoods, Ras al- Amud and Har Homa, and cancel contracts to build any new settlements. The Likud correctly charged the US government with collusion in helping to defeat Netanyahu. The US State Department continually let it be known during the campaign that it considered the LIKUD to be "an obstacle in the peace process."

Ultimately, the LIKUD has become the Israeli version of our own Republican Party--having the appearances of conservatism but having been long ago taken over (at the national level) by the "Powers that Be." Netanyahu's reception of campaign financing during the former election through various Russian Mafia channels is a key indicator that he was acting as agent for the New World Order group who is financing Russia's underground leadership. It should be no surprise in Israel, as in the US, to see the "powers that be" alternatively switch from one party to another in order to accomplish different objectives. The Peace Process is about anything except peace. It is a calculated giveaway of Israeli security interests that will again lead to war. Anyone who thinks that these uni-directional negotiations will ever satisfy the Palestinians is simply naive. In my opinion, the real purpose of these negotiations is to foment tensions and Palestinian aspirations that will soon lead to another Israeli- Muslim war. Boundaries will again be rearranged (in Israel's favor), feelings further embittered, and the process of compromise will begin all over--but peace will never come.

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Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany the Group of Seven (G-7) industrial nations agreed in principle to write off $70 billion in loans to "highly indebted poor countries." The US was there leading the way. Robert Rubin lauded the deal saying, ``It will be faster, it will be deeper and it will involve more countries.'' Naturally, Russia will be included in this new debt right off. Also pushing hard for the deal was British finance minister Gordon Brown. He said that "36 poor countries would be eligible for relief" an increase of 25% in the number of nations being bailed out previously. The actual debt relief package is around $50 billion, but the ministers agreed to an additional $20 billion in relief from Official Development Assistance loans (ODAs). These take the form of indefinite extensions, without interest, which has the same effect as a write off though it doesn't show up on the books as such. Brown also indicated that all G7 ministers had agreed that the IMF should sell part of its 103 million ounce stockpile of gold reserves, worth about $27 billion, to pay for its share of the debt relief.

ANALYSIS: With virtually every G-7 nation (including the US) deeply in debt and running large budget deficits (in true accounting terms), taxpayers must ask where the money is going to come from? Most will come from monetary creation schemes. Britain is the only country proposing a tax increase to pay for this and other spending plans, but this will not go down well with taxpayers and chances for passage of a tax increase are slim. The sale of gold has nothing to do with these supposed acts of charity. Since the true private market for this quantity of gold bullion is small (industrial and luxury gold supplies are abundant elsewhere), these sales will be parceled out at bargain basement prices to large commercial dealers and insiders who are involved with lucrative gold leasing contracts. In fact, the only reason these gold leasing contracts continue to be profitable is by artificially keeping the price of gold low. Were gold to rise, these short contracts would cause a massive financial and derivative pyramid to collapse. Conveniently, there are no shortage of crises to justify a steady stream of gold sales from central banks--though there is considerable resistance to such sales from key central banks, like Germany. Gold is clearly being used as the ultimate international currency among central banks--who trade in it regularly. Only the general public is to be denied the protection of gold backing. Thus, in part, this IMF gold sale is an insider deal to support those who are regularly allowed to enrich themselves at the world money trough. It would also be interesting to find out why and how the IMF, supposedly always strapped for cash, acquired 103 million ounces in gold bullion. Under what pretext have they continued to come to Congress for more money when sitting on these kinds of reserves? As usual, Republicans are not asking the right questions.

The G7 also discussed the cost of rebuilding Kosovo now that NATO's 11- week bombing campaign is over. While it was too early to assess the costs, Germany's Finance Minister, Hans Eichel, said reconstruction would not be a major burden on the budget of individual governments because the cost would be spread broadly among world institutions and countries. `The main financing will certainly be borne by the Europeans and that should be so.'' Who is he trying to kid? If the cost of the armaments expended was a heavy burden, how will the damage not be a burden when it is a 100 times more costly? How can there be no burden when not one nation has a surplus of funds? Once again, the "powers that be" will have to engage in massive monetary creation to pull this one off. I suspect that they know this huge debt pyramid will be a moot point once the next planned World War comes. So, it appears that the NWO leaders feel that massive government spending can be unleashed to promote this new "community of nations" without near-term political consequences. They can hide it for the short-term, but the economic consequences will be even more horrendous later on with these added billions in debt. Since the establishment always brings on a depression before a major war, perhaps there is method to their madness.

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In Skopje on June 22, speaking to US troops, Clinton said that NATO will intervene anywhere to "stop repression... we can do it today, and we can do it tomorrow if necessary, anywhere else."

ANALYSIS: This mirrors precisely what British PM Tony Blair said in April at the Chicago Economic Club, that the Kosovo action was specifically engaged in so as to create a new strategic concept for NATO, changing it from one of defensive action to one of "intervention" in other nations who offend our Western values. Clinton is smarting over the criticism he received during the bombing campaign about why he was not equally intervening in other world wars of ethnic cleansing-- particularly in Africa and Tibet. The Tibetan example is particularly sticky since the ethnic removal of populations is being mandated by the West as much as by China. He and Blair know they cannot take on the whole world, and have no intention of doing so. The humanitarian aspects of these operations is only the facade to cover a covert purpose. These global leaders' true interest is in pursuing the NWO purpose of undermining the legal structure of national sovereignty and setting up the Western powers as aggressors in the eyes of the people in the Eastern Bloc.

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I thought I would give my readers a run-down on the validity of the presumed "demise of Communism." Don't play taps too soon. This monstrous political juggernaut is far from dead. There are still a few openly communist countries in the world: CHINA, VIETNAM, NORTH KOREA and CUBA are the most notable members of the club. But even China and Vietnam are rarely referred to as full communist nations. It is downplayed constantly by the media. Indeed, for any journalist to emphasize the presence of Communism in any government is to commit professional suicide. With the willing collusion of the western media, Communism has been allowed to go underground. There, under the guise of numerous fronts, "former" Communists and other Marxist leaders (who have formed political parties with democratic and socialist titles) still ply their trade under the protection of media enforced "double-speak."

For example, let's look at the media celebration of the second ANC victory in South Africa. Which of you were informed by the establishment media that president- elect Thabo Mbeki is and has always been a dedicated Communist--one of the most virulent of the Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries in Africa? Nelson Mandela before him has also been a not-so-secret member of the communist african hierarchy for years. Under Mandela's leadership the ANC has formed a military alliance with Russia and now plans to expand the size of its army and navy, while slowly purging the military of its white majority of officers. In Russia, virtually everyone with power has a Communist past or continues to operate in open support of communist objectives. President Yeltsin is a former Moscow Communist Party boss, and the Russian Duma is dominated by Communists. Ditto for former Soviet republics, from the radical Lukashenko in Belarus to the darling of the West in Georgia, Edward Shevardnadze. This applies to all other former Eastern Bloc countries as well. Some like Poland and the Czech Republic play a better charade than others, but virtually all their leaders are knowing participants in this grand delusion (the demise of Communism) to sucker the West into increasing aid prior to the next inevitable conflict. The inhabitants of these countries, as in America, don't have a clue that those who they see in positions of public power are not the real powers.

Other nations ruled by Communists are Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Cuba, Angola, Zimbabwe, Congo, the Sudan, Yemen, Venezuela and Namibia. Marxist armies push for more control throughout the world--often without ever being identified by their political motives. Wars of Marxist liberation continue to be waged in Columbia, Peru, Ecuador, the Congo, Eritrea-Nigeria, and Mexico. Particularly in Latin America, Marxist guerrilla movements like FARC in Columbia and the Zapatistas in Mexico continue to fight with increasing dependence upon the drug trade to finance their military acquisitions. But don't be fooled by the drug connection. Leftist movements still receive most of their arms through international arms merchants supplied by Cuba, and other Russia surrogates. Ultimately these guerrillas want control of strategic metals, and cash generating natural resources such as oil, diamonds, and natural gas. During the next world war, the West will find out precisely how dangerous Communist governments in Africa, Asia and Latin America can be. We will suddenly be cut-off from oil and strategic minerals, making it unlikely that we will be able to recover or rebuild after the coming pre-emptive nuclear strike upon our military, as I have outlined in former briefs.

In Afghanistan, Moscow is still very active in controlling the country. The West claimed Russia was defeated, but the retreat was only temporary. Russian manipulation simply went underground and continues to make gains. Russia used to openly support avowed Communists in Kabul, but now covertly funds a variety of ethnic minorities, disgruntled Mujahedin, and drug traffickers, all loyal to Moscow. Presently, fighting between Muslim fundamentalist Taliban forces and Russia-supplied ethnic forces has been renewed in many areas.

Communist guerrilla movements are also active in the ongoing wars in Rwanda, Chad, Uganda, Congo (formerly Zaire), the People's Republic of Congo, and Angola. The dual objectives are ethnic cleansing (consolidate tribal and national control), and control of strategic minerals. The latter is designed to help complete the stranglehold on Western manufacturers of high tech weapons which require large quantities of these minerals. Leonid Brezhnev, is reported to have told the president of Somalia that Russia had two strategic objectives viz a viz the inevitable conflict with the West: first, to control middle-eastern oil supplies and two, to capture the strategic mineral wealth of Africa. The first has been achieved via surrogate regimes in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Libya. The second has been accomplished by capturing (with collusion of the West) the "democratic" regimes of Zimbabwe, South Africa and others.

In June, with notable silence from Clinton and his NATO "peacekeeping," Rwandan and rebel troops launched an offensive toward Mbuji-Mayi, the gateway to the Congo's diamond industry. Mbuji-Mayi is defended by troops from Communist Zimbabwe. Both sides are equipped with Russian helicopters, jet fighters and tanks. Like in the Balkans, there are no "good sides" that merit Western support--only masses of innocent civilians that are being decimated in the power struggles of African Marxist strongmen. In Angola, there is still a side worth fighting for. The anti-Communist UNITA is barely alive after being negotiated out of their former victories by US threats of aid cut-off. But UNITA has resurrected enough of its former guerrilla forces to repulse two major Communist offensives in the past eight months. UNITA has gone back to surviving on captured stockpiles of enemy ammo and equipment which is much healthier than relying on the perfidious US for support.

Conflicts are raging in the oil rich People's Republic of Congo. The fighting in the Congo is where the African Communist movement is at its greatest risk of defeat. Military units from Uganda and Rwanda have intervened to support rebels attempting to overthrow the Communist dictator, Laurent Kabila. Rwanda's support for the anti- Communist side has nothing to do with being anti-Communist. Rather, it has to do with Kabila's harboring of former Rwandan army and tribal officers who ordered the mass slaughter of the Tutsis tribes during the civil war. In the Sudan, the civil war there has claimed nearly two million lives. At least four million people have been displaced or ethnically cleansed. Khartoum's holy jihad against black Christians has been particularly virulent. As in Kosovo, there has been a lot of aerial bombardment of innocent civilians, so it would be hard for NATO to condemn similar policies in this area. Then again, consistency of doctrine or telling the truth never has been a NATO strong point.

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JULY 1999


Germany's Chancellor, Gerhardt Schröder, was busy expounding on Tony Blair's "Third Way" doctrine of low-tax market socialism (really, the old Fabian Socialism with a "free market" twist). The traditional Germany-French rivalry is now re-emerging as Paris frets over Germany teaming up with "the Brits" and casting the French to the side. This was reinforced by a spate of last minute maneuvers by Schröder's during the Cologne Summit conference. The Chancellor went against the desires of many smaller EU member states to appoint one of his closest advisors, Bodo Hombach, as the chief of the EU's program for peacekeeping in the Balkans. He also angered smaller states by opposing a proposed EU law that would have forced car makers to take back old vehicles of their own manufacture for recycling. This was done as a bone for Schröder's long-time big auto supporters who opposed the costly environmental proposal. Finally, Schröder had to placate the French by steamrolling the appointment of a French official as deputy to Javier Solana, the EU's new chief of foreign and security policy.

ANALYSIS: As time goes on, we will see virtually every leader in Europe aligned with this globalist blueprint, whose champion in Europe is Tony Blair. But I doubt if we will ever see real unity in Europe. The kind of national and ethnic wrangling shown in this latest incident is par for the course for European politics. I point this item out to demonstrate to my readers how forever futile it is to try to run a world government with raw democracy wielded by disparate parties. It always results in general dissatisfaction of all minority groups and dominance by a small elite group of leaders sustained by the media and other powerful lobbies.

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CIA COVERT OPERATIONS IN SERBIA: Savvy media watchers can learn a lot from what establishment newsmakers are pushing. The latest onslaught is the media's delight with the presumed "spontaneous" political demonstrations that are rising to challenge Milosovic's dominance in Serbia. While the Clinton administration admitted last week that it was tasking the CIA to develop covert anti-Milosovic political operations in Serbia, the US State Department and PBS news continue to claim that these political eruptions and demonstrations in Serbia are spontaneous and without any US instigation.

ANALYSIS: The only fib the administration told was to imply that such covert operations were to start sometime in the future. In fact, they have been ongoing for months. Money has secretly been flowing to opposition groups in Serbia for weeks. While I would normally applaud such efforts to unseat a Communist dictator, one has to look closely at the hypocrisy of the US government. Why no covert operation money to opposition parties in China, or South Africa, or Vietnam? Obviously they aren't targeting Milosovic because he is Communist--but because he is a Communist who won't play ball with western globalist intentions. From my ample experience in watching US State Department intervention in Latin America, I can also assure my readers that none of this covert money is going to persons yearning to establish a true free market government similar to the US constitution. The State Department and CIA only fund leftists who will be favorable to NWO goals. It is clear now that NATO has no intention of leaving the Balkans unless it can transform Serbia into a "democracy" that is subservient to the UN interests. If it cannot achieve this end, it will continue to use it as a tinder box for future conflicts, much as the US keeps Saddam Hussein in power in Iraq.

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While avoiding a provocative and formal declaration of independence, Taiwan's feisty president Lee Teng-hui decided to make his break from Red China by declaring that, in the future, Taiwan would only deal with mainland China as another foreign nation. This amounts to a de facto declaration of independence and an abrogation of the long held one China policy tauted by Taiwan's original strongman, Chang Kai-Shek, as well as by the US and Mao's Communist followers in Beijing. Red China reacted with predictable rage, lambasting President Lee and rattling all of its sabers.

ANALYSIS: Each of the parties to China's future have had an interest in promoting the one-China policy--till now. China's motive is clear: it wants total hegemony over Taiwan, if not All of Eastern Asia. Taiwan inherited the one-China policy as a follow- on to its claim as the legitimate government in exile after US globalists under Harry Truman and Gen. George Marshall sold out free China to Mao's Communists. Chang had long hoped that the US would help return China to the circle of free nations, but that hope was shattered after the Nixon betrayal in 1974. Since the 1970's Taiwan has only held to the one-China policy out of pressure from the US, who has kept leading it on with hollow promises of support. The US has played a duplicitous role in secretly favoring China and yet paying lip service to Taiwan's security needs. Whenever Taiwan wants to buy top-of-the-line military defensive equipment from the US they get turned down. The US acts as if it has given Red China a veto power over any Taiwanese defense issue, so Taiwan has been secretly working to go it alone. I suspect there is also a deep and dark secret agreement in US-China relations that keeps the US in China's grasp. As I have written in the "Backgrounder on WWIII" I believe that secret pact involves a commitment from China to the West to betray Russia at the onset of WWIII in exchange for military transfers of technology. The so-called Chinese theft of nuclear secrets was encouraged and permitted by knowing Bush and Clinton administration officials. However, part of that secret deal with China assuredly involves the betrayal of Taiwan during the war, just as Russia was allowed to take half of Europe as the price for their participation in WWII.

In my opinion, the Taiwanese finally collected enough spy intelligence data on US complicity with China to convince them that the US was never going to be a dependable ally. In fact, the Clinton legacy of China support has convinced them that the US establishment powers fully intend to betray Taiwan someday and allow China to invade during some future crisis. Thus, it is in Taiwan's best interest to make its run for freedom now. With a clean break from the one-China policy, the Taiwanese have a better chance at creating for themselves an independent international status among nations. While the Chinese threaten military action, recent spy Scandals in the US have created an atmosphere wherein China cannot openly come out and attack Taiwan without arousing tremendous American sympathy for the underdog. Even though the Clinton Administration would like to stand back and do nothing in the face of Chinese aggression, it is doubtful they could get away with it. The US is technically obliged by its Taiwan Relations Act to take "appropriate action" if Taiwan is threatened. While we all know the US would try to sell out Taiwan secretly, this would require a lot of secret maneuvers that the Taiwanese may well refuse to go along with. In the inevitable future confrontation, I predict the globalist US leaders will make cry.

Keep in mind the fact that Taiwan would be no p ushover in a fight with China. Even though China has some 2.5 million troops, almost 10,000 tanks, 6,000 combat aircraft, and a handful of nuclear missiles, a cross channel invasion puts a lot of troops at risk during the landing phase. The Chinese would suffer heavy losses. The level of technology of Taiwan's arms surpassed China's and its entrenched coastal defenses are formidable. Taiwan has finished taking delivery of 150 F-16 fighter jets and 60 French Mirage-5 fighters in the past year which are superior to most of China's combat aircraft. Taiwan also has at least three Patriot antimissile missile systems which they have modified to undo many of the "dumbed down" features of the US version. An armed conflict would be economically disastrous for both Chinas, but Taiwan has the moral advantage on the world stage. Clearly China cannot afford to become an international pariah just when she desperately needs five more years of trade with the West to complete her war preparations. However, Red China knows that Taiwan is very vulnerable to a naval blockade and may try some form of economic strangulation. In 1996, the PLA almost succeeded in shutting down the Taiwanese ports of Kaohsiung and Keelung by designating areas just outside as splashdown zones for ballistic missile tests. International traffic didn't want to risk running this paper blockade. But a blockade requires time and patience to work, and would give the US time to bring a couple of carrier groups into the region to balance the forces in Taiwan's favor. If this happens, watch the ensuing "peace process" carefully. That word "peace" only means betrayal of forces of liberty in the vocabulary of the US State Department. Whether the US is dealing in Israel, Iraq, Tibet, Africa or in Northern Ireland, the result of an "peace process" is always an undermining of any effort to establish liberty or oppose an internationalist agenda.

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Sometimes honest environmentalists can provide the world a service--when they aren't pushing a NWO control agenda. The pro-environment Norwegians have done some private spying in Russia during the past few years and have finally given the world proof that Russia has been operating a secret chemical weapons plant in the arctic Kola peninsula. After a two-year search in the area, the Norwegian daily Verdens Gang said it had uncovered the secret site a mile from Murmansk in northeastern Russia. The article has produced photographs showing hundreds of gray plastic barrels stacked in a huge guarded compound next to rows of missiles and mounds of explosives. Next to these are numerous buildings which it said were used for storing chemical weapons, arms and anti-toxins.

ANALYSIS: Having bought into the grand deception of the demise of Communism, the Norwegians view these only as potential future ecological disasters. These stockpiles are only 150 miles from the border between the Kola peninsula and Norway. Naturally, the Russians will now admit to this location but say it is a stockpile of decommissioned weapons. Then, why keep it a guarded secret? To me this is further evidence of chronic Russian cheating on disarmament agreements. This, coupled with reports of secret bio-warfare factories and whole underground nuclear cities in the Ural mountains, gives rise to speculation about future Russian intentions.

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Even though Russian troop numbers have been reduced to give credence to Russia's feigned claims of military weakness, the staffing level of senior enlisted ranks, field grade officers and General Officers is at least as high as it was during the Cold War years. According to the Johnson's Russia List, high ranking officers still live on high salaries and command large training budgets for maintaining full planning staff operations.

ANALYSIS: This is more evidence that Russia is planning on quickly reforming its conventional forces after commencing hostilities in a pre-emptive strike. It takes a relatively short time to reform a large conventional force if the armaments are stockpiled and the youth of the nation are susceptible to a draft. Raw troops can be trained in a few short months, but experienced NCOs and Field Officers require years of experience that cannot be learned in a classroom. Some subscribers have asked me about the meaning of Russia's renewal of large scale military exercises, flying within striking distance of the United States, or plying NATO's waters. Actually, these are not new--they have been ongoing, albeit at a lower pace, since the "end of the cold war." I do not believe this increased activity is a sign of an imminent strike. Rather, in Russia's attempt to create an image of military weakness, they have gone a little too far, and the Western globalists are showing signs of rolling over Russian wishes in conflicts such as Kosovo. So, Russia now starts showing off a little more of her latent military punch to make the world treat her with a little more respect--no so much as to fear the rise of the Russian bear, but just enough to maintain international clout. Traditional establishment analysts keep harping on this issue as evidence that Russia's Yeltsin doesn't fully control his military. The Russian occupation of the Pristina airport was passed off to the gullible public as Russia's military asserting itself unilaterally. Most media sources echoed that "this move was the latest in a pattern of perplexing Russian military actions defying civilian authority." Hogwash! It is true that Yeltsin doesn't control the military, but that's only because he is a puppet president, like Clinton.

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Instead of tightening up on restrictions, Clinton authorizes more technology transfers to both Russia and China. Only a few lone Congressmen had the courage to decry the action on the sale of America's high speed computers.

ANALYSIS: It is now clear that the "powers that be" can spin their way out of every action aimed at weakening the US strategic position, worldwide. When Bill Clinton can pull off an INCREASE of technology transfer to China only weeks after the breaking of the huge China spy scandal, then you can be assured that it will be business as usual until the very end. The "powers that be" know by now that conservative talk radio can protest all they want and it won't have a large impact. Sadly, both the demise of Y2k preparations by the public and the flat lining of talk- radio growth has demonstrated to the media and political moguls that US conservatives only have a limited pool of people to work with. The internet caused that pool to grow dramatically for about five years, but it is now leveling off. It never reached over 5% of Americans in its best years. The establishment was very worried for a while that they may not be able to contain the growth of conservative backlash, but 1999's apathy has convinced them that conservatives will never have the numbers to stop them now--so its "full speed ahead."

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Another "peace process" was about to be foisted upon Northern Ireland this month, but was narrowly dumped in a dramatic last minute skirmish that left globalist PM Tony Blair severely discredited. In 1998, coalition of leftist parties with impeccable globalist credentials, brokered a "Good Friday Agreement" that called for joint rule of Northern Ireland by a coalition government ruled jointly by Ulster Unionists and Sinn Fein, the political arm of the radical leftist Irish Republican Army. It contained only vague commitments by the IRA to disarm.

There is a pattern to all these so-called peace accords signed under international pressure. The wording is generalized but always favors the Left and demands concessions from the nationalist or anti-leftist party. Joint power sharing is agreed upon with sufficient vagueness of language so that key issues will have to be resolved later. The Leftists are always allowed to retain sufficient arms so that when peaceful resolution fails, they can swiftly take power. During the process of exacting continual concessions from the non-leftist side, media sources incessantly focus upon and criticize any failure to meet any commitments, while the Left enjoys almost total immunity from criticism even when blatantly refusing to comply. This pattern has been foisted on every third world pro-Western government since WWI and is still in process today in Israel, Taiwan, and South Korea.

For now, at least, the tough Ulster Unionists resisted the final media pressure- cooker that was designed to trap them into an unequal power-sharing government with the radical IRA. The main sticking point was over whether or not the IRA was going to disarm. The "Good Friday Agreement" was tauted as requiring a disarmament of all parties, but there were no enforcement or verification provisions. This month's formal agreement was to tie up all those loose ends, and in typical fashion, the IRA refused to commit to verifiable disarmament. Tony Blair tried to use the old trick of inducing the Ulster Unionists to sign on to the agreement based upon more vague future promises of IRA disarmament. But since the IRA would never firmly commit to any varifiable future disarmament, the deal fell apart in the last minute.

ANALYSIS: How do you verify the disarmament of a secret guerrilla organization that has all of its arms and explosives hidden? Only the IRA knows what they have, and thus it is impossible to verify compliance. Only a fool would rely on a terrorist's word that he had given up all arms. But that is precisely what every international "peace accord" has required. It is little wonder they have all resulted in an eventual Leftist domination of the government, which was the intended result anyway. It becomes relatively easy to read international political events when you realize that global controllers have one or two major political objectives. The first is to remove all national governments or government leaders that want to maintain an independent form of national sovereignty--whether on the Left or the Right. However, they will favor (for a time) certain leftist governments of the revolutionary variety who can play a roll in creating wars. Secondly, after going to war, at least one of the main aggressors will be eliminated and some of the lessor ones as well. The Leftist leaders allowed to remain in power are those willing to be subservient to global governance. However, at least one of the major tyrannical players will be protected from defeat so as to serve as a future catalyst for war when needed. This pattern will go on until total world governance is achieved and no sovereign national states remain. Russia was that protected catalyst allowed to retain power at the end of WWII (to foment future war) and I predict China will be the protected catalyst at the end of the next war with Russia. When I watch the globalist interventions in a nation such as Ireland and Israel, I try to ascertain which of the favored parties is destined to play a be preserved. Israel does the CIA's international dirty work (assassinations etc.) and the PLO serves as an international terrorist pipeline.

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The international accounting firm Pricewaterhouse concluded that Russia misreported its foreign currency reserves to the International Monetary Fund by $1 billion in 1996 and 1997, paving the way for massive bailouts from Central Banks in 1998. The audit, was carried out to satisfy IMF demands for full disclosure of Russia's connection to an obscure offshore investment firm that was suspected of hiding Russian funds. In other news, it was also confirmed by independent sources that Russian food harvest were grossly understated in order to facilitate billions of dollars in free food from the West.

ANALYSIS: A food crisis was needed to justify sending more food to Russia. In part, it was a political payoff to Clinton supporters like Tyson's Chicken and Dwayne Andreas' ADM. The lucrative meats were sold into public markets to enrich Russian leaders. The grains were used by Russia to increase strategic stockpiles. As to the Russian monetary collapse, much of it was real--due to syphoning off large portions into secret military projects. But at least part was exacerbated by Russian stockpiling of large cash reserves offshore for strategic purposes as well as personal corruption by Communist leaders, erroneously downplayed by the media as the Russian Mafia. Since the US Treasury sends millions in $100 bills over to Moscow each week for payoff money to Russian leaders, it is hardly believable that they didn't know about the stashing of millions in offshore accounts. I think the latest "discoveries" and audits were merely a cover so that IMF and Central Bank leaders could claim ignorance of what was a well known scandal in high international financial circles. Conveniently, these revelations only come forth after the aid is already in Russian hands--so it could not be recalled if there were a public outrage. Clearly, this is pattern of collusion is too common to be an honest mistake--it's been going on for 60 years.

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Despite public pronouncements by President Clinton that the United States would "take very seriously" any use of force by China against Taiwan, behind closed doors the US is doing everything possible to enforce China's will upon Taiwan. The Clinton Administration has abruptly canceled all military exchanges and visits by Taiwan officials and has put in abeyance all military assistance programs, including spare parts for the F-16s sold to Taiwan. The military visit most affected by the ban was the one scheduled to discuss anti-ballistic missile systems for Taiwan--systems that China does not want Taiwan to possess. The Clinton Pentagon has been looking for an excuse to make sure Taiwan doesn't receive these systems and now has that excuse. The free Chinese are clearly being punished for their impudence. In addition, early warning radar and surveillance aircraft talks are being halted. The E-2 Hawkeye planes are needed as an early warning system in order to deter a Chinese surprise attack across the narrow straits. The decision to put off the air defense talks was made by National Security Adviser Samuel R. Berger who is seen as the establishment's "China boy" inside the Clinton Administration. Defense Secretary William S. Cohen's remarks to reporters that "it's important that any discussion between China and Taiwan also be conducted in a peaceful fashion, and that there should be no military attempt to overwhelm or launch attacks against Taiwan" are hollow in the context of the pressure being put on Taiwan to capitulate.

ANALYSIS: Like the Israeli-Palestinian "peace talks" these are totally one- sided negotiations. There is virtually no pressure being put on China to accept Taiwan's independence--none!. All the pressure is on Taiwan to back down. This confirms a pattern in US negotiations that has been consistent since the emergence of Communism in 1917. Communist nations are always portrayed as the dangerous, yet insecure underdogs that must be pampered and coddled by the West in order to avoid further conflict. Thus, US pressure in negotiations is always aimed at forcing the pro- western government involved to capitulate to Communist demands. If any conditions are put upon the Communist side, they are not strictly enforced. But there is no such permissiveness accorded the hapless Taiwanese. The US is making sure that the demands placed upon Taiwan are deadly in scope so their will be no escape from the pressure. The cut off of new military sales to Taiwan, coupled with simultaneous military technology transfers to China, will ensure that Taiwan's present technological advantage over China will be eroded within 4 or 5 years. Even more immediate consequences will come from the abrupt cutoff of spare parts for the US supplied F- 16 fighters. Without a constant supply of spare parts, Taiwan's modern fighters will be grounded within a year. Within diplomatic circles the US State Department will begin to send threatening messages to other potential allies and trading partners of Taiwan to ensure that Taiwan cannot circumvent the US pressure. So, by the seriousness of the US military secret embargo, one can see how deeply our government is committed to Red China--and this despite recent espionage scandals, its horrific human rights record, and its continued supply of missile technology to Islamic states and North Korea. The US depth of commitment and pattern of support for a sworn enemy can never be explained away by the normal spat of "national interest" policies. These are deliberate deceptions born out of dark, underlying conspiracies against God, man, and liberty. Tiny nations are the pawns to be sacrificed, and eventually even the reigning queen in this macabre chess game (the US) will fall--but the globalist players who control the key elements of government and finance will survive in their bunkers and live to play another day, on a new-world- order chess board. Sadly, we are watching the beginning of the end for Taiwan. I don't think it will culminate in an immediate invasion, but it will surely result in a Taiwan too weak to fight back when China finally makes her move.

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AUGUST, 1999


The Clinton administration is warning Congress of potentially dangerous consequences if it supports a bill to increase military aid to Taiwan. This warning comes on the heels of public announcements by the same administration publicly defending its sale of "defensive" military equipment to Taiwan.

ANALYSIS: There is something wrong with this picture. If the administration in principle favors an effective defense of Taiwan, then why object to an increase in such measures? The pro- China boys in the White House claim it will provoke China, but China is already provoked. I think the administration is merely posturing to appear to be standing up to China's demands. In reality China and the Clinton administration work hand-in-glove on virtually every issue. It is Taiwan that always gets the cold shoulder in the real world, out of the public view. One of Clinton's yes-men in the military, Adm. Dennis Blair, commander in chief of U.S. forces in the Pacific, was heard telling Congressmen in an official hearing that he thought Taiwan was "the turd in the punchbowl" and candidly said, "I don't think we should support them at all." Anyone familiar with the military knows that a ranking admiral of this stature wouldn't dare make statements of this kind unless supported by the administration. With this kind of leadership in the Pacific Fleet, charged with Taiwan's defense under the Taiwan Relations Act, a sellout is assured. I think it is clear that the "powers that be" are only playing lip service to Taiwan's security and fully intend to make sure it does not have sufficient deterrence to win in the end. Above all, I never believe what any US government official says--I just watch what they do. As a matter of fact, actual deliveries of US equipment to Taiwan are still on hold. I expect a trickle to be released just to keep Taiwan on the hook, but slow military strangulation will be the ultimate goal. The US did it before with Chang Kai Shek, and we will see it again.

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REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS FAIL TO DOWNGRADE CHINA'S TRADE STATUS Incredibly, the Republican-controlled Congress has voted to maintain China's "most favored nation" trade status, despite recent espionage scandals. Worse, their lack of courage to stand up to increased Chinese local tyranny, abortion, and human rights violations was based upon the example of two prominent Christian theologians in the US, both encouraging appeasment of China. Revs. Billy Graham and Pat Robertson have extensive dealings with the Chinese government and have been promised "favorable treatment" if they refrain from criticizing Beijing. Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., of the House subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights said that both Graham and Robertson played significant roles in inducing Republicans to bow to China. According to the Washington Times, Smith said, "While I believe that Billy Graham is a great preacher of the gospel, he actually gives aid and comfort (to China) and his son more so." Smith told of a meeting he had with Franklin Graham, who brought some Chinese leaders to his office to meet with him. "I confronted those leaders with the fact that they are in charge of keeping anyone who really wants to practice his faith out of the state churches. Whole parts of the Bible are excised out, including the entire book of Revelations, and no one under 18 is allowed to study the gospel. Franklin got very upset because he thought I was being impolite to his Communist friends, but their whole role in life is to make sure the church does not expand and that it is a showcase for international audiences." Steven Mosher, advocate of Chinese dissidents, says he understands why Pat Robertson and Billy Graham are saying "nice things" about China. "They want their particular organizations to be able to operate in China. Pat Robertson is now able to hold events in China. Billy Graham is able to go to China to preach. I encourage them to go to China to try to convert the Chinese people, but they shouldn't allow themselves to be used by China in this way."

ANALYSIS: This spiritual deception of thinking one can really trust the Communists to be friendly to religion, in exchange for silence on matters of liberty, is infecting every main stream denomination interested in gaining a foothold in China. Frankly I don't have much patience with religious leaders that kow tow to the butchers of Beijing and justify it on grounds that this is "God's way" of opening doors. The only doors that are opening are trap doors. Religious leaders caught embracing tyrants in front of television cameras should consider what kind of message that sends to the true believers in China, longing for liberty.

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July 27 Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Wesley Clark was suddenly sacked, sending shock waves through the lines of military Generals worried about pleasing the Clinton Administration. He will be replaced by a more reliable Clinton man, Air Force General Joseph Ralston, currently Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). According to Newsweek magazine, Clark had confrontations with the White House as well as with a British Lt. Gen. Michael Jackson during the Kosovo campaign. Clark ordered KFOR British Air Commander Jackson to land helicopters at the Pristina airport in order to prevent Russian troops from landing there, but Jackson refused and wouldn't tell Clark why. Clark reportedly was furious when the White House not only refused to back him up but refused to explain why they were protecting the Russian intervention.

ANALYSIS: From a military view, interdicting the Russian surprise advance was the correct thing to do, but Clark failed to realize that his own NWO bosses had other reasons for allowing the Russians to take up their blocking position at the airport. When queried at a Senate committee meeting about why he had been caught off guard on the Pristina-Russia issue, Clark protested that he was not caught off guard. He said he had been prevented from stopping the Russians by higher authority. He refused to say who, but it obviously had to come from the White House or the Joint Chiefs, which are directly controlled by the White House. British Gen. Jackson was apparently privy to the globalist plans to allow the Russians into Pristina so that the Russian negotiating position could be improved. Clark's sacking indicates that he wasn't a true insider and lacked an intimate knowledge of the hidden agenda behind the scenes. Those that run these government conspiracies can use willing yes-men like Clark, but when it becomes obvious to such persons that they are being used, some react negatively enough that the establishment controllers decide to replace them with someone more compliant. This is apparently what happened here. That doesn't mean Clark is on the principled side, only that he wasn't subservient enough for their sensitive and secret agenda.

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Iran has downgraded its Shihab-3 program and is focusing on longer-range missiles that can strike Europe and the United States, a senior Israeli defense source said Iran is switching resources from its Shihab-3 missiles, with an intermediate range of 1,300 kilometers, to concentrate on the new Shihab-5 missiles with a range of up to 6,000 miles, capable of hitting Europe and the US.

ANALYSIS: Looks like the rest of the world is planning on taking advantage of the US government's suicidal refusal to shield the American people from ballistic missiles. Within two years the US will be subject to nuclear ballistic missile attack from no less than 4 nations: Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. The only one not intending to blackmail the US is Russia--they intend to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike at US military targets in order to blackmail Europe into submission.

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Despite US/Japanese pressure Pyongyang announced it will not be deterred from launching another "satellite" with its new 3-stage rocket, built with Chinese technical assistance. North Korea is expanding facilities at their launch base on the east coast. They're constructing facilities for storing and piping liquid fuel and oxidizing agents for the launch.

ANALYSIS: Tracking this issue will be important for timing of the next Asian conflict. Once both China and North Korea can threaten the US west coast (LA basin) with missiles, they will be in a position to launch out against both Taiwan and South Korea. They may well be planning a coordinated attack on both areas in order to split US forces sent in response. One of the reasons the US government (under either party) refuses to deploy an effective anti-ballistic missile system in the US is to make sure we are subject to nuclear blackmail in any upcoming conflict. Notice that the US now only acts decisively to achieve military victory when it has a New World Order advancement purpose (Desert Storm, Kosovo). When the object is victory for the forces of liberty and independence as in Taiwan, South Korea, or Vietnam, government planners purposely "bungle" the job or maneuver our military into a "bind" that cannot be successfully unraveled without appealing to a negotiated settlement in favor of communist forces.

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KLA hit squads are systematically exacting revenge upon Serbs. Not only are able bodied Serb men targeted, but old men and women as well. The campaign against older people is clearly meant as a means of intimidation to the whole body of remaining Serbs. The goal of the KLA is an independent muslim Albanian state, which cannot be accomplished unless Albanians are a vast majority. This is what the world condemned Slobodon Milosevic for attempting. Not only are Serbs being targeted but gypsies and other non-Albanian ethnic minorities. KFOR forces are relatively powerless to stop these small-scale killings. They simply don't have the number nor the training to act as local police.

ANALYSIS: The KLA actions are a form of terrorism and guerrilla operations. As in Ireland, an outside military force is hopelessly frustrated when dealing with a local enemy that forms an integral part of the community. Only police intimately familiar with every person in a town are capable of closely investigating and tracking down local terrorists, criminals and assassins. One has to know the language and the people well enough to know who is trustworthy and who is a suspect. G.I.s in Vietnam were likewise handicapped in ferreting out the Viet Cong from among sympathetic villages. Foreign military forces can only work with the cumbersome restrictions like curfews and checkpoints, which is rarely effective, and builds hostility among most of the population. NATO is either trying to do one of two things in Kosovo. Either she is trying to foment future war by keeping this area unstable or she is trying to establish a permanent role in Kosovo to act as a testing ground for global governance. I believe right now that NATO has chosen the latter course. The globalists may be trying to show the world that UN forces can go into any hotspot, clean it up and take over until the appropriate "yes-man" local leadership is found who will do the NWO bidding. That is why Milosovich has to go. He's of the old independent communist mold like Tito, and won't play ball with the NWO crowd.

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According to a BBC report, 2 US military transport planes carrying commandos have landed in Pakistan in what appears to be the start of an offensive against Osama Bin Laden who is hiding in neighboring Afghanistan. Looks like Clinton will stop at nothing to make another flashy propaganda victory. Reports told how dozens of US military commandos took up combat positions near the planes and barred anyone from approaching the area. It is amazing to me how few countries seem to be able to say no to such US intrusions. Though Bin Laden is no friend of liberty, the CIA has been dealing with him for years. Like the CIA's boy in Panama (Manuel Noriega) it becomes convenient once in a while to turn on one's cohorts in crime. It keeps up the terror factor and gives the US government some occasional "success" stories in their phony wars against crime and drugs.

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Yeltsin surprised Kremlin watchers by naming Federal Security Service Director Vladimir Putin to the post instead of top insider, Deputy Prime Minister Nikolai Aksenenko.

ANALYSIS: What is going on in Russia is rather complicated, so let me describe the key players for you. First, a general overview. As my readers know, I subscribe to the premise that the demise of Soviet Communism was and still is a carefully crafted fraud. The Communists are still in charge, but must allow for and manage the appearances of democracy and even permit political instability in order to make the ruse believable. The secret leaders of Soviet Communism treated themselves to the spoils of the Soviet era when they took possession of all the major government industries (their version of "privatization") and began to function as "the Russian Mafia." The top secret leader today is most likely the former "secretary" of the Confederation of States (CIS) Boris Berezovsky. He would be synonymous with the West's David Rockefeller. One piece of evidence supporting this conclusion is that whenever Yeltsin and Berezovsky enter a room together, Yeltsin steps aside and lets Boris enter first. In Kremlin body language, this is consistently a sign of Berezovsky's superior position. But what is happening in Russia is a semi-legitimate political struggle, only slightly different from what goes on in the West during an election. The "powers that be" are in effective control in the US, but lack absolute control. In Russia, the "powers that be" (POB) have absolute control, but have to play like the don't. In the West the POB predetermine who will run for President in both parties since they control the leadership of both parties. No one lower than the top levels knows the full extent of conspiracy, though most know there are large blocks of power mysteriously wielded by certain men higher up. In Russia the Communists control all the levers of power where it counts: The Federal Security Service (the old KGB) and the military. It took the Kremlin a couple of years to retake all the positions of heads of State in the various "former" Soviet Republics. Some, like Georgia, Latvia and Belorussia, they had to take by force. Now, what they have to control are those would-be up and coming socialists and communists who are duped into thinking the system is partial democracy. These men are attracted to mayoral races of large cities and Duma Parliamentary slots. These former Communists and socialists who are trying to bypass the old way of gaining power have to be manipulated or, in some other way, controlled so that they don't actually win a presidential election. Remember that in no case do you have legitimate freedom fighters come to the forefront in Russian politics--only some variant of socialism or Communism.

The latest newcomer to challenge the Russian POB is Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov. He has begun a new political movement called "The Fatherland" movement. In his bid to consolidate power, he has joined forces in a coalition with the "All Russia" bloc led by Tatarstan President Mintimer Shaimiev and now is big enough to threaten Yeltsin's ability to determine a de facto successor (as normally happens in Russian elections). The Kremlin bosses behind Yeltsin had to act. Prime Minister Stepashin was unable to muster sufficient pressure upon the opposition to keep this merger from happening, and thus Yeltsin was instructed to replace him with a stronger "enforcer" who had more political weight. In Russia, the highest political weight goes to he who controls the FSS--the brutal Federal Security Service, which, despite euphemistic comparisons to our FBI is still a group of professional thugs. I think that is why the Kremlin picked Putin, rather than deputy PM Aksenenko. Before the shakeup, the Kremlin even offered to allow PM Stepashin to step down in order to offer himself as the titular leader of Luzhkin's new Fatherland-All Russia coalition. However, Stepashin's was rejected. Former PM Yvgeny Primokov had already privately offered to lead the new movement as its presidential candidate. Both Primakov's and Stepashin's offers were an attempt to co-opt the new movement by infiltration with one of the Kremlin's own. Stepashin's ouster is now a second attempt to get him into the opposition movement. He is feigning being offended by his dismissal and is again making overtures to the new movement to join in their leadership. But Luzhkov continues to favor Primokov as the titular head of the opposition under Luzhkov. So now there are two former PMs trying to play like they have joined a large opposition bloc of power. Either or both could be and probably are Kremlin plants, so if Luzhkin isn't careful its only a matter of time before he is dethroned (unless they decide to let him into the inner circle and have real power--which could happen).

There are a couple of other key players to keep in mind. One is Rem Viakhirev, head of the Russian energy giant GAZPROM, which supplies all of Russia and nearly a third of Europe's natural gas supplies. Another is by Anatoly Chubais, who currently heads United Energy Systems, Russia's electricity production conglomerate. Both of these semi-private companies control a large percentage of political money necessary to survive in the political arena. I strongly suspect the Chubais is a top insider just under Berezovsky. He is one of the major powers behind the rise of Vladamir Putin, the new PM. In 1996, when Chubais ran the Kremlin administration, he brought Putin from St. Petersburg to serve on his team in the Kremlin. As you can see, these positions of wealth and power in major state industries are reserved for the real POB, or their underlings. Interestingly, in a recent interview with the French paper Le Monde, Boris Berezovsky said bluntly that the GASPROM head, Rem Viakhirev, would have to soon resign on his post due to political reasons. Berezovsky said that, "Rem Viakhirev has behaved in an unacceptable manner by supporting [Yuri] Luzhkov." Berezovsky was quite candid when he was quoted as saying, "The state is the majority shareholder in GAZPROM and it is not normal for its financial muscles to be used against the president and the government."

So the game is to deny support or co-opt the Kremlin's political competitors. Luzhkov is now viewed as the major threat to Yeltsin and his clique. The battle between Yeltsin's main oligarch backer Berezovsky and Gazprom tycoon Viakhirev is the second recent proxy war Berezovsky has fought against Luzhkov on behalf of Yeltsin in the past few weeks. In July, Berezovsky waged a media war against Luzhkov-backer, Vladimir Gusinsky, head of MOST Media Group. Berezovsky controls the state-run ORT television network, which is essentially the mouthpiece of the Yeltsin administration. ORT and the MOST Media Group's NTV challenged each other over the allegations NTV aired about the Yeltsin administration corruption. The muscle was brought in to control MOST by sending in the Russian tax police to raid MOST Media's offices (shades of our own IRS). By putting Gusinsky's media empire under pressure Yeltsin eliminated Luzhkov's strongest media supporter, and sent a threatening message to all other independent media to tow the line during the upcoming parliamentary elections campaign. Even though I believe in separate conspiratorial power blocs in both East and West, it is amazing to see how similar their methods have become.

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The China Morning News got a stunning leak from the recent PLA meeting in Beidaihe, China. Besides deciding to invade a small outlying island occupied by Taiwan, the PLA leadership agreed to give the US time to pressure Taiwan. The source claimed the PLA leadership had confidence in Washington's private pledge to pressure the Lee administration into backing down on its ''pro-independence gambit''. The source said Beijing might be willing to shelve its military action if there were signs Taipei had succumbed to American pressure. The Reds bragged, "We're going to do something. We can't tell you what, but we're going to do something,"

ANALYSIS: Once again, these secret assurances of US support provide more evidence that the US may, indeed, have a secret pact with Red China that will play a major role in betraying the Russia-China mutual security pact during the next war.

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This year, for the first time since the so-called demise of the USSR, Russia will add another radar station to its illegal national Missile Warning System [MWS] according to IZVESTIA. It reports rather candidly, that "Moscow has started to modernize the MWS which was built in the dismal years of the Cold War." This is important since Russia has always maintained its verbal compliance with the ABM treaty outlawing all but a single Moscow radar. Izvestia reported that, "The Commander of Russia's Strategic Missile Force, General Vladimir Yakovlev, has just inspected a mothballed radar station not far from the Belorussian city of Baranovichi. He has given the go-ahead to complete the radar station by the end of the year, and in 2000 it will already hooked up to the national MWS for combat patrol duty.

ANALYSIS: This is more evidence of Russian continued military buildup in preparation for a pre-emptive strike. All the while Russia continues to clamor for the US to abide by the ABM treaty and not build an ABM system. As a matter of fact, these MWS radars are not missile warnings radars at all. They, like the US, have satellites for warning purposes. These are phased array radars for helping ABM missiles to target incoming US missiles--clearly illegal under the ABM treaty.

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Russian participation in the International Space Station continues to have underlying tones of deception. While Russia continues to keep its costly, decrepit and aging MIR space station in orbit, after having promised to abandon it several times in the past two years, they continue to plead poverty in terms of carrying their share of the new Space Station costs. Not to worry, the US taxpayers will generously pick up the Russian portion. Worse yet, the Clinton Administration continues to share all of our latest high technology secrets with the Russians to keep the station on schedule. Every portion of the station designed and developed by the Russians has been plagued with problems that conveniently need US technical assistance to solve. The Russian financial problems have forced NASA to devote extra billions of dollars to pay for station hardware and services the Russian Space Agency was supposed to provide. The US set themselves up for the squeeze play by allowing the Russians to built the crucial Service Module, which will provide early crew living space. NASA officials protested in the planning stages, but were forced to accept political compromises in the Russian's favor forced on them by the Clinton Administration. Since the Russians are defaulting, and the project is being built in Russia, it forces NASA to send all of our technology over to Russia to help the Russians complete the service module. A NASA official complained, "The more we allow them to get away with, the more they'll demand...We have nothing to threaten them with. They own the keys to our space future." So, while this boondoggle was sold to the Congress as a joint effort, it has turned out to be almost a total US funded project. Now, US astronauts complain that Russia is pre-empting their training at the Russia-based underwater training center. The Russians have sent in for long-term training a second team that is not supposed to be so trained--pre-empting American first team training. One or two honest officials have quietly voiced concern that the Russians may be planning to take over the space station once it is built. Naturally, the US agreed to key Russian demands that facilitates a potential and future Russian take-over: that, once built, the Space Station will be totally dependent on resupply rockets from Russia. Table of Contents



Once again, the media is trying to put a favorable spin on Clinton's bold move to grant clemency to the Puerto Rican FALN (Fuerzas Armadas de Liberacion National) terrorists. Crowing that none of the 16 have actually been convicted of bombing," the media hopes to take away any criminal taint from the subjects. Of course they haven't been convicted of the actual bombing--which is almost impossible to prove. But they were convicted of conspiracy, to the acts and had contributed to the bomb making. That's how most terrorists are convicted--not by the actual act. The media also conveniently fails to point out the Marxist ideology behind almost all "wars of national liberation" supported by the leftist US State Department. FALN was created and backed by Cuban and Russian aid and advisors. The independence movement is nothing less than an attempt to form another Cuba in an off shore US territory. The more the evidence surfaces, the more it appears that these arrangements to secure clemency for the FALN terrorists has been going on for months. I think it goes deeper than trying to impress the Hispanic community in New York about the Clinton's ability to pander to them--for the sake of Hillary's Senate bid. Even Hillary realized that no amount of political benefit to her sagging campaign could counter the backlash of her husband creating the image of supporting terrorism--or even being "soft on terrorism." Where does Clinton get off with playing bully to selective "terrorist" regimes around the world (like Milosovic), and then playing soft on terrorists close to home. I'll tell you what I think. Its related to which communists have agreed to play along with the NWO game plan and which have not. Castro and Cuba have long been protected and favored by the establishment left because they will play a key future role in taking down America in the next war. I think Puerto Rico is part of that plan to build up a viable Latin American threat to our shores. Ever since the defeat of the independence referendum vote in Puerto Rico, the radical leftist FALN has desperately needed another rallying cry to awaken the independence issue. I think that's what this whole clemency controversy is all about--to create a catalyst for the Puerto Rican community to take part in some knee-jerk defensive reaction that will rally support around these "reformed" terrorists who now miraculously "renounce violence" Like South Africa's communist ANC, this paves the way for FALN to now join the legitimate political process here and in Puerto Rico, where they will eventually be able to beat the drums of independence again--till they get their way, democratically. There is tremendous risk for Clinton to play soft with terrorism. He would never have done this had there not been something bigger at stake than Hillary's candidacy. In my mind, this clearly has NWO overtones as is evidenced by the media's complicity in putting a favorable face on this issue. In contrast, why no hue and cry to release the Branch Davidian participants who were convicted on the flimsiest of conspiratorial evidence? Why do only leftist prisoners get labeled favorably as "political prisoners". Right-wing "enemies of the state" get locked away for life and the key is thrown away. Table of Contents


Peter Phillips, Director of Project Censored, charges that "the mainstream media in the United States is aware that the Pentagon and NATO were releasing biased and false information regarding the war in Kosovo yet they continued to pass on the information to the American public as if it were gospel...there were a barrage of distortions and half-truths from government information manipulators...baloney-ladened military briefings in Brussels...cryptic shows at the Pentagon". Writing in June's American Journalism Review, Patrick Sloyan described how the elite of US media "complained to President Clinton, but failed to use their power to challenge the government." Here are some of the revelations which indicate that the US was operating under a much different agenda than publicly stated. The French Le Nouvel Observatoeur in Paris ( 7/1/99 ) described how NATO initially thought that two days of bombing would be enough and that Milosevic would capitulate quickly. But as the bombing dragged on the US began hitting targets that were in direct conflict with NATO agreed upon targets and plans. One French military official said that, "The USAF refused to abide by phase one, two and three. It intended to hit military and political targets everywhere." The deliberate destruction of public utilities left many Serbians without power, water and heating, yet the Pentagon persisted in saying they were attacking only legitimate military targets. How could all of this massive civilian destruction just be collateral damage? Another French official added, "We were on a the verge of an open clash with Washington." I think the US clearly wanted to create enough civilian damage to be able later to use the leverage of "reconstruction aid" to determine political events in Serbia. The US government's response to their failures to curb critical foreign press coverage was to keep stories hostile to NATO from reaching the wires. When that failed, the US government called a meeting of all major media in the US and got all to agree to spike foreign reports. Even a cursory comparison on the Internet of Reuter's European reports and those allowed by Reuters (US) to be aired in the US was enough to show censorship. Now the US has created a new International Public Information Group( IPI ) , made up of top military, diplomatic and intelligence officials, to systematically control the flow of news to the US. --No protest from the media. What hypocrites!

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KOSOVO LIBERATION ARMY EVADING DEMILITARIZATION The KLA, the Marxist guerrilla movement in Kosovo, is privately declaring its intention to disregard the NATO deadline of Sunday 19, September, when demilitarization was supposed to be complete. According to one NATO official, several KLA commanders are keeping their military organization intact and hiding their weapons. Other larger artillery weapons have been stored in warehouses under the guard of the KLA themselves. NATO is trying to pacify the KLA with offers to allow them to form a 4,000 man "national disaster force" to provide emergency assistance, VIP protection and ceremonial duties. Naturally, the catch is that this "Kosovo Corps," as it is to be called, will be under UN authority in Kosovo. Commandant Remi, one of Kosovo's most powerful zone commanders said: "Only one part of the KLA will be transformed into this new (peace) force. It will be a kind of military force with light arms. We want to work with NATO on this. Eventually, however, the KLA will be transformed into the army of Kosovo with the right to demand military service (conscription)." Agim Ceku, the chief of the KLA general staff, who is in charge of negotiations over the demilitarization, said: "The KLA will not be disarmed. There is a big difference between being disarmed and demilitarized. The KLA will be transformed." One KLA soldier was reported as saying, "When the fighting stopped we were told to take our guns and go home. No one will ever think about handing those guns in."

ANALYSIS: This is precisely what I predicted would happen based upon early reports of NATO's secret support of the KLA and the subsequent turning a blind eye to KLA hiding of weapons in private homes. In reality, all KLA commanders are keeping their organizations and weapons structures in tact--they simply are going underground. Already thousands of guns, mortars and rocket-propelled grenade launchers are secretly hidden away by individual guerrillas. In defense of their position, KLA leaders are now revealing heretofore secret promises made to them by NATO, which NATO is now trying to back out of without admitting they were ever made. The KLA says that in February, NATO promised that they would become the future army of Kosovo in exchange for its backing of the Rambouillet peace accord. However, now that this one-sided "peace deal" fell through (how can you have a "deal" when the Serbs refuse to sign?) NATO doesn't want to go through with their promises to the KLA. My readers should keep in mind this basic strategy that the NWO people have been using for years: the West covertly supports communist and militant socialist movements at various times and places while they try to cultivate within those movements leftist leaders who will be willing to yield ultimate control to the NWO for mutual promises of benefit. Those who are hard line communists, NAZIs etc. and independents who won't buy into the NWO game plan, are later marked for elimination (usually during the next war). The KLA is being worked on by the NWO boys to see if they will play ball. It is clear now to me that the UN never intends to allow any independence in former Yugoslavia unless they can install sympathetic puppet leaders of their own kind. If the KLA can become submissive to NATO, they will be let in on the overall game plan and you will see NATO allow them to become the official army of Kosovo. If they continue to resist control, we will see them slowly eliminated, or undermined.

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While being heralded by the mainstream media as a major source of Soviet era insider information, I am of the opinion that the newest revelations by Vasili Mitrokhin about KGB activities are half truths and disinformation meant to cloud the real picture. His book, ``Sword and the Shield: Secret History of the KGB'' with the aid of leftist British academic Christopher Andrew tells of tantalizing stuff gleaned from his work years earlier as an archivist in the Soviet Union. He claims to have smuggled out key information in his shoe and in other implausible means. Among other things, he names Claude Estier, the leader of the governing Socialist party in the French Senate and a confidant of the late President Mitterrand as a key agent for the KGB in France. He also says that Soviet spies buried explosives across the United States and Europe as part of a Cold War sabotage campaign that identified power stations, fuel pipelines and other infrastructure sites. In another revelation, he is sure to please the US government by his claims that the KGB planted disinformation after the JFK assassination putting the blame for the hit upon the CIA and other US government agents.

ANALYSIS: Both BBC and CBS are giving this fellow a major voice in their media, which immediately makes him suspect. Previous defectors who had legitimate and damaging revelations about the grand "fall of Communism" deception are never given the time of day. Lets look at the facts. True, Claude Estier has been a secret communist spy for years, but, according to Hillaire Du Barrier, Estier's boss in the communist cell was Mitterand himself. French intelligence agents had to destroy or hide numerous files they had on Mitterand's communist collaboration when he became French Premier and later French President. Now that's news! If Mitrokhin had the goods on Estier, he surely would have known of Mitterand. His omissions are meant to protect the heavy hitters from scrutiny. As for the buried explosives, some of these claims are certainly true, but probably only in rural areas where excavations near gas or oil pipelines would go unnoticed, behind dams where underwater Spetznas troops could have planted them undetected. However, the quantity of explosives needed to blow up major facilities would require huge excavations right under the nose of facility guards and workers. It reminds me of Dr. Peter Beter's claims about the Soviets hiding underwater buried missiles in permanent silos off shore the US. This is hardly likely due to the constant need to maintain nuclear missiles and refresh the nuclear core materials--hardly a "leave and forget" system. Lastly, the claim that US government agents are responsible for JFK's death is based upon a variety of credible evidence--not Soviet disinformation--including hundreds of witnesses who were coerced by government agents to change their story or be "terminated. It was totally unnecessary for the Soviets to plant disinformation about something that was true--unless there is a lack of evidence. But there was plenty of forensic evidence of multiple bullets. The government's subsequent suborning to perjury of doctors and military personal during the autopsy proves government involvement that doesn't need any KGB help. This little piece of reverse misinformation (lying about disinformation) real purpose is to shield the NWO types who killed Kennedy to make him a martyr and accelerate the social legislation languishing in Congress. It does this by discrediting and branding all JFK conspiratorial writers as dupes of the KGB. I can just hear Dan Rather suggesting that in "60 minutes".

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The United States and North Korea negotiated a tentative deal on Sept. 12, 1999. The deal provides assurances that North Korea won't test long-range missiles, but strangely doesn't say what the US promised in return. This follows a CIA report last week that warned that North Korea could "potentially kill tens of thousands or millions of Americans" with its ballistic missiles armed with chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. Even CBS got in on the act by revealing in a new documentary how aggressively the North Koreans are developing their nuclear weapons capability. They showed a high-resolution satellite image of a remote N. Korean island, revealing a helicopter pad, road leading to an underground facility and a ventilator shaft. It also shows a large pier for unloading supplies to the island. But it's the technology of multi-spectral analysis that gave evidence that this facility is producing plutonium.

ANALYSIS: This is nothing the US government doesn't already know. The CIA also knows that the North Koreans are going to continue building and preparing, so this agreement provides no protection to South Koreans or US citizens in LA or Alaska--it only postpones the inevitable blackmail and makes sure that when they do start testing missiles again, they will be much closer to having a nuclear/biological arsenal ready to go. I suspect the real reason behind the deal is to protect the Chinese who are swarming all over Korea giving technical assistance in both rockets and missile technology. This agreement further protects China from Congressional scrutiny on this and other non-proliferation issues, of which China is a gross violator, requiring that Clinton respond with sanctions.

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Clinton declined to offer direct US intervention in East Timor, stating that, "The US cannot intervene everywhere in the world... but just because we have different interests in different parts of the world does not mean we can be indifferent to the destruction of innocents in any part of the world". He strongly suggested that the UN should authorize regional organizations to handle crises such as East Timor. Clinton cited Australia's stance on East Timor as evidence that sometimes nations simply have to act rather than wait for UN approval. This was a reiteration of his justification for going into Kosovo without UN security council approval (which he knew would be vetoed by Russia and China. Clinton directly contradicted a previous speech by UN Secretary-general Kofi Annan demanding that UN authority was required before any intervention. He said, "UN authorization is not always needed. The way the international community responds will depend upon the capacity of countries to act, and on their perception of their national interests."

ANALYSIS: There is a standardized response to the contradiction of why the sacrosanct "international community" intervenes in some areas of genocide and not others and still claim the moral high ground. Clinton talked here about our "capacity to act" and Chris Patten on The News Hour with Jim Lehre parroted Tony Blair's criteria of "where we can be effective." They are clearly carving out an excuse for why they don't intervene in the huge human rights violations of China and other super powers. But Clinton is also bowing out of having troops in East Timor because he correctly senses that he cannot push his luck with the American's low tolerance for unlimited deployments--especially if they get bloody (which could happen in East Timor if the Aussies venture outside Dili).

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Morton Halperin is a consummate CFR insider comparable to Henry Kissinger. Read his cogent assessment of what China must accomplish to be able to move against the Western powers: "China wants a free hand in Asia, but is checked by American nuclear predominance and naval superiority. To overcome these it must build a blue-water navy, which it is doing, and augment its nuclear forces to the point where they are powerful and survivable enough to neutralize even far greater American capabilities. To do so, they must keep missiles at sea in relatively invulnerable extended bastions within range of the entire U.S. And for this they must have multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles (MIRVs) so they can triple the power of their arsenal and make economical the portage of missiles in submarines. Although they cannot do it themselves, to succeed they must miniaturize their warheads to pack them into sea-launched missiles, they must master the complicated carry-and-release system known as the bus, and they must have the machine tools to craft such things and the knowledge of composites and ceramics to design nose cones to shield them. As they are signatories of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, they must rely upon supercomputers for the design and simulation testing of their miniaturized warheads. President Clinton overruled various agencies and allowed the Chinese these computers, as he allowed them previously restricted machine tools from a defunct McDonnell Douglas production line in St. Louis, and as he intervened to protect the provision of American instruction in launching multiple communications satellites on one rocket: i.e. transferring the fundamentals of MIRVing and bus design..." Wash Post, February 27, 1999

ANALYSIS: Every single thing that Halperin explains has been accomplished by China through the collaboration and assistance of the very organization that Halperin works for. Little wonder that his analysis is so "prescient". This is more evidence that the NWO has purposeful plans for a well armed China in a future military conflict.

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In Time magazine's article "HOW WE SPIED ON YOU," Spooks (old spies from various intelligence agencies around the world) met in Berlin to trade war stories about their various experiences. Here's a telling quote: "The Russians asserted a huge advantage in human intelligence, with Kalugin claiming that 200 Russian agents had penetrated virtually all branches of the U.S. government by 1948. As one ex-CIA agent joked, 'all those conspiracy theories of the 1950s turned out to be true after all."

ANALYSIS: How convenient to look back and laugh at all the damage to national security that occurred through this massive conspiracy and yet never breathe a word of apology to old Joe McCarthy and the Birch Society who were and still are vilified for trying to uncover and stop this infiltration. As Sterling Allen said, "The same liberals who adamantly denied that there was a conspiracy back then (and who knew perfectly well not only that there was such a conspiracy but that they were part of it) are now joking about it having been true after all." However, the greatest evil is that they refuse to allow anyone on the Right to utter the "C" word (conspiracy) without responding with snickers and derogatory inferences about McCarthyism. Yes, there was a Communist conspiracy during the war years, but that's not all, by a long shot. By far the most dangerous conspiracy, which is still never admitted by liberal participants, is the one within British and American power circles that knowingly allowed the Soviets to spy and steal secrets--for purposes of manipulating future world events through war. The smug Russians still don't realize fully that their so-called successes were aided and abetted by the NWO conspiracy --a process that is now reaching its culmination in a future nuclear WW III--destined to forever rearrange the world as we know it.

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Despite ongoing investigations throughout the US and Europe on Russian massive diversions of Western aid and funds to the personal secret bank accounts of the Russian Communist hierarchy (misnamed, Russian Mafia) the IMF again decides to bailout the Russians with more billions from the magic surplus the West thinks they possess.

ANALYSIS: This IMF loan will actually come by a combination of credits from the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and other US and German banks. At least a major portion of the funds will end up right back in Western banks where the Russian power elite park almost all their money anyway. Perhaps this "round robin" system of loans and deposits is a hidden benefit to certain banks. But ultimately, the continued payments to Russia from the West are not the product of either stupidity and a naive liberal view of Russian intentions, but a concerted effort to make sure Russia has the funds to complete her secret military modernizations going on right now. The diversion of funds to secret bank accounts may well be in preparation by the Russian leadership to provide a personal escape for them into the West, should the coming war be lost, or they might be secret slush funds used to fund covert military acquisitions--and perhaps to serve both.

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In almost every liberal forum I hear or read from, the attack on the word "sovereignty" continues to occupy a front row seat. In every discussion of East Timor, we keep hearing the "sovereignty issues must not deter us from intervening in behalf of human rights." For example, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan warned that countries "cannot assume their national sovereignty will protect them from international intervention to stop human rights abuses." In the previous article on Kosovo from the Washington Post, the final sentence adds an attack against sovereignty: "But they add that sovereignty issues should not be allowed to stand in the way of Kosovo's progress because it will likely gain its independence anyway." Bologna!--Kosovo would never have gotten its independence under a Communist Yugoslavia--the government has a monopoly on power.

This week on the New Hour With Jim Lehre, NWO European spokesman Christopher Patten (who helped sell-out Hong Kong to Red China under Margaret Thatcher) interchanged 10 minutes worth of dialogue with his host on why sovereignty has to be "redefined" so as to allow "intervention by the International Community" at will (for human rights purpose, of course). Other notable NWO leaders echoed the attack on sovereignty at the UN General Assembly. "The United Nations' mission is not limited to the settlement of conflicts between states," Lionel Jospin, the Leftist Prime Minister of France, said, "With man's growing aspirations for greater freedom and responsibility, its mission extends to the protection of human dignity, within each state and, when necessary -- as the Charter allows --against states." Jospin denounced "state-instigated violence," and urged the UN to "uphold the principle of international intervention under U.N. auspices, to assist the victims." Robin Cook, Britain's Marxist foreign secretary, joined in, "We have a shared responsibility to act also when confronted with genocide, mass displacement of people or major breaches of international humanitarian law. To know that such atrocities are being committed and not to act against them is to make us complicit in them." But what about the known abuses in China. Everyone is strangely silent about them. But Portuguese President Jorge Fernando Branco de Sampaio (whose nation used to govern East Timor during colonial days) blamed the United Nations for not protecting the people who Portugal had allowed to seek independence. In reality, Portugal had only encouraged a Marxist takeover of East Timor, which had been resisted by the business community and Indonesia. "How could the United Nations, having organized the popular consultation (referendum), betray the confidence placed in it by the people of East Timor? " The refusal of the UN to intervene in the Communist backed terrorism in the past years has been, in my opinion, to facilitate the conflict now going on. Jorge Branco can't be that naive not to have seen this pattern before--especially since it has already been playing out in Angola and Mozambique for years. He is simply posturing to shift blame away from Portugal and save face.

ANALYSIS: Note how careful they are about openly calling for the destruction of national sovereignty. But here is the anomaly of logic. Sovereignty has been breached many times before in both war and peace--but world leaders never before tried to destroy the very concept of sovereignty, knowing how essential it was to their own claims to defense and liberty. But now it is clear that sovereignty has to go. Increasingly, you will hear news pundits referring to nations as mere "states". This is no accident. The intent is clearly to downgrade the notion of nationhood to that of small states forming part of the euphemistic "International Community." How benign sounding, but how deadly--once armed. The Chris Patten interview also discussed openly the broad intentions of the European Union to form a large unified Army in Europe. Patten was quick to point out that this would not replace NATO, but would only strengthen it in its new interventionist role, worldwide. As I pointed out in previous issues. This kind of talk confirms my thesis that the war in Kosovo was pursued in order to create a new role for the West as interventionists and aggressors throughout the world. This is necessary in order to give the Russians the proper "nationalistic" rational to justify a future attack on the West. How can she justify unleashing a nuclear holocaust if the "motherland" isn't threatened by Western Aggression? The West is, I believe, facilitating that rational by purposely engaging in that aggression.

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Portuguese state radio RDP is reporting that the pro-western UNITA opposition to the Communist Angola government has lost a major stronghold in Bailundo. The Angolan military was backed by Russian delivered Sukhoi bombers and long-range artillery. As in years past Cuban and Russian military advisors planned this major assault. UNITA said last week that the Angolan army had launched an offensive on an unprecedented scale, with fierce fighting in four regions of the former Portuguese colony. UNITA spokesman Carlos Morgado accused the government of using napalm, phosphorous bombs and defoliants, according to a report by the French agency AFP. The Angolan government receives most of its foreign reserves--funds it uses to buy Russian arms--from Chevron Oil Company who leases the Cabinda Oil fields. Chevron has resisted repeated appeals from American conservatives to stop funding the war against UNITA. Contrast this to Chevron and other establishment firms' willingness to pull out of apartheid South Africa. As usual, it's a one way New World Order, that only marches toward the Left. UNITA used to receive assistance from South Africa for arms, intelligence and even troop support until the pro-western government was forced to give control to the Communist dominated ANC and Marxist leader Nelson Mandela. Now UNITA must buy arms from the proceeds of captured diamond mines in its area of control. The Angolan government with massive infusion of Russian equipment is planning on capturing those fields to deprive UNITA of its source of revenue. While the media screams for intervention to save the communist insurgency and independence movement in East Timor, it is silent on the communist onslaught in Angola.

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According to Reuters, the UN is beginning the implementation of a major military and civilian operation to maintain law and order in East Timor and administer the territory for up to three years during its transition to independence. In a report to the UN Security Council, Kofi Annan said the proposed UN Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET) would include up to 8,950 troops, 200 military observers and 1,640 police, as well as a large but unspecified number of civilian officials. The transition to independence " is envisioned to last 2-3 years. He did not estimate the cost of UNTAET, which he said, "must be endowed with a robust mandate."

ANALYSIS: This is only the tip of the iceberg and reminds one of a similar mandate during 1992 and '93 to "maintain order" in Cambodia. That operation involved 22,000 UN personnel and cost $1.5 billion dollars. Since the UN is openly talking about "independence", we can only surmise that they intend to allow the Communist led FRETILIN coalition to strengthen their political control in East Timor so they can take over when "independence" is finally allowed. The UN never allows any group except the Marxist Left to control a country after a UN administration.

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The media pulled out all the propaganda stops to try and put a favorable light on this major pillar of disarmament, but it wasn't enough to overcome the lingering conviction among liberal Republicans that everyone in the world is cheating on non-proliferation--so why not on a test ban? After powerful arguments by a handful of conservative senators, the Senate defeated the treaty along mostly party lines. French President Chirac joined in the fray on the anti-nuke side, even though his first act when Prime Minister in the early 90's was to reestablish nuclear testing after the ban imposed by French (underground Communist) President Francois Mitterand. Another Marxist German Chancellor, Gehardt Schroeder also condemned, predictably, the US rejection of the treaty, as did NWO leader Tony Blair. In case you haven't noticed, almost every major country in Europe is now ruled by leaders with Marxist backgrounds: D'Lema in Italy, Jospin in France, Schroeder in Germany, and Blair in Britain. But the most hypocritical of all US denouncers in the treaty debate were Russia and China. Both are unabashed violators of every treaty on both nuclear and conventional weapons. Even the CIA reported that on Sept. 8 the Russians "may" have exploded a nuclear device at their test facility at Novaya Zemlya. That's clearly a gross understatement of the facts meant to protect Russia. What the CIA failed to mention is that Russia and China have been testing nuclear weapons almost every other month during the entire last decade. Bringing up one "iffy" case smacks of trying to cover-up for other massive violations. There are one or two internet sites that have access to the world's seismic detection services. These Web services show that one of the most active areas of ground shaking activity during the past 10 years has been the Russia test site at Novaya Zemlya. Hardly a coincidence. There are several other active sites in China. Thus, when the media trots out China and Russia and allows them to condemn the US position without mentioning their own position of hypocrisy, it points to extreme bias and deception.

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MORE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION COLLUSION WITH CHINA UNCOVERED, one of my favorite Internet investigative sites, did some excellent detective work and discovered that the Clinton Administration committed serious fraud in disguising secret military training visits by top Chinese military officers as a "civil airline modernization program." Recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents from FAA files contain official USAF, Commerce Dept. and FAA reports on Chinese military contacts. According to the discoveries, People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) officers toured Edwards Air Force Base in May 1999 for military purposes. The PLAAF officers were given training on USAF combat missions, including "bombing and strafing" and "combat readiness." In 1994, then Secretary of Defense William Perry began a "Joint Defense" conversion project with Chinese general, Ding Henggao. General Ding was the commander of the Chinese Army Unit "COSTIND" (Commission on Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense). indicates that the documented meetings shows that the Clinton Administration attempted to conceal the military background of the Chinese representatives from everyone, including FAA officials. In 1993, a Chinese military delegation visited America. Yet, according the FAA, which sponsored the visit, the entire delegation was civilian. The 1993 FAA delegation list includes a "Mr. Kui Fulin" who toured FAA Headquarters in Washington, Andrews AFB in Maryland, and Boeing aircraft Corporation in Washington state. "Mr. Kui Fulin" was actually General Kui Fulin, Chinese Army Deputy Chief of the General Staff. The 1993 FAA list states "Mr. Li Yongtai" was the Commissioner of the Air Traffic Control Commission of China. According to notes taken by the FAA, Mr. Li Yongtai was actually "Lt. General" Li Yongtai of the Chinese Air Force.

COMMENTARY: With this kind of collusion and conspiracy to obscure the facts, it seems rather naive that Congress would expect the Clinton Administration to actually comply with its latest request for a complete list of Chinese front companies in the US attempting to gain access to US technology.

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Russia has published a new document of military policy. Interspersed with numerous anti-Western comments, the document openly reveals what Russia has long since been preparing for--a nuclear first strike against the West. Publicly, Russia has been playing along with the globalist's claim that Russia is an ally. In 1993 Yeltsin signed a Russian "no-first-strike-pledge" and claimed to detarget the US from her nuclear arsenal. However, all the Moscow pundits see the recent aggressiveness of NATO as providing the spark for this change in policy. "It is no longer taboo to be anti-Western," said one Russian military analyst who knows the workings of the Russian General Staff well." In 1993 it was impossible to write our enemy as the West. Now it is there, albeit between the lines. But it is there."

ANALYSIS: Of course, the doctrine is, in no sense, a change. Like all public pronouncements coming out of Russia, this is meant to manipulate public opinion. As I previously predicted, the main purpose of NATO's new interventionist (rather than defensive) policy was to produce an image of the Western nations as aggressors in the minds of Eastern Europeans and Russians. Russia is simply confirming that it has gotten the message and has begun to raise the appropriate "defense of Mother Russia" shields that are necessary to prepare the populace for a future conflict. One German analyst said this new strategy was due to the weakness of Russian conventional military forces, forcing them to rely on nuclear weapons. However, we must remember that while the appearances of Russian conventional forces may justify this, these troop strength reductions and destabilization of troop morale were done purposefully to achieve a strategic advantage--to feign weakness prior to a future war. In fact, the present state of Russian conventional forces is far superior to any prior decade, except for troop strength--which can be remedied within the first year of a nuclear war where conventional troop deployments are delayed.

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Britain has its share of "government owned" judges just like the US. In predictable fashion, British judge Bartle dismissed Pinochet's attorney's arguments that Spain has no standing to demand extradition, and ordered Pinochet to be extradited to Spain. The result will surely end in Pinochet's trial and execution. The Spanish magistrate attempting to try Pinochet is a Communist Party member with orders to destroy Pinochet in revenge for the overthrow of the Marxist Salvador Allende regime in Chile in 1973. The entire leftist press is united in demanding Pinochet's blood. He is the last of the anti-Communist Generals around the world that has yet to be betrayed by the West. All the rest have been assassinated or killed after being falsely promised protection by the West. The Spanish magistrate claims that over 3,000 innocent people were killed or tortured during and after the takeover--a figure that has no basis in fact, except that one or two of the alleged victims were Spanish Communists.

ANALYSIS: While the press continues to assert that these "desaparecidos" (the missing ones) were innocent protesters, the court records of those that were actually incarcerated in Chile clearly show they were Communists involved in a conspiracy to eliminate the opposition by force and violence. They were planning to confiscate large property holdings, and nationalize key industries without compensation. While it is true that Allende was elected democratically by a minority of votes (promising everyone socialist benefits), he was overthrown when the military discovered that he and his Communist allies were secretly planning a major round up of opposition leaders and anti-Communists. Tens of thousands (including foreign Christian missionaries) were on lists to be put in concentration camps or executed. At the time of the coup, Allende had stacked all the courts so that no communist cadre could ever be brought to justice through normal legal processes. Does the military then not have the right and duty to engage in combat against known enemies of liberty in a nation? What the press fails to mention is that the real blood bath was being planned for those on the right. It would have been interesting to see how the liberal media would have spun that massacre had it been allowed to go forth. The world owes a deep debt of gratitude to General Pinochet. But instead, for his efforts in saving thousands of truly innocent people, and setting up the most prosperous semi-free-market economy in Latin America, Pinochet is to be vilified, tried and executed by the Communist elite in Spain.

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Russians took a page out of the US government's book on cover-up tactics by bulldozing the remains of two apartment buildings, only hours after the explosion to make it impossible for investigators to find any conclusive evidence on how the bombings were carried out. Like the Oklahoma City bombing, the apartment buildings physically could not have been brought down by an outside car bomb or even a single inside blast. The destruction of these buildings was carefully planned by professionals with multiple charges from inside the buildings. The sophistication of the demolition points to KGB involvment similarly to the way in which US government agents were involved in the complex bombing of the Murrah building in OKC.

ANALYSIS: What is the motive? In typical Hegelian form, the Russians created a crisis to justify their new intervention in Chechniya, which was blamed for the "terrorism." Also unreported by the press has been a dramatic increase in Security Service (KGB) powers to invade private homes in search of evidence. The police state is returning. Table of Contents


It appears that the spat of apartment bombings in Russian were created by the Russians themselves to justify this new and concerted military invasion of Chechnya. If the bombings were truly done by the Chechan Islamic fundamentalists, as the Russian government claimed, one would expect such terrorist attacks to continue after the invasion, rather than stop. As I pointed out last week, the quick bulldozing of bomb evidence by the Russian government lends credibility to the suspicion that Russian agent-provocateurs were involved. The multiple bombings were certainly no amateur job, with all the interior point charges of explosives that were detonated. The trouble began recently as Russian PM Vladimir Putin refused to recognize the legitimacy of the Chechan government under President Maskhadov. In 1995, Moscow had tried, and failed, to set up a sympathetic government in Grozny--which was promptly thrown out in exile. Putin has called on these same governors to be ready to come back. Putin also annulled the 1996 peace agreement and reintegrated the republic into the Russian Federation. Forced reintegration into the CIS left the Chechans with no choice but to rebel and the Russians with no choice but to provoke another armed invasion so as to root out the Chechan guerrillas once and for all.

The current attack is on such a large scale that the Russians have had to violate the Conventional Weapons Treaty which supposedly limits the large concentrations of armored vehicles that the Russians have assembled for the invasion. The West is silent, as with all such violations. In neighboring Georgian and Azerbaijani Islamic elements are actively supporting the Chechan rebels, so the Russian puppet governments in each of these member states have to play as if they are somewhat favorable to the Chechan independence movement, which still working for Moscow. Thus, the claim that Georgian-Russian relations have worsened over the issue is mere propaganda for Western consumption. In reality Georgia and Azerbaijan are working to ferret out the pro-rebel supporters. Georgia is publicly calling for Russia to adhere to the treaty, but conveniently has no leverage on Russia to make her comply. Both Georgia and Azerbaijan claim to be attempting to shut down the infiltration of arms through their borders, but neither can afford to offend or turn away Chechan refugees.

ANALYSIS: Beating the Chechan rebels will not be easy. So far, despite the former truce, the rebels have taken control of all the mineral and oil revenues in Chechnya and have converted this funding into arms. Despite a Russian boycott warning off foreign oil technicians from helping the rebels, the Chechans have build some home-brew mini-oil refineries to keep themselves in fuel--sort of like the old Kentucky whiskey stills in Appalachia. The Russians have been using their high tech stand-off airport to destroy these refineries piecemeal. These weapons are every bit as high tech as ours, but the press wants to continue to promulgate the illusion of Russian conventional weakness. At the troop level, the Chechans are formidable. Their snipers are numerous and deadly, and the average Chechan rebel is a much better rifleman than the majority of Russian troops. The Chechans have so many rifle grenades that they use them in barrage mode, which is very effective at keeping Russian troops penned up in their armored vehicles while those vehicles are individually engaged and destroyed. Russian regulars have managed to gain the hostility of at least half the population. While both sides use brutality and torture, the Russians do so without any semblance of defensive justification--earning a uniform hostility from the local populace. Cultural insults abound, and Russian administration in regions under their military control are heavy handed and grossly inefficient. The economy never recovers in areas under Russian control.

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Proported Armenian nationalists have invaded the Parliament while in session and have killed several top leaders and are presently holding many deputies hostage. The dead included the Prime Minister, Vazgen Sarkisyan, the Speaker, Karen Demirchyan, her deputy Yuri Bakhshyan, , Leonard Petrosyan (Energy Minister) and Mikhail Kotanyan, an economic adviser.

ANALYSIS: While this could be a legitimate rebel "nationalist" movement, one has trouble believing that the rebels would execute PM Sarkisyan, 40, a former Defense Minister credited with rebuilding Armenia's army after its bitter six-year war with Azerbaijan. Sarkisyan became Prime Minister in May and is touted as a hard-line right-wing leader in favor of market reforms and opposed to concessions over Nagorno-Karabakh, the enclave at the heart of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict. However, as my readers are aware, rarely is the public perception in the former Soviet Union anything close to reality. Sarkisyan is still a secret Communist, allied with Moscow. None of his reforms are truly free-market, and he still maintains a ruthless secret police force. Thus, there is legitimate cause for rebellion among true nationalists--if that is what these men are. They could also be hired thugs of the Russians trying to justify reentry into Armenian affairs. The Russians are already publicly offering to enter the fray. Russian has several thousand troops stationed in all the former Soviet states, including Armenia. The hostage situation in the capital of Yerevan may give Russia the excuse it needs to intervene. Russia has a clear historical tradition of exploiting a crisis to usurp power. If they do, then we may well suspect that the Sarkisyan regime was not completely loyal. If Russia allows the existing government to reform without intervention, then I would presume that the rebellion was legitimate--and will be crushed. Remember, Russia needs to maintain at least de facto control of the southern Caucasus due to its massive mineral and oil reserves.

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Moscow has clearly set a course to completely crush the rebel independence movement in Chechnya once and for all. Russian generals want no repeat of the humiliating defeat they suffered in 1994-1996 which ended in an illusion of independence for the Chechen people. This time around, the Russians won't leave Chechnya with even a shred of hope for independence. Russian general Viktor Kasantsev bragged that he could destroy the rebels within a week if he used all the military muscle at his disposal, but that Russia is "holding back" from all out war so as not to "harm civilians."

ANALYSIS: This last claim by Russia is pure hogwash. Like NATO, the Russians are purposefully targeting civilians to induce a political capitulation, and then lying about it to the world press (who willingly looks the other way). Russian bombs and artillery have killed hundreds in one marketplace alone, maiming many others, mostly women and children. PM Putin denied the attack on the same day that Russian military sources acknowledged it, claiming it was an "arms bazaar." This kind of official obfuscation and lying is made easy by Western media complicity with Russian aims. Only a few European reporters are braving the threats of kidnapping to tell the truth, but their reports never make the evening news. American network news reporters, including the vaunted CNN are conspicuously absent. Obviously, they don't want the world to sympathize with the victims of Russian genocide. That's because Chechen independence doesn't serve any NWO purposes.

To defeat the Chechen's militarily would require at least 3 years of fighting in rugged, mountainous terrain, and only at great cost in the lives of Russia's best troops. The Russian military is assiduously avoiding any close combat with the rebel infantry only to reduce Russian casualties – just as Clinton did in Kosovo to keep the war from becoming unpopular with Americans. Only the best and most elite Russian troops are any match for the battle-hardened, sharpshooting Chechens. Taking a lesson from NATO, Russia is expending large numbers of expensive smart weapons in order to hit rebel armor and supply bases from the air, keeping the body count low. This multi-billion dollar operation should tell the West something about presumed budgetary problems in the Russian military. However, these air war tactics won't destroy the rebel forces in the mountains any more than NATO strikes did in Kosovo. Hence, to accelerate Chechen capitulation Russia is bombing the urban centers day and night in a concerted effort to make the war so painful for civilians that the local populace will stop supporting the rebels. According to one British report, "Russian forces showered Chechen cities and towns with bombs and shells, forcing civilians to flee the war-shattered republic by the thousands. More than 200,000 people have now escaped into the neighboring republic of Ingushetia, according to authorities there. Russian forces have advanced on the Tersk ridge that overlooks Grozny and are shelling the outskirts of the Chechen capital from there." Russia insists that its forces are avoiding civilian casualties, but Chechen officials claim thousands have been killed since air strikes began in early September. Adlan Betmirzaev reported, "The bombing and shelling are very heavy. They are hitting all areas of the city. On the road out I passed a burnt-out truck in which 18 people were killed. There is a queue three kilometers long of people trying to cross the border." Russian attacks on fleeing civilians keeps many huddled in the ruins of the cities. Baskhanov said Grozny "is a dead city." But amid the ruins thousands of people are still huddled in basements, unable to flee because they are frightened of being bombed on the roads or because they have no money for transport. People who have escaped from Grozny say bitterly that almost all casualties are civilians. Thus, almost half the Chechen people are now displaced. Russians have systematically gone house to house and driven people out on the streets. This war makes Kosovo look like a picnic, and the West makes no protest. Where is NATO's boast about going anywhere to defend against tyranny and genocide?

The Russians hope that with a reign of terror, they can get the civilians to begin the process of betraying the rebel movement. For now, however, it isn't working. The Russians have done such a poor job at providing for refugees, that large groups of Chechens are returning to the war-torn cities rather than suffer through the intolerable conditions of the camps. The Russians only seem to know how to run camps in the style of the Gulag Archipelago–prisons of horror and deprivation. In the long-term this killing and mistreatment of civilians will only increase the deep-seeded hatred against Russia. But, the Russians don't care who hates them. They never have. They intend to rule Chechnya from now on with an iron fist as an object lesson to all other CIS Muslim states nearby who have allegiances to the non-Russian world. Clearly this whole process is ruthless and evil, and yet the West remains silent, except for a few token "concerns" couched in safe diplomatic language. And yet, there is method in this silent support of Russian tyranny.

Russia, like the United States does not allow any secessionist movements, even though they claim that all the states in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) are sovereign. Sovereignty is only a euphemism to pacify the emerging local middle classes, as well as naive onlookers in the West – just as sovereignty is more and more an illusion in the West itself. The West will not support Chechnya's bid for liberty for two reasons. First, the NWO has a vested interest in allowing Russia to keep the core of the Soviet Union alive (albeit secretly under the guise of the CIS). This allows Russia to maintain a buffer zone of former Soviet states around them when they strike the West in the coming nuclear war. The globalists want this war as much as the Russians so as to solidify international support for a UN world army and remove the US as the prime mover of world affairs. Second, NWO support for real independence would undermine the West's own secret agenda to subvert all national sovereignty in the West and replace it with global UN control. If the West lets any single nation break away from tyranny, the hopes of many smaller oppressed regions would be heightened, which NWO leaders cannot afford. They want dependence upon the "International Community," not sovereign independence.

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Israel has been accused for many years of secretly serving as an arms conduit to various nations, including Red China. Now it is open and official. In October, the Israeli government hosted a visit by Chi Haotian, Communist China's defense minister, along with a team of 27 military specialists to view demonstrations of Israeli military technology. Chi stated boldly, "I am here to do business." Indeed he is! Up for sale are Barak I missile batteries, and the brand-new Arrow II anti-ballistic missile system, which China needs to fend off any US threat of retaliation when China finally moves to conquer Taiwan. The Arrow II was developed by Israel during the past 14 years at a cost of well over $2 billion to American taxpayers. The most recent version was based on US technological updates to the Patriot system and was reported to have been built jointly by US and Israeli missile industries. Israel is also providing technical upgrades to China's huge fleet of MIG-21 fighters using borrowed American technology (including US designed avionics, radar, heat seeking missiles, and combat targeting systems). Moshe Keter, president of Israel Aircraft Industries, boasted, "We have the ability to cooperate on more than a few issues... the IAI has always been ready – and is more than ever ready now – to do business with Chinese industries." Indeed they are. One of their biggest new projects is to build 50 AWACS (airborne warning and control system) aircraft for China's fleet of Russian provided Ilyushin aircraft. This technology transfer involves giving the Chinese the PHALCON phased array radar system, capable of detecting low flying aircraft and missiles --another secret defense system developed with American aid.

ANALYSIS: What was the US response? Only to send representatives to Israel and China to warn against public displays of cooperation – in other words – be more discrete! Israel isn't even embarrassed about this betrayal of Western technology simply because they know it has the blessings of the US government. The Clinton administration, embarrassed by its own giveaway of military technology to China, is now allowing Israel to act as its main conduit. Actually Israel's double dealing began with the blessing of the Bush administration in the late 1980s. The end result will be a further weakening of Taiwan's technological edge over China–the only thing that gives the numerically inferior Taiwanese a fighting chance against Chinese aggression. With China's ongoing purchases of Russian SU-27 and SU-30 advanced fighters, China will be in a position to attack within the next 3 or 4 years. However, I suspect she will have to wait at least until she builds up her blue water navy sufficiently to help wage a war in the entire Pacific. China is presently engaged in the purchase of several, large Russian naval vessels to further this goal–thanks to the billions of dollars earned through US Most Favored Nation trading status.

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In October I was in Monterey, California, home of the military's Defense Language Institute. I was able to find out that the top 3 languages taught there are Russian, Arabic (including Farzi) and Korean. Chinese was not even close to the top.

ANALYSIS: This is an important piece of information when trying to ascertain where the PTB are planning the next war. The quotas for language training are strictly controlled by the Pentagon, whose directives are, in turn, a reflection of the Clinton administration's commitment to the internationalist agenda for a NWO. I have always maintained that the NWO types have been building up Russia for years in order to induce her to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the US military. This is essential to set the stage for a UN world army to replace the dominant role of the US, among other goals. Clearly, the fact that the largest percentage of trainees are studying Russian is good evidence that the government knows Russia is the future threat--despite calling Russia our "ally." No other "ally" merits that kind of language attention. Likewise, I have said that China is at least 10 years behind Russia in preparations for war. While this does not mean that China can't come into WW3 as a weaker ally of Russia, creating a two ocean war as in WW2, the absence of Chinese language students does seem to indicate that the US doesn't see any immediate threat (in real terms) from China. I am not able to determine if the coming conflicts in the Middle East and Korea are going to be part of Russia's nuclear attack in the middle of the next decade, or whether they will simply be regional conflicts before the big war. I suspect the latter. In Israel, the so-called "peace process" is clearly setting Israel up for another war. I predict that war will come shortly after Israel yields to Syria's demand to return the strategic Golan Heights. North Korea is likewise making active preparations for war. But that war will not come until her Chinese sponsored intercontinental missile program is operational--probably two years away. With ICBMs North Korea will be able to threaten western US cities if the US attempts to intervene in the next Korean war.

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President Clinton supposedly was begging Russian President Yeltsin for permission to modify the ABM treaty to allow the US to build an effective National Missile Defense (NMD). Reportedly Clinton was emphasizing the US was only trying to protect against terrorism--not against Russia. The media played upon the worn out excuse that a small, limited ABM system in the US might be of benefit to Russia. This is true, but the reason may not obvious to most.

ANALYSIS: There will be benefits for Russia all right, but they have nothing to do with decreased tensions or world peace. One reporter let the cat out of the bag, saying that the Clinton administration was offering Russia America's latest anti-ballistic missile technology in exchange for permission to build an ABM system. You can read this several ways. Since the Clinton administration has no intention of fielding an effective ABM system, there must be an ulterior motive in this negotiation. I believe the ulterior motive is to use the ABM negotiation as an excuse to give away more US technology to Russia. In order to obtain the permission to modify the ABM treaty (that Clinton doesn't really want), I'll bet that Russia will continue to play "hard to get" and the US will transfer the technology anyway.

Of course, if America is offering Russia Raytheon's Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV) technology (our current ABM technology), Russia isn't interested. This kind of technology has no explosive warhead and attempts to make a pinpoint perfect kinetic hit on the incoming vehicle. Kinetic weapons are weapons that destroy by slamming a high density mass of metal alloy into an object--without explosion. The entire purpose of developing this technology is to make sure our ABM system can't catch or destroy missiles, while giving the impression that our government is doing something (spending billions) to safeguard the American people. All the while, one failed technology dominates the meager budget and leaves no room for other vastly more effective methods of killing missiles. The US won't let contractors build an effective anti-missile system simply because the PTB don't want the nation defended. That is why we keep spending billions on exotic but ineffective missile systems. Virtually all large US defense contractors have CEOs that are members of the CFR or in other ways committed to the NWO agenda. They are obviously compensated for their complicity. The EKV system failed to hit the target on its first 5 tests. Revisions were made and its latest test was reportedly successful. But new evidence has surfaced indicating that they cheated on the last test by putting a homing device in the target drone. In the future, it must hit 2 out of 4 targets in the next tests for Clinton to give the go-ahead on building the system. Whether it succeeds in rigged tests or not, the entire system is flawed and limited in its concept. Most notable is the prohibition for any ABM system to use satellites to guide and control the missile intercept. Requiring the missile to acquire the target only by its own only radar (with limited range, by design) guarantees that Russia can safely employ electronic jamming and deception on their new Topol M missiles to evade detection and destruction.

On the other hand, Russia would certainly be interested in the high tech guidance mechanisms Raytheon is using to provide the billion dollar kinetic bullet with accuracy. Russia does use explosive warheads which have the advantage of being able to kill a missile without having to hit it directly, but it wouldn't pass up any advanced technology to improve its missiles. Remember too that Russia already has a fully-capable ABM system already in place--in defiance of the very ABM treaty it so adamantly supports (to ensure compliance only by others).

Right after Clinton's reluctant agreement with the Republicans allowing the US to develop an ABM system, he secretly sent a cable to Moscow and China assuring them he had no intention of allowing such a system to be deployed. That is treason in and of itself. He did this to assure them so that they would continue to have the confidence to strike. The Russians are still paranoid about the possibility they are being set up for a trap after they make their first strike. Naturally Russia and China are horrified about a truly effective ABM system since all their future war plans involve using ICBMs against the US (or at least threatening to do so in order to gain capitulation). Clinton recently commissioned another retired Air Force yes-man, General Larry Welch, to head a commission to assess (or rather discourage and slow down) the progress of the NMD. Needless to say, his report placed great emphasis on the extreme challenges of the EKV system. He should have said "flaws." Naturally, like the predictable military yes-man that he is, rather than point out that the Pentagon should be looking at other currently available technology, capable of doing the job cheaper and more effectively, he could only warn them to "not move too quickly." Well, Raytheon certainly can't be accused of that. They are working with only one prototype, and due to failure to stockpile spare parts, are continually behind schedule. Watch how the current administration keeps trying to make sure that no ABM system is deployed until after 2005--they know something about this date that they aren't saying.

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